Day 4#. I stopped using the Calendar!

So good afternoon ladies, let me  just say that I will be posting as time and mood allows me, lets just forget that whole everyday stuff, obviously it is not working. I feel pretty good about today's outfit, mpaka the sun was shining kidogo like in the united states!! how nice is that.

The bag am carrying, which I really love!!!!! I bought it in Kisumu from those vendors out over there at ukwala supermarket, it is an original, all leather  made in FRANCE! the inside is done in great soft leather in a very light beige that makes you feel all kinds of rich shades! It was 900KSH but I bargained it down 600KSH! am I good or whuuat!!!! and I know that you are going to say ati I can do better, ebu go first then come and tell me! and bring evidence in video HD.

That is a wig, I went to this Cocacola ad audition ( got the job by the way ha haha! am still the shit!) sorry anyway, my friend Linda gave it to me, will have to ask her where she got it, actually she did not give it to me, I just said pleeaase look the way now I look nice in this thing, you cant take it from me and PAP! mara hiyo hiyo I have jishindiad something! I have great friends I tell you. Anyway am trying it on in while I wait for the chums so I go do my hair at that place I was telling you about along Ngong Road, I have this other friend too, Barbara she has promised to bring me a weave from SWEDEN! (read that Sweden in your best luo-accent so you get the way am feeling)
Will post pictures when I do it.

My phone, the one am holding here:-) is what I call a kabambe 2.0 as in it is just a kabambe but it has all the keys like a blackberry, 4000 kenyan money at the Safaricom shop, its an LG and you will look like you are carrying a smart phone:-)) Even the whole idea is smart.

Here is another picture of me that Angelina liked, she says its better than the one I have chosen, so here it is, has a better view of the hair and shades:-)
We have just got the news today, infact just now that FABGURU is having a shoe party!!! anyway we got the news late, if you can make ebu dash before you hit the bars or go home to drink tea/ sip wine like all good wives and girlfriends do!
I know I said I would tell you all the great stuff about them but am not ready, I will do when I go there! so ebu meanwhile just got to Facebook and fuata them here FabGuru.

So Kesho is Swahili Fashion Week!!!! - TWASIJA!!!- dont worry if you cant make it, I will take maaany pictures:-))

It is that time of the weekend year again, anyway kesho and sunday is Nairobi Fashion Market find them here. Ebu go and look for things! Nitaenda tu lakini you know the way me I hate to pay for stuff, now why does a market have entrance?

Allow me to introduuuuuuceee our dog, Fanta!!! ebu angalia the way he is a natural  I know you dont need to see him, lakini kukuringia is free.

Now Im going out tonight and I have not decided, actually I cant decide!!!! Anyway like my mom used to say I might just surprise you!

Cheers:-) Na if I dont come back here, do have a wicked weekend!

WARRRRRR I forgot something; its not about fashion but, you'all know the way I loove looove books!!!, and not ati sijui PDF, soft copy, the real thing the one you hold in your hand and thumb through, who remembers them, yeah those ones, you ancient woman! Anyway I will be throwing in here some of my favourites and for kids too coz of my other niece Muthoni! and since we are experts on that front, once in a while when we get a good movie I will tell you! How do you like me now!!!
I am reading this now and dont ask me for it, because the other Jules is already in line, I love this woman!
She is such a great read, go get it! To all you fabulous women! I salute you! 


  1. Is it just me or does Sai's dress look like it's ill-fitting at the top? Just me? Ok then.

  2. any good deals on maxi dresses?

  3. Love the blog Dama, though am a ghost reader.. until you hit Toni Morrison. Looove love her and the stuff she does with words. I have literally lived through her other books, so on the look out for JAZZ!

  4. Dama...might that dress be on sale too....i want more sun dresses, that length!

    1. Na wewe? you want this one and the storo of the other one is still pending:-)

    2. hehehehe am a fisi of that the other is sorted, when is market day?