The Week in Brief....

Hallo Ladies and Gentlemen! Yes we have gentlemen here. I hope you have been well. I have not been well, but now am well:-) As you can see I am back!!!!! and am I have just cleared first things first out of the way.  Here is my start on Rosemary's looks.
I do have a white pair of  jeans and but I was not feeling tight.

Sweater: 50ksh TOI
Linen Pants: 450 from Kenyatta market (those guys by the roadside opposite the petrol station)
Belt: 30ksh TOI
Flat rubber shoes from Bata 360 something KSH
Bag my ancient Prada tote, I have had it since I dont know when!

I dont have any shades, because my favourite was thugged! 

Talking of thugged I will just tell you in brief what cut. Yaani just talking about it pisses me off, I mean how could I be so stuiipid!

So I was with my uncle and Mwas, at Galileo having some drinks, then when we were done, I was like ok, si mats za South B are 24/7, we go check the situation if it looks bleak.......

Sorry I have to cut that story short my ride is here and we are going to the KITENGE festival at the Village Market! see you there for those going!


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