First of all, you know I have not blogged forever, because I was busy doing what everybody or lets say what all normal people do on holidays, eating, drinking and sleeping, not necessarily in that order but yes that is what I have been doing.

I did not have a christmas wish, you know me and christmas dont really get along, so above is my new years list, and it is not a list for the first it is the whole year running, I will get me a man, (preferably Idris) some hot block heels, a birkins bag, my favourite scent Armani Code, and Diesel watch, I love big watches. And while I work on it, feel free to send me a gift of one of the above, and no I do not want bootleg anything, thank you very much.

This year has been ok, but it is ending very well, this blogwise. I was on NTV with Pinky Ghelani talking about TOI!! I know you all know but let me just repeat it for the sake of blogging. I did not record the clip but I am sure I will get it once everybody gets back to the office.
Pinky's Show airs every Sunday on NTV at 6pm- 

We have grown so much since I started this blog and am still overwhelmed by it. At the moment we are at 3009 likes on facebook! and the blog so far is about to hit 20K views, am sure it could have been more, but the laziness I have been displaying is epic. I am sure I will not do any better next year. Usually I dont follow my new years resolutions so I do not want to make promises.

There is the dress I was working on, I know you are waiting, just remember I had advised you earlier to cultivate patience, it is a virtue every woman must have in plenty.

I have learnt a lot, this year, a lot a lot a lot, I have met new people who have turned out to be great friends, and I have met new people who have turned out to be mega assholes, but that is the way life is, just shake your head and move on.

I have made some new friends and I have lost some old ones, it is the way of the world. It has been a year full of laughter, happiness, depression, booze, friends, family, work, and.... well you can add in the other thing you have been doing, I have been doing more or less the same, we have all been living!

I have grown a little bit fashion wise, I havent really learnt much, but my shopping skills have improved, now that I have been shopping for you, there are lots of things you learn at Toi and Gikomba, lets just call them life lesson:-) I was there this week and it was so muddy and I had those plastic condom shoes on; and on my way out I am thinking, how am I getting to town like this, but at the exit there are these boy (bless them) they clean your feet and shoes, such lovely kids, its like a mini pedi, they did such a great job!!!  and they even have glycerin for your feet, all for 10 bob,  the way my feet ng'arad, had to give him extra because they were just so sweet and laughing and just being happy despite the fact that they are kids and should be playing.

These have been some of the buys from Toi and Gikomba

I shall continue blogging and shopping and I hope bigger better things are in store for all of us. I know there are several things that I have promised you. And NO I have not forgotten, in good time. There is a whole new year ahead of us. I will try my best to blog something before the year ends, but if I dont (probably won't) Champagne for everyone!
Here is to good life, to friends, to family, to hopes, and dreams and MONEY!!! yeah money is always good, it is not everything, but it is always good to have lots of it. Really it does not hurt at all to have more money.
and to good food, I had to finish it off with food. Be healthy, be safe


I am blogging from our terrace, I do no want to miss the flames as they come down. As we did not get the MEMO with appropriate time advance, we did not have enough money time to build a bunker. But we are ready with the appropriate drinks and food, we dont want to go down in silence so here is to Armageddon!!! We are ready as hell! (I realise that hell is not an appropriate word right now but who cares) 

The picture above is of me and Jules, at the Eryka Badu Concert!! I want to if possible go with good memories down, that I had a fabulous time here on earth with some incredibly great brilliant people. That concert was off the chain!! I have not been to anything like that, but the other Jules tells me the Jazz festival that went on at Bomas was better than this, so must have been something.

Here  is where I want to tell my friends in the diaspora that we are not the way you left us, because the other day at Sailor's this mama with a fake on transit accent (that is the accent you get while waiting for your  flight) was giving us attitude and she is at our local, look you dont come to my drinking hole dressed like a ghetto fabulous black american woman and give me shit! "oh Kenya is so dusty" "you guys are like really dressed nice?" pris madam enda mbali na mimi. Please make a point of coming home often, especially if you are those who came straight from shagz to JKIA!!! Then you will not be so shocked and just act normal yawa, you know even us we have been there where you have come from?!
Jules and Jules ( dont they look lovely)
We had a fantastic time, met some fabulous people and ofcourse Eryka Badu rocked like madness, and she was kulaing shots, which then promted Jules (I dont know how discribe this 2 girls, they all have last names that end with "O" and all have dreadlocks). Anyway the other Jules, her table people saw the queen taking shots and how did Tequilas go down. 

Should the world end we shall say we lived our lives exceptionally well. Except for the part where while we were waiting on our tickets with the other Jules, this incredibly handsome man, and my friend when I say handsome I mean handsome like Idris Elba, just a bit lighter, so this guy comes says hi to me by name then because I have absolutely no clue who he is,  a man tries to remind me who he is/where we met, so we go way back all the way back to Ngumo, then he says we went on a date,  alama ya mshangao!!!!! I was there like "if I went out with you on a date even for 2 minutes I would have remembered that face!" I was mesmerised by his face and body and height and forgot to ask him his name and number of which Jules rubbed it in practically the whole night.

We met this other handsome boy who I am made to understand is a member of the Sauti Soul Band. Cougarness came out like a nonsense!

All in all it was a fab fab night of course we took that party to another level and ended home at 5am!

The day after was my girl  Wageci's wedding, we put on extra large sunglasses and headed there with massive hangovers (Tusker light at the concert was a hundred bob!!) the only thing I can tell you that it was mad, a wedding like no other I have attended!! I skipped day 2 of the celebrations but was there on day 3 and 4 representing!! Mad fun this week has been. I am not sad should it end!

Please note I am posting this today A week after the world ended, I had to make sure I am in the correct corner of hell:-)

Woi it has been along time coming! I had disappeared, under the Radar, ask you leafy suburb friends where that is:-) 
3. There is no number 2 reason,
Anyway bombs have been going on in Eastleigh, now I dont know why people want to trash my beloved country, but it is getting to much yawa!

On the outfit! So on friday we went to Rhumba at deamvillage, that is where all old mamas like meself gather on Friday! I decided to try this Sai's outfit. You know the bag, the only thing you have not seen there is the scarf which I got for 2sok from Tom Mboya Street and the Ring for 150sok. The jacket, skirt and vest are from my stuff which, well did not come from Toi/Gikosh but can be found there.
The skirt, belt and Jacket I bought at Mango a whiiiiiile back, insert 4 years, and the vest I bought from those 5Euro shops owned by Indians in Antwerp.

My Hair Do which I totally love, is a weave, (idol) it cost 760KSH. It is synthetic but can be tonged and blow dried etc. Now I forget the name of the shop, but is on Tom Mboya Street, just a few shops after Galitos.

Vio, who has a salon at Kenya Cinema did the hair and she is really good, she even filled out for me the bangs after mine ran out. I highly recommend. So holla if you want her number! She did it for 8sok.

We need a Christmas carol 

I have even included lyrics, sing away.
Now I love this Jennifer girl, really and the way she has lost so much weight, good stuff lakini sasa hii ni kitu gani?

Very Bad, dont try this even if you are 16

Due to my other rather tight schedule, I have not attended any event, and by the look of things I might not even attend the Eryka Badu concert. Read as I have calculated the budget, BRRRRR!!! enough to go to the coast for 5 days!
Now you know that is a tough decision for someone like me, I have not taken it to prayer, but I am still struggling with it.

I know I have two storos to bring to the table, I have been busy; so I am on it

It has been so long since I said something on MakeUp, but now I have realised preaching does not help, so I will just be using pictures, here is a start

Coffee and Crumbs

So I have been asked to dress some beauty peagants out of town, the event is on Sato, I have already met a few of them, should my camera not fail me I will update accordingly.

Of movies and things nice.........
Now I did not know that Whitney Houston had done a movie just before she died. It is brilliant, am not big on musicals, but this is the kind of musical I like. Whitney was brilliant, and am not saying that because she is dead;
The storyline is a bit weak because its what we know, I mean we have all heard that in other movies, but I still loved it!! 
AND my favourite was the STYLE!!! aki now I am full swing on the 50's!!! 
I have a wedding and a wedding and a wedding to attend before this month ends,  yeah those are way too many weddings but the world is ending on the 21st if you have not heard, well now you know.
I am going 50s full swing before rapture!!

Stylish Reader

I have been telling you peeps the way you need to send me pictures so I feature you here, and some of you are still joking! As in really how difficult can that be? 
So meet out first stylish reader, Angela rocking the african print!
We love that dress!

Meanwhile,  you know these days, the way I dont watch news, with everything being political and just bleh! aki our politicians are just shady!
Haya there is my MP, Gideon Mbuvi Mike Sonko (am from Makadara) who now wants to be Senator of NAIROBI!!!!!!. Aki nitahama! Look at the way he is ooozing Pimp juice like a nonsense!! My ushago MP now is another one, aki I cant even start! This is a fashion blog so I will not get into politics, lakini Hon. Mak Ajwang' sasa ile room ya mabati imechoka in Mbita, which  is now brown ndio unaita immigration office; Una embarass ja luo for nothing.

Anyway You just GO OUT AND  REGISTER!!! The registry points are everywhere, here in South B, they are even outside Naivas!
Kuna vile somebody thought all registration centers are in one direction!  I dont know why somebody would come to that conclusion, but this is Kenya! 

Another thing, now I have to give the blog another subtittle and we move from In the footsteps of Sai Sankoh, so I need suggestions, and please dont say Kenyan Girls Killing It, because you know and I know we are not killing it as yet, either that or we over killed it in the 50s ime kufa kabisa!

Cheers People and sorry for the long delay!
Its 11pm and a plot of Sailors has just shown up, how do I looooove december!!! there is that song of oh the weather outside is dreadful and there is baileys inside, what is it called?

Oh and I have some some great treats coming up; lots of music and fashion!! so keep it close, and ile story ya Drum and the billboard, I have not forgotten!!

As you all know, this project that was inspired by the lovely Sai Sankoh, one of my all time favourite stylist, fashion blogger and head of all things fashion forward. It was to be a one month project which has now turned into an almost full time job, I am forever grateful. 
Here is my very first post if you have forgotten where all this started

Having said that, this does not mean I will abandon ship. I am on her page BECAUSEAMFABULOUS practically everyday, we can never get enough inspiration, so I want to advice you to keep visiting her blog and page and be inspired just as I have been.
I will still be picking some of her looks and of course posting them, but keep in mind it will not be a regular thing.

There is a wedding of my good friend and high school deskmate coming up in december. Which I surely as hell will attend, I have been invited, mi si wedding crusher like some people I know.

I have decided for this occasion I am going to go overboard!!!! I have been watching several DIY videos on youtube and I feel like I have just finished my diploma in DIY. So as homage to Sai am going to make my own outfit! Don't laugh because my outfit will wipe that "bitch please" grin off your face:-)

My Toyota sewing machine is in the house!!! I have been to Nairobi Textile (a place you should visit).
My next stop is Biashara street, and then Gikomba again, I have been told that I can get faux leather there, seriously Gikomba has everything!

So keep it close.

My other favourite Rosemary (refresh your memory, click to go to story) is also still in the mix I have done only two outfits from her so far but I am still on her trail. I am going to do this till you are ready to stand steady on your heeled feet:-)

Do you know the other day, I was at this salon at Kenya Cinema, there are all sorts of hawkers that want to sell you stuff, while you get your hair done. This mama came with a kienyeji chicken the size of a full grown turkey!!!!!!!  She says she gets them from Machakos. I have never seen chicken that size, I worry that they are feeding those chickens manure!

Thats not even what I wanted to say, so as I wait on Winnie, she is the one whose hair was being done, and I want to recomend that salon, I have to find out which one it is as there a re a zillion salons now at Kenya cinema. They are very very good. Every time a woman was done I was going like, "oh that one, utanitengeneza hiyo nikicome", I said that to at least 7 hairstyles, mpaka I chokad;

Anyway I was perusing through DRUM the magazine, depression slapped me across the face when I saw their editorial spread, aki just wait I scan those pages, you will feel me; what they have done is unforgivable.

I will come back with that story when I have done complete research (read as gone through the magazine at least 9 times.


Since my other job (of which too am not getting paid!) is to spread some good news I am it again. Cici the brains behind Foodie in the Desert, I had told you about her somewhere here, has this project that I find really brilliant its called Foodie Penpals. Now since I dont want to go into much detail about it go to her website and find out for yourself  -am assuming you already clicked on the link I provided.

I hope we are cooking like chefs and making our homes and stomachs feel good:-)

Oh and another thing, Esther the lady who did Angelina's Ngurario outfit, you remember it? click, well she wants me to do a shoot in her outfits, so I am going for fitting kesho, aaaand I am going to get an outfit for free when we are done!! aki nice things are happening to me since I started this blog, so anyway thats the other thing I am over excited about. I will update accordingly.

I know there is something am forgetting, but that is pr... ITS KARAOKE TUESDAY!!!!!! And you know how we do every Tuesdays.
My head is not working well, a kenyan film is being shot at our RESIDENCE, and I have overdone it with the cools that Angelina made, not for the film crew, but there is an excellent mood here for these cools; Yaani those baraafu they are not a joke and not for beginners! 
We see us at Sailors.

Anyway we talk kesho!

My niece has just cleared fourth, so I will ask her to assist in matters of proof reading and spell checking, I need an intern, you see the way I am serious about this blog. So I shall not do any proof reading today, like I have not been doing in the past. God bless your dear heart.
WOA!!! it's been long, so let me just get on with it. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! for the Giveaway. And the winner is.......................... (insert Lilian Muli's lame suspense of Slimpossible here.......drum rolls, confetti and real smoke) .......... EVARITA KAMAU!!!!!!.
Now before you go Jumping up and down, you know the way in Kenya everything is rigged, even the count of chicken to be slaughtered as at a funeral is rigged!! 

So here are the results in black and white (and the other colours). If you see down there you will see results powered by so don't think it was me and my relas counting the entries in the kitchen.

Congratulations Evarita!!!!, si you know where to find me!

And runners up, see the way you were close? anyway next time:-) 
And thanks everyone for participating.

So onto storos, I know I have not done an outfit for a while, but I have been busy with other paraphernalia of life, not that I know what those are but its been long since I used that word Paraphernalia just thought best I throw it in here.

Can we all agree on something, now most of you know me and the way am a stickler for correct spelling and grammar though I rarely get it right but am trying, can we stop or at least minimise the use of these g8t, luvly, xwit, xaxa (as in seriously XWIT?!!) why are you doing this to your english teacher? and wasting goverment money for those who went to public schools? PLEASE PLEASE am begging you, lets just try and spell, every time I see that, its like being poked in the eye with a rusted fork repeatedly.

Liz and I went to Gikomba,  I did some shopping!! so roundi hii, I bought stuff that is not my size, the models I had jana Yvonne (size 16) and Anne (size 8) so I think I need a size 12. Those who want to come by to check out the stuff, buzz a woman, am still working on the pictures will update. So keep it here.

My friend, styling a size 16 is no joke, if you are a fabulous size 16 ebu stand up and clap for yourself, frankly I dont know how you guys do it, this was my first time so am still shaky, but am learning as we all are.
My size 8 model, aki I need a Nikon!!!! a Harambee should be pigwad very soon. Am forming a committee and if you want me to be in your wedding committee you had better sign up to this one!

More pictures are coming.


So I have been having request to do something for men and kids, so I am thinking TOI MEN and TOI KIDS, but I need some experts on that front;  Meanwhile Gentlemen, before I come up with a male blogger to help me with this; Please also note that this thing called blogging vile munajua haileti pesa, (not yet) so I  need volunteers.

I have found this gentleman who is very good, so my male people visit the blog and learn something, ukishapata look, vutia mimi wire, I go shopping!
Go read something, he is at The Gentlemen's Standard. You can thank me later.

And in other totally irrelevant news....

Kijana huyu alie piga musicha yake ngumi, is coming to town, now we have been discussing him at length. Please note I like some of his music. Now the way I have heard it the tickets to his concert is ranging between 12K and 23K. Kenyans have money!!! (those are Angelina's words not mine), frankly I dont know any kenyan who will blow that kind of  money on Chris Brown. I am sure there are several, but I don't know them, but I do know those who will blow that kind of money on one sitting at their local drinking hole on beer alone:-)
Now tell me, how many people do you know in this country who have that kind of money? Talk has been going on about how kenyan Corporate world is stingy and dont want to sponsor artists (or artiste as now every other kenyan even those who have released only one song since 1997 are called). I dont know why they are saying this and I see Safaricom and Zuku are all over the place sposoring practically everything that needs sponsoring, heck safaricom would rather we go bila MPESA for hours on end but still sponsor an event like the opening of an envelope! So now whuaaat do these people mean.

Personaly, I do not have that kind of money but I am accepting tickets, preferably VIP, no need to be stingy with those tickets as I have even more broke friends who would like to attend. I hope Chris Brown farts only rainbows and expensive perfume that shall float our way as we gaze in wonderment, while thinking of where the next rent is coming from! 

Ed's Note
I will sometimes in the course of this week, take a walk to Uhuru highway/ Upperhill roundabout and take a picture of this billboard I saw, where a beautiful woman is kissing a mango head passionately. (she is not kissing a mango fruit, this particular mango has the face of a man with lips and a nose and... JESAS!! strange things are happening in this country. I want to keep that picture so I show it to my children in future. I will also give a copy to National Archives, for future reference, as I am sure there are people in this country who shall in future need to learn the art of kissing a mango head (when the aliens land that is).

Aya basi have a good one.

Morning!!!! so as I had promised, here is the giveaway! it is a TOPSHOP dress, it is in chiffon, with a very nice lining, and IAM GIVING IT AWAY!!!! it is size 12, so if it cant fit you tell a friend. And please only those in this country and preferably in Nairobi should enter the raffle, but if you are in Gobi and are willing to pay for shipping,  fiiine:-)
Its my first time to use this rafflecopter by the way, I know generally how it works, but give me feedback if you are having problems with it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thats about it for today, am going to run some errands, see if something comes up worth blogging.
I am will be featuring a stylish reader on some place on this blog, so let me see those pictures. If you are  feeling fabulous let the world know, that is my new motto, I have just come up with  it right now by the way.

Hallo my good people, as you have gathered, I am ill, now I dont know if it is true sickness or it is some lethal cools we have here in the house that I over ate, but anyway am feeling unwell, I have taken some tablets and drinking Juliet's concoction that includes apple cider religiously (I have added a little  vodka to taste)

Those beautiful younglings up there are the Sarakasi dancers of SARAKASI TRUST; I am sure you know I went to lecture them on good grooming, style and make up. I had a fantastic time, they were very good to me, and we are going to do a follow up. Great kids, they just need a little help and we are on the correct path. I was honored and humbled that they asked me to come and talk to their younglings on this matter that is close to my heart. Thank you.

Really humbled, just the other day I started this project,  now I have 1800 likes on our facebook page, almost 14000 views on this blog. Good things, I feel all kinds of giddy just writing that, I dont know if I should start writing my thank you speech:-)
Anyway Thank you for supporting my course, and I hope we are all learning.

I know you are expecting pictures, and I hope there are some coming my way as you can imagine I could not talk and take my own pictures:-)


My brand new friend Vanessa and some of her friends have organised a free market! By free I mean there is no gate fees! As you can see over there FREE ENTRANCE. This one I am going to for sure!!! And all the Kili Mums am sure will be there too (there is a Facebook page for Kilimani Mums).
Come lets shop, meet new people, business partners and drink some good wine, (the drinking wine part I have just added though it is not on the flyer, but the event is at DIVINO, I expect wine!) Vanessa has promised me that the prices will be very damaris friendly, and you know what that means. So I hope to see you there. Please carry enough money and some extra for my wine, you all need to start donating towards this project:-)

Between I like the whole Kilimani Moms idea, being neighbours digitally. Now that these days you cant just pop into your neighbours house and ask for salt because you ran out of some and your husband is about to walk through the door wanting his dinner!

I highly suggest that the Buru, South B, Kawangware, Karen, Mlolongo, Kitengela, Runda, Uthiru etc etcetera moms to follow suit! in the spirit of being neighbourly, si ati when you are stuck you have to run all the way to your friend at the other end of the city.

I got some great feedback on my last post, people celebrating their mothers, sisters, sistas and just about any woman who has inspired them, I am glad. Please keep reminding them, tell them when they are here, that you are glad they share their lives with you.
No need to make a loooooong eulogy at my funeral and while I was here you never said anything. So when someone comes up to you at my wake (you will for sure be holding a glass of your favourite poison in your hands and dressed to the nines, you must in my honor) and ask, why dont you say something, you can just smile and say "she knew" and continue sipping:-))

I am not going to the mingle I have just decided that now. Whoever is going send me photos, I will play kati here next week with those who want to come visit, tuko na space mob, I will use that 1500 to buy medicine. I will make an appearance on the next Mingle episode!

I also did get some feedback on ladies wanting to loose weight ref: Angelina's photo from previous post, a girl has gone to Mombasa to chill by the beach, you know how you just want to take your new self to the beach, anyway she informs me that those who want to reach her to know more about her diet plan, to do so by sending her a message on facebook she is Kui Koinange. Click, inbox her and get info.

Nairobi is on FIRE!

So word is on the streets that the one and only Eryka Badu is coming to town!!!! Yaani if you want to see a groupie come that day, you shall see me in full glory!! love love Eryka. I shall kesha at the gate of the evetn just to be sure I get a good seat. Or maybe I should just go meet her at the airport, then stalk her to her hotel, wait outside the window of her room, to give her the full groupie treatment ile ya wazungu. 

The other person coming is ... DRUM ROLLS PLEASE and insert a soundtrack!
Now judging by the trend while putting into consideration the artists who have graced our presence this year, including James Ingram, Joe, Tarrus Riley and CeCe Winans! I am sure Patti La Belle might just visit us, and if she comes, I will go see her then just wait for the Lord to come and take me home in peace, as I shall not want for anything else. (and if it takes him another 100 years to come for me I shall not question his judgement) AMEN.


The Travelling Red Dress Project.
My good friend Lulu Mbela of Poisa and Fashion Photographer Barbara Minishi have teamed up and are having a project that they are working on for the fashion front. It is a photography project. Patricia has designed the dress and Barbara will be doing the photography.
So please keep it here, as I will be giving you full update on this project that I already love. Knowing Lulu and her designs, I hope this dress makes all the travelling it must make and finally come home to me where she belongs.

Do have a great Weekend!

I am still waiting for those photos of your fabulous self, as I want to start featuring my readers on this blog, this is a joint project, you know?
I was at Sailor's karaoking jana with Angelina so I have been suffering in silence with a big head. Anyway THAT'S MY MOM!:-) ebu look at that stool and that kitambaa and if in your house there was no such kitambaa you are young, and thank the good lord for that. Because it was just the other day I was looking at this woman who was thirty something and thinking oh God she is soo old what is she doing here. Now I cant speak, I am that woman, the old one.
And mom is looking very stylish, I must add!

Can we take a moment and raise our glasses to the women who have raised us, the one you have called mama, even if you were raised by your grandmother, raise you glass. My mom was my Switzerland:-) I wrote a note once about her that I know some of you have read, it is a long one, so I will post it at the end.

Anyway the reason why I wanted to talk about mothers, is because some or most of us are now mothers and as it is, it is hard enough being a woman let alone raising babies. So salute yourself if you are a mama and another salute for the woman who raised you. If your mother is still with you call her and tell her how so very great you think she is, (if she is a crazy psycho don't call her). If she is no longer walking the surface of this planet raise your glass with me. If you were raised by papa that is for another day.

Yesterday some strange news was going on about how punishing your child could give them cancer. My mom quickly came to mind. And am thinking now if this were the case, I would not have lived to see age 12. If I did not get the cancer before STD 3 at the hands of my mom, then my teachers from class 4 would have finished me off, swift and clean; it would have been a lethal deadly cancer, fast and furious! that would have taken only 4 weeks to put me 6ft under. Surely this cancer has become too much, now everything can cause cancer. 
But I salute too, the women who have fought real cancers and won and the ones who have lost.

The other woman who is my very dear friend is Zohre Esmaili
I met Zohre on one of those model assignments back in Europe, we were an instant hit! worked together, holidayed together, just did about everything girls do together.
Zohre is from Afghanistan; she is the first ever afghan model and if she is not, then I have never heard of any.
It took her and her family six months of crossing many lands to get to Germany, 2 times they got caught an had to go back, children died on those trips, they went without food sometimes for days, because they are travelling without papers, and say if you bought bread, if the authorities caught you with a packet of anything it has details of where they can take you back.

But they did finally arrive in Germany. She went to school and started modeling, met a nice guy and they started dating. She moved out of the town they were living in Kassel to Stutgart. This is something that made the brother who was playing family patriach really really mad, not the moving out, the modelling and dating someone else, meanwhile one of her sisters has been married off to an ancient man in Canada.
The brother started looking for her, and it was not to to tell her sister come back home. She had ashamed the family and you know the fanatic muslims do. Yeah you have guessed right. Zohre could get so scared in hotels and would wake up and she has half of her face frozen.

But she has fought a good fight, she has risen above all that. Has modeled all over the globe, and she has been interviewed by several tv chanels has a charity program running for afghan women refugees and is an inspiration to many. I salute her today and I hope her story inspires you to be the best you you can be.
Yes! makeup makes people look good:-) Take a moment today and salute your best girls, I live with mine so don't ask me if I have.


The good people over at Sarakasi have invited me to go give their artists a small talk on good dressing, grooming and basically general stuff on self branding. I am too excited!!!!!!! See how far this blog has brought me, so expect pictures and maybe a video, ha ha ha! and definitely photos! 

Now the last time I was on stage telling people something was in class 7 and I was doing something called public speaking. I am sure you have heard of it, if you went to a public primary school that is:-)
I remember it was about the ozone layer and my teacher had drilled me on that thing, I even  had deo spray cans to support my speech (apparently back then whatever was in those cans was toboaring a shimo in the ozone layer) I was very good until provincials where the adjudicators (woi I have not used that word in ages, and am sure thats not right but it just came to my mind) anyway these people decided that they are going to give random topics and we have to talk about it and we had an hour to prep; FAIL!
So I am excited about tomorrow but a bit nervous; I am human just incase you had forgotten. But I promise I will not embarrass you:-)

Between, Caro has told me that there is great stuff in Muthurwa, bags, dresses sweaters etc and for CHEAP and you know cheap has become my middle name. So she is taking me there this or next week, and I will tell you all about it, for those who can, ebu head there ASAP!

On the 17th is the MINGO!! I hear this is a very good event where adults get to be children and no one gives you that nasty side glance! I have never been to any, so this I think is my opportunity.
I have not played kati for soooooo long and the way I used to be a professional, the way I could kunja my dress in the panties, I could get home nime parara and my mom had this look on her face of "I cant believe I gave birth to this"

So for those who dont know, now you know, those who dont know what to do with themselves on this day, take your 1500 kenyan money and go play bladaa.

Let's talk on Friday.

I went to Gikomba!!!! yes I did, actually I was on my way to Toi, then my Uncle IMU, who I should just call my brother as we are the same age, was like ala?! you, lets go to Gikosh, I know where you can get stuff, I used to work there, how did I detour like a nonesense! And I look at what I found, I am telling you woman you have no reason to look bad, everything in here is under 500 bob, (below below) even that dress you see up over there

And I am selling everything and just because I bought it for 100KSH does not mean I will give it to you for 150! so if you see anything you like holla at a woman, and I am still doing personal shopping so you send me your specifics and we talk, and I dont have to remind you again that you shall pay me for that LABOUR! Because going to Gikosh and TOI to look for stuff is WORK!

Have I already said Barrack Obama, my brother in law is the president of US of A again. Now since you already know we can all go home and eat Ugali and skuma ya nyayo! Talking of Nyayo I think the goverment should bring back school milk because the way kids are spelling on facebook has made me almost want to kill myself

Wacha nisiongee mingi

Loooved loved this dress, it is pretty, it s girly, its a size 12, and I dont know what that label is never heard of it, the dress cost me 150 and no I will not sell it to you for 200:-) 

The thing is you have to have an eye for a good thing,(the thing I am teaching you over here) sometimes the thing looks ugly on the heap of clothes huko you are ignoring it and its a nice thing! In fact when I was fitting Charlie, she said she would never have picked the pink skirt, but when she had it on she liked it. So when you go to Gikosh or Toi wear tights, so you can try somethings, well you may not be able to try everything but some.


I am tired of talking, the skirt grey Skirt and Top are both Zara. This  White dress, okay let me put it here up close
I really love the fabric, but I was sure it was a skirt, so I made Charlie try it on 3 times, but it looked so weird, then I said to myself well we shall wear it as a dress, and voila! a nice pretty dress!

I usually find that when reading my blog, we require the appropriate Soundtrack for full enjoyment, so before we go on, MOVE YOUR BOMPA! and no I do not know what that means but from this point just enjoy. JACKIWA, wacha STRESS, shake your bompa!
It has been long since I went to Rolf's place, thank you Jackiwa very much!

By the way I know many people have been having power problems the other day it was Langata Lower Karen and here in South B. I am sure in Kili and the other green leafy suburbs were having some problems too.
So anyway I am sure some of you watched that interview on NTV but let me just repeat it here.
A viewer calls in and says "Kenya Power is arrogant and gives poor service because of the monopoly they hold in the market"
NTV interviewer: whats your take on that
Kenya Power Boss: Well, there are several forms of energy, charcoal, paraffin, gas, firewood and darkness;
NTV interviewer:  and these are your competitors?
Kenya Power Boss: YES.
Damaris: Me thinks he just gave me cancer with that

And you know I heard that darkness and I just ignored it or rather my brains refused to register it, then I met Winnie and I was telling her about it, told her how he mentioned some form of energy at the end but I did not get it right because I heard something like darkness, then she tells YES! it was darkness!! I couldn't even talk. Speechless for 5 minutes straight;

So now every time your power goes off, just try one of Kenya Power's competitors!

I am tired, am taking a brake

The ruffled skirt is Zara Basic, the black jacket and Belt are from my clostet

The Silver skirt is from Toi, top is Zara, and those heels of mine had bored me, so I decided to bow them! They are not so nice but they are an ongoing project, which I will post here when complete

You know the red skirt, I have won it before it is the skirt I have on Toi facebook profile picture.

Ok thats it, I did not bother to proof read, you can spell check and correct the grammatical errors, thank you!

Ed's Note
This is the post I accidentally deleted, I found it on google reader and had to copy paste it again and that is why it is showing at the top do forgive.
As you can see Angelina showed out in a kitenge! Me I just went kawaida, but are we looking good or are we looking good! Now let me tell you that Angelina has lost so much weight, you need to get in touch with her if you are struggling in the weight department. Trust me you want to call her, she went on this diet that is miraculous, and you know the way there are a million diets that just don't work, well this one does and it is healthy too!! I have seen the way she has shed off that weight. Call her she will advice.

OK so for those who want to a fab kitenge like this call Esther on 070 386 7699. She is good, she is fast, and you can either bring your own fabric or you choose from her vast collection. She can come to you, of course if you live in Timbuktu she cant, but she has set up shop in town you can go there, give her a call and mention my good name, so I get some brownie point and I get something for free!

So since the Swahili Fashion Week came into town, everybody seems to be doing it, just that they are not a fashion week or weekend just a day. I dont know why they insist on calling them weeks and weekends and they are not!
I missed this one because of the location, yaani there is no way I can go that far for an event, from where I am standing Enashipai is in another country. And are you seeing that price! But I hear it was great, am scouting the net for pictures will update as they come it.

Then there is the Nairobi fashion week which apparently is coming soon but I have not seen anything of maana as yet from their facebook page, I have been there several times and I see thar they are praising the Lord over the coming of this but I have already tired of waiting. The status updates are reading like this... 
The Nairobi Fashion Week is a Registered trademark Registered in the Republic of Kenya under the Trade Marks Act CAP 506 of the laws of Kenya by DYNAMIC RACE MODELING AGENCY. It is theirfore illegal for any individual/persons to claim, use or purport to own The Nairobi Fashion Week as it contravenes The Trade Marks Act and the laws of Kenya. Welcome all to The Nairobi Fashion Week, We {Kenya} finally have our very own.
AHUH, sawa basi we are waiting, I don't know if we should hold our breath on this one or just wait. But the big question is: who denied us? fashion events are literally coming off Nairobi's ears

Then there is the SAFARI FASHION WEEK
Raw Energy Runway (that is a runway and a half , that should be seen by all and right after that they carry it to the national museum and lock it in a bulllet proof glass: A national treasure)
The Dress Code: Unzip your raw energy (Ngai! fafa) I have not decided wether I am going because that price can buy alot of things, why do they all have to be 3000 plus KSH! (I am accepting sponsors)

Anyway I have been over-using my brain thinking of how I can impress these posh people with some ghetto fabulousness, should I come up with that money that is. Now I cant wear a dress, jacket or any outfit  with a zip, that is just obvious. But HAIR!!! that will completely knock those buggers off their seats,  the only thing is I can't quite decide between this......

Or to just go full blown Naija!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! abeg ma sistah! Please dont try this at home. 
We must continue with my friends prayer and do it without ceasing "God take zips out of your childrens hands, for they do not know what they do"
This is sad really sad.

Okay Somebody asked me about the bow I have on my head in this outfit; The scarf I got for very cheap I think it was like 20 KSH in TOI and I got some ideas from the lovely Shirley Beniang! She has amazing Tuts. Watch out for her blog and other videos.


Because it is always good to eat healthy and because cooking is sooo much fun, really I love food, I love cooking and am actually really good ask Angelina, I will be sharing some of my favourite blogs on food. And another thing that should motivate you into the kitchen is that old "the way to a mans heart is through the stomach" you keep hearing from your mother, she is your mother she is right!! Yes dont let your housi cook all the time, it could end you in a bad place. Unaweza rudi nyumbani upate bwana ametoroka na watoto na house girl; ama you come find her in your clothes, wearing your perfume cuddling with the husband, alafu utaua mutu and end up in jail for nothing!

So please visit Wageci who is blogging about everything delicious and mouthwatering like the above dish, follow her, learn to cook, be healthy. You wont believe where she is blogging from! find her on her Facebook and her blog FOODIE IN THE DESERT!  with all the recipes. You will love her and then you will love me for that:-)

Oh I forgot there is the FAFA that is going on this weekend too, I dont know how I forgot, I am sure you all know about Fashion For Peace?

FAFA - Festival for Fashion and Arts, organises 'Fashion for Peace' which is focused on bringing together established and emerging African fashion designers from across the continent.
Company Overview
FAFA was created in 2008 by individuals from different nationalities and walks of life who came together with the belief that peace is fundamental to development and prosperity and that positive change comes when we stop focusing on the negative and encourage the inspiring and positive.

And here I was thinking Safari fashion week was expensive!!  So much fashion and somebody is saying we have been denied sijui what!! Lakini now I need a sponsor for sure! ama I just organise a mini Harambee!! And look at the number of sponsors FAFA have, sponsors za nguvu! si they sambaza me one!

Do have a lovely Week! 

DreamVillage story ni ya kesho!!!