Moi Day!

I had promised that I would find out the designers who were at Swahili Fashion Week and give you their details. The above collection is from SHENU HOODA, she is pakistani, but lives here. (I think), I loooooved her collection, I can see me in these, was one of my favourites!!! I have not found out more about her on the net, because I only looked on facebook:-) am a graduate of Rusinga Institute of Incomplete Research but am on it. I have her phone number if you are interested though.

Now on Today's Look, aki I need a good camera, do cameras have a reset to factory settings thing? I will have to fix this. I had everything on almost perfect and the shots were a disappointment so, please please bear with me (I always wanted to use that phrase bear with me) I did not go to school for nothing!
Liz and I are going to Toi next weekend, so those who want to jump on that band wagon, buzz a woman.

I am very excited, today I had over 1000 views, how coolest is that?!! Thank you ladies.
Angelina took Nancie Mwai's advice here on Fashion Notebook, She went to Ebrahims and got the Himalaya face scrub, and lip balm and we already love!!!

Since Julliet is still taking time with that eyebrow tutorial, I found a video on the DONTS! you can thank me later. Hata afadhali uwache tu, just dont touch that area if you are not sure, you know the way Charity Ngilu does it. 

On being Perfect... and why the hell NOT??!!

So, I have been reading these things circulating on the net that starts like this.... I may not be perfect but... I may not have a supermodel figure but I am sijui whuat not" I say FUUCK THAT SHIT! You are perfect, infact saa hii just go to the bathroom look at yourself in the mirror and say I am perfect. If you are having body issues that we all have you can do something about it, but if you are okay with everything the hell is someone depressing you with stories za am not perfect.

But just because nime sema you are perfect usijaribu maneno kama hii, Infact if your friend is walking around like this buy her razors, makasi, gillette,  and do the way my friend Sandie advised me on how to deal people I know with smelly mouths. Walk over and tell him/her "I am bored, let's go brush out teeths"
But do not let your friend walk out like this, even you ukiangalia hii Naro Moru Natural Forest under this woman's arms do you think it is nice? Jesus wants you to shave!  
I was to post this last night but Zuku died on me so I went out to Twisted Hops and I just woke up:-) So treat this as jana's post and expect another one today!!!. Now I have to get on with regular my regular job!! Toodles... (see the way I am becoming trendy in my language)


  1. You only thanked the ladies for your viewership. I just wanted to let you know that I am a boy/man/aspiring gentleman, and I have added you to my blog reading list because I like the way you write. And it is entirely possible that I am not the only one.

    1. Dear boy/man/aspiring gentleman:-) Thank you for following!!!! I started the blog for the ladies and I never imagine the boys would be reading it:-) but thank you!!! Promise I will include you in my next thank you notes!
      Do have a lovely day!

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  3. I love the video, That woman is hilarious "Satan Get out of God's children fingers." As for the armpits, it's hard enough just looking at the photo

  4. I spotted my new neighbour with a Naro Moru too :-( Im gonna be 'Im bored,let's go shave' next time I see her.Thanks for the tip ;-)