FIRST LADIES ONLY! Ok and a few crazy kenyan women, crazy like bat shit crazy mental situation.

Ms. Chantal Biya
Earlier on I had said that I was going to write or lets say feature our First Lady. Well it is impossible to talk about first ladies without thinking of her Royal Shinyness, the one and only majestic Ms. Chantal Biya; A big shame on me for not featuring this magnificent beauty in like a year!! Preposterous! 

As I had mentioned earlier HERE, Ms. Biya's glamour is seconded to none in this entire continent.

In the process of researching our First Lady, I realised I really do not know much about Africa's First ladies, I mean I know some but they are many. So this one is going to be a lesson on First Ladies Of Africa. We can then pick some and follow them see what they are on about.

I think it is best to start with the really big wigs. The powerhouses, not the oh am the wife of a president let me go buy some shoes. Not that I know the order but let me bring you up to speed.


Maria da Luz Guebuza

The first Lady of Mozambique and wife to PresidentArmando Emílio Guebuza. 
Mrs. Guebuza serves as Vice-Chair Lady of the African Synergy Against AIDS and Suffering, a non-governmental organization comprising First Ladies from Africa, individuals, scientists or corporate bodies of goodwill.
In recognition of her efforts, the First Lady of the Republic of Mozambique has received the Prix de La Fondation Crans Montana 2009, in Belgium; the 2009 Global Health Award, in USA, and in 2010 was awarded a Honoris Causa Doctorate in Humanities, by the American United Graduate College and Seminary.
That one is definitely a smart one.


Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame

The First Lady of Rwanda and wife to President Paul Kagame. I believe every kenyan knows her. Look at the way they are smiling and laughing with each other. This first lady thing, sits very well on some women, look at that, she is walking tall, back straight and regal like a Queen.

In 2010, Mrs. Kagame received an Honorary Doctorate, Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa from Oklahoma Christian University for her significant contribution to the worldwide fight against HIV/AIDS and poverty. In the same year, she was appointed Special Representative on Child Nutrition by the World Food Program (WFP).

Yep! Thats RIGHT! She did!


Princess Lalla Salma

Her Royal Highness is the wife to King Mohammed VI of Morocco. She is low key (from my extensive research, but like most first ladies, she does charitable work and represents the King in important matters that do not require his presence.
I have put her on my style watch list. And I can also tell you that I had never heard of her.


Salma Kikwete

Mama Salma is the First Lady of Tanzania, wife to President Jakaya Kikwete. She worked as a teacher for more than 20 years, enough said.


Janet Kataaha Museveni

The first Lady of Uganda!!!! She is the powerhouse behind Yoweri Museveni. Frankly I think she is the one ruling Uganda. She has been a minister and is an elected member of Parliament. If You have anything to say against Mrs. Museveni, I suggest you take it up with the president of Uganda.

Janet's Daughter Natasha Karugire, is a Fashion designer, I think this explains why this First Lady is always decked out in fine threads. Very Motherly and strong like a true Matriarch!


Grace Marufu Mugabe

I take that buying shoes nonsense back. Grace is the Wife of The one and only President of Zimbabwe, and when I say one and only I mean it literally. Who will ALL KNOW.
Look at the way she is giving us the "bitch please" look in that picture.

Grace is the first shopper!! and of the whole continent at that, Grace or as we dearly call her, Gucci Grace does something bordering the heights of £75,000 per shopping trip!!! She has property everywhere, from China to Zimbabwe! And please do not give me that oh Zimbabwe is so poor storo. By 2004 she had withdraw over £5M from the central Bank of Zimbabwe, now is that a poor country? And if Zimbabwe is poor then Gucci Grace has single handedly managed to bankrupt that country.


Dr. Christine Mwelwa Kaseba-Sata

The first Lady of Zambia and wife to President Michael Sata. This one has heads on her shoulders.

Dr Christine Kaseba-Sata was appointed WHO’s Goodwill Ambassador against Gender-based Violence from October 2012 to October 2014.

She is one of the most recognized Zambian specialists in obstetrics and gynaecology. She has practiced as a physician at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka for more than 25 years, and lectured for the past 15 years at the University of Zambia School of Medicine – the country’s only medical school. Dr Kaseba-Sata is also the current chairperson of the Forum of African First Ladies against cervical and breast cancer.
Dr Kaseba-Sata has broad experience in the area of sexual and reproductive health, from sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, to family planning, comprehensive abortion care, malaria in pregnancy, emergency obstetrics and newborn care.
She is a committed advocate to improving maternal and newborn health and addressing issues around gender-based violence.

All I can say is Praise JESUS! All mothers hail the Queen. That by the way is professional writing right there! I may need to go to a school so I can start writing like Main British.


Olive Lembe di Sita

First Lady of Democratic Republic of the Congo and wife to president Joseph Kabila Kabange. Banange! the picture go speak for itself. I only used Banange because it rhymes with Kabange. If you want more information on this First Lady just ask googo!


Ana Paula dos Santos

Wife to President José Eduardo dos Santos and First Lady of Angola. Aki dont mess with this one. She is a former model and was an air hostess of the Angolan Presidential Airplane.

Wiki tells me that: A diplomat described the President and First Lady as: "a handsome couple, elegantly and expensively dressed, looking for all the world as though they're living in southern California. In 1997 Ana Paula undiplomatically announced that her five-year-old son would enroll at the Portuguese school in Luanda because of the "bad quality" of state education (for which many hold her husband responsible).
She has also tried to make her presence felt in administrative matters; a move which has irritated the political mainstream. Also under fire are her business interests, particularly Diamonds.

Sio mcheso huyu!


Queen 'Masenate Mohato Seeiso

Masenate Mohato Seeiso, Queen Consort Letsie III of Lesotho. And what a beautiful Queen. Curtsy everybody. 

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the National University of Lesotho, and no that is not her husband.
She is a stylish one, this Queen.


South Africa

I am a littu bit confused about the first ladies of South Africa and how to adress them, So I hope I have got them in the correct order. Zuma has 6 wives and a fiance, one of the wives he divorced. Frankly I do not know how they are to be adressed, I will just go with First first lady, Second First Lady, Third First lady etc etc or should it be the other way round? And then the fiance we shall address her as Future seventh first lady.

Gertrude Sizakele Khumalo

First very First Lady, the original First Lady

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

She is nolonger a wife they divorced in 1998 but she could have been and every wife deserves recognition! They have 4 children

The Third First Lady Kate Mantsho, sadly committed suicide in 2000. They had 4 kids. - It cant be easy living with this man.


Nompumelelo Ntuli

Nompulelo is the Fourth First Lady, she was married in 2008. She has 3 children.


Thobeka Stacey Mabhija

Surely they look the same, I hope I have the right woman here, but you can correct me. No need to shout unprofessionalism, am not a journalist. 5th First Lady was married in 2010.

And Last But Not Least


Gloria Bongekile Ngema

At least he is consistent! they are all one shape and color

Sebentile Dlamini of Swaziland

This and I hope this is the right princess! is the future 7th First lady. Zuma has already paid 10 Cattle as Labola to that effect. He paid that back in 2003, now I do not know if she was a baby at the time, but she does not look old to me and she has also to the best of my knowledge no been married yet. But she is very much in the mix.

Am going to assume this is her.



I was reading something online Standard Newspaper. Then I came across the pulse fashion police link. Si am telling you this country still needs special prayers.

Ok the 2 middle ones lets just say they made some very bad choices. but suali!!!!! the other 2???!! HOW CAN YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE LIKE THAT AT DAY TIME!! Its just not sane. this is not right. And this is also a sign that some women do not have friends. Really would you let your friend walk out like that in broad day light? If you can you are an enemy of the state!.

The First ladies are not over yet! Si you know the number of countries in Africa?
On that note, you may want to  know that Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, the president of Botswana is a Bachelor. 

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