Of Minis, leather pants and a Trench coat.

That is my friend Awuor in Rome.  Rocking the mini in a way that I want to do right now. The other day the sun showed out kidogo, well not really kidogo it was the proper summer sun. It is summer in several parts of the globe too. The girls in other parts of the world like you can see from my friend up there have all taken out their minis and short shorts, I dont lie.

Here is  my other  friend Shar skating in Berlin - who you can follow on Youtube - MissSharz for some amazing natural hair care tips and tuts. Thank me later.

Dont even bother trying to say she is sporting, can you skate like this in CBD?

and  the lovely Trysh up and about with her boy in NY

I shall never get to do this in this city unless I have a car and am going to village market. So so saaaad it makes me want to cry!

I dont know what it is with Africans in Africa and mini dresses and skirts. You CANNOT walk around like this in Nairobi during the day, even going to the supermarket next to you, wacha supermarkets are a bit further the Kiosk!!!

If you try these looks then you are getting into your car and you are going to walk around in a mall, say like junction, galleria or Sarit, after your shopping and lunch dates in this mall, you will get into your car that is parked within the mall and get out of that car when you get to your compound.

Otherwise the regular girl has to wear it with thick tights. And even that is difficult if you are going to walk around CBD. I see some women doing that, not women, girls and am just wondering whats the point of the whole short thing if you are going to add thick socks to it.

Mini skirts were banned in Swaziland back in 2012. Read about it here. The mini along side low slung jeans were criminalised. As in you will be arrested and jailed for 6 months!

“The act of the rapist is made easy because it would be easy to remove the half-cloth worn by the women,” said the police spokeswoman.

A woman actually said that. It is funny because the indlamu is a tiny piece of thing that barely covers the ass. Apparently that is fit for the king.

There it it is. For some strange reason during this dance the men don't jump on the girls and start raping them left and right.
Men also don't jump on the women at night in clubs, it is just during the day that they get the rape crazies. 
Really can someone ask for me the men folk what causes the rape hormone to rise during the day in cities of Africa?
How come the men whose women dress like this don't rape them? Some african tribes still dress like this, and before the white folks got here, technically all women were moving about more or less like this.

Uganda too proposed a bill to that effect. With Simon Lokodo, Uganda's ethics and integrity minister, defending the plans. "It's outlawing any indecent dressing including miniskirts," he said.
"Any attire which exposes intimate parts of the human body, especially areas that are of erotic function, are outlawed. Anything above the knee is outlawed. If a woman wears a miniskirt, we will arrest her."
Ethics and integrity minister, ethics and integrity!!!
Read the story here 
What is it with our men, I have had some discussions with young men and they were of the mind that yes minis should be banned. 
Which begs the question why is it only African men prone to raping women in short skirts, how come the Europeans and Americans are not doing it?.
Every day you see people going about dressed like this and nobody is raping them. Somebody even suggested that jeans are OK, because it is impossible to rape a woman in jeans.

Seeing this just makes me sad. Try wearing this leather mini and then take a matatu and get off at bus station, you will not get past Tuskys, I have been heckled there ( I got really scared) I was wearing my leather pants and a looooong shirt just like this!! its is the only reason I will go back to holiday in Europe, I have shorts and skirts just getting mold in the closet, I can only wear them when washing my clothes, my expensive shorts have become laundry uniform, how sad is that?

*SIGH* Talking of leather I have some somewhere and I just saw this, which has motivated me to start dressing and taking pictures again. Anyway forget the minis, the cold weather is back.

If I get my leather pants good. If I do not then I will attempt a Kate Moss look I have just seen on the net. Best to post it when I have done that.

Have you noticed that I did not attend all those things I said I would attend. One I had a meeting, that I had to attend, this meeting involved some heavy amounts of the sweet nectar, needless to say my Saturday and Sunday were ruined.

I had posted the boyfriend and leather Jacket look on our Facebook Page then I noticed my girl Helen with it and I think she is carrying it very well.

And a TRENCH COAT! I am still loving loving the trench coat, so lets just agree that I will be throwing ideas in here for no apparent reason other than I said and a trench coat in the heading

My child from another mother has a birthday. Wacha I go attend!

Do have a lovely week ahead people.

Ps. There is a lady with this ID  Luchng83, you have mailed me I think twice on my gmail account, you are looking for maxi dresses. Your adress is wrong I have mailed you back, but it bounces, can you message me on our facebook page? I will be able to help.