Village Market and the Kitenge Festival

Sa what were people oyooiiiing for me (I have forgotten what oyoo is in english), but it is same as adding too much salt, that is luo by the way. Village market! village market village market! Me I did not see kitu ya kunistua pale, just a big mall with a water slide. And since it was not a normal day at the village market sikuona those wazungu trophy wives! really sad I like staring at those women, but I saw one today at westgate nga'nganaing with heels aki she was struggling and they werent even that high! a ka small chick like this with an ancient mzungu, huko the mama is wearing full fledged night makeup, surely even me I dated musungu lakini hii yao imezidi! surely!

Are you also wondering what is going on up there with that lady and her big dress, yes that was on one of the models, they had fashion design students from some universities who showcased, this was one of the students I think, there was another bogus one mpaka I said, tuwasamehe tu they are still learning!

McAdem performed! That man is a brilliant artist! great  voice, lakini me I dont know what he does with he voice sometimes, madoido miiiingi. You can think he is singing while pressed.

By the way that fashion show, me the first time I went there I was just shangaaing ala? why are they getting out of a chinese restaurant! China everywhere!

Anyway Kitenge festival. It was just a kawa market, there was some good stuff which I picked out for you and some where just kawa. The ladies really took out their kitenge/lesso/african print out for a walk, nearly everybody alikuwa amenga'ra african, very nice. Except me of course.

Okay on to the shops!


As you know I was supposed to go meet her people, but under the being thieved by those idiots umbrella I had not made it so you can imagine my delight when I found them there!
I tested nearly everything, I want you to start buying her products, the brushes are brilliant!! and the loose powder, in fact just see for yourself, never mind my eyebrows, I was practicing doing it with their eyebrow powder which is really good, but am not good with powder!

And also it is good to put some powder around the neck and your bust, (you can see, am a bit shiny on that area) you dont want to end up with a SHEILA on the face and neck area (Sheila of TPF) Between I dont call her Sheila, I call her Seilla, with lou accent, in fact there is an ohangla man who has sang her.  (baass hiyo english ya kijaluo imerudi)
I think I can be a headmistress! I look like a headmistress! And let me tell you people I am already a celebrity, so I was over there sampling Suzie's products then I tell them I have a blog- TOI, this very smart girl  behind says, Ohh its you, I follow you!!!!! shook my hand we were smiling like crazy.. I will be signing autograph through to Thursday am famous!!

Oh here is the SHEILA look incase you were wondering. Sheila is in the middle cant be missed, I usually tell people not to do their makeup in the darkness, this could happen to you!


Zawadi Nyong'o was there looking fantastic like I don't know whuuat! she had these amazing stuff. She had in her stand, Journals covered in lesso.

And this is how it looks on the inside. The journals are made out of sugar paper! good stuff!

She also had these great yoga mat bags, so for all you african chic women who do yoga, ebu find her! Handmade Afro funky gift bags made out of newspaper.

ZeroByZawadi can be reached on facebook, twitter @ZerobyZawadi and zerobyzawadi. click away! And they are stocked at Vivo (at new Muthaiga Shopping Center and at the Junction), Mind, body and Spirit in Westland and at African colours in Diani.

Ayako Bertolli

Ayako the beautiful lady over here, had jewelry, really nice I loooved the long earings, she has not opened shop yet, but she is working her way there. Meanwhile she is to be seen at

Radiant in lesso, the lesso was not let down at all, at all at all!

That's not my beer!

Woi and when shall I finish this post, they are many! let me divert kidogo, Angelina uses food dye a lot and another thing just came to my mind, you know the way people are always complaining about the relas who come to your home unannounced and then they just set camp, they are not going anywhere  wao wamefika. I have a remedy, after a week, dye the ugali black. they shall not eat and they will go back to ushago immediately, never mind that they might go saying mama nani ni devil worshipper, they eat black ugali.

So shall we continue.

Mefa Creations

Mefa had clutch bags, sandals and lesso dresses, I loved her sandals kabisa kabisa!!
They can be seen at, they are on Riara Road, off Ngong road at Hekima College.

the with yellow frills behind there is a clutch!

They have clothes too, african print, lesso........

Tropical Muse

Tina Masese the product designer at Tropical Muse also showed up and showed out. They do apparel, shoes and accessories, I love what she has done with the shoes. She has not set up shop as well, but she is here now, she can be reached at

These are the laptop, ipad and notebook sleeves

The rings are of ebony wood


The lady over at Dukawalla too has not set up shop, she started off as a hobby, then her friends got buying her stuff and she is doing great! Her stuff is more of young fashion. They work with natural threads, so basically cotton and linen, she does pants, shorts, karftans, sundresses clutches, laptop covers. And she also had pots and trays! She sells the african fabric too.

Painted trays, and the design you see there are lesso cut outs

My absolute favourite, the kitenge pot!

okay we need a soundtrack na hii maneno ya kitenge!, am tired tho! Akina Eli are here with beers, and we are chilling.

Am back, I was enjoying beer with Angelina, QQU, Winnie and My small bro, we are just discussing general mathogothanio of kenya TV,  kumbe huko on TOi's Facebook page these children have chomoad their claws because I said Julie Gichuru was wearing big panties! Bure kabisa.

Anyway kazi iendelee!!

one drop perfumes

Now they did give me a sample (this blogging thing really has its pearks) I liked the scent, Angelina says it was tending towards Davidorffs  Cool Waters. They explained it to me, but I was not getting it properly, the guy in charge of sounds was not thinking we should be talking with the people selling. Anyway find them at and on facebook. Try them.
They are on Shop 10, 1st floor Mitho House, Konja.

Wambui Mukenyi

I don't think I need to tell you about Wambui, she is the one you know from Nancie Mwai of the fashionotebook who really loves her, I saw her collection and I was also all yays and yays! she uses lots of sheers, african print and bright colours, loved her! Ebu go find her here on FACEBOOK. Now I know why Nancie loves her


Jentu can be reached on facebook at Jentu Everything African, I did not take any pictures, but they had these amazing lamp shades! They have lots of great stuff, please visit them!


Chebet Mutai who is the founder of wazawazi is also just setting up shop, but she had really lovely shorts, all african print ofcourse, tees, travel bags, clutches. she is on facebook at wazawazi and online at

That about sums it for the Kitenge Festival, kesho nitaendelea na ile story of being mugged:-) night and have a fab week!!

Ed's Note
I have just learnt that this event was organised by Nairobi VIP Parties so for better pictures, please go to their facebook page and jienjoy! I just pulled Nancie Mwai's picture from that page, here she is looking all radiant and several shades of glamarous in Wambui Mukenyi.
Okay now I am really going to bed am not adding anything on this post!


  1. Nicely covered. Still wish I could've been there. My word Sheila's make up.......Bila words. Anyway, Love the earings too and yoga mats, brilliant idea. Big Up Kitenge and Lesso show.

  2. Hi there

    i really enjoy reading your blog.
    There was one time i was reading it in the train and i laughed so hard tears an all. The wazungus next to me must have thought i was crazy but girl you kill me with ur comments.

    Loved your take on the kitenge festival. Am coming home in Dec and i really want to spice up my wardrobe with Kenyan stuff. Am looking forward to going to the places you've suggested.

    Good work dear :-)

    1. Thanks ma:-) There are lots of African stuff in here, and by the time you come, I shall have added more!!

  3. me is thinking we need to sort out Seilla's makeup/outfit (on many occasions esp with TPF) issues. Tunaomba SerrKal oops, I meant to say SB waingilie katikati.
    Good stuff.....keep going.

    1. Thanks! Yeah Sheila needs professional help, really! But then again those who dressed and made her up for TPF apparently were "professionals" Imagine that!

  4. woiyyee hate speach kwa makeup industry