As promised, I am researching and updating designer and their info as they come, basically their locations, Webpages etc, I am slow but sure.
Please keep in mind that as these are Spiring/Summer 2013 Collections, they might not and
probably are not ready for you to buy off the rack, but the designers are working on producing their collection sand they will be ready when they are ready! But feel free to contact them and place your orders!

Locations of designers are at the end of the post.


Moo Cow was top on my list, they do amazing things with the lesso, just makes you want to buy yards of lessos! please note these were just my favourite picks, zingine even I cant post them here in the name of supporting local, page inaweza ungua!

Moo Cow K Ltd,  Hurlingham,
Silver Springs Hotel complex

Tel.: 0202519676

Deserved a huge standing ovation. I so love  the hood detail they added in this collection. This is another one perfect, for garden wedding and parties, look how our own people are so good, why are you still wearing a cocktail dress to a garden wedding? Yet you can  have one of these.


I had already talked about Shenu, but am still digging! And I see I did not put up all of hers

Anna A. Adero

On my Top favourite to watch list! Anna's pieces are effortlessly flawless! the cuts, the fabric fantastic! And she has used the African Print to perfection, toned it down a bit. 
As I already told you from the Swahili Fashion Week  post, this is a perfect example of what you 
can wear to  a  day time garden wedding. Not those shimmering shiny china cocktail dresses you 
see women wearing on the wedding show.  And it will still work for a dinner date, as a cocktail dress, and just for when you are having drinks with your friends (for example at the wine bar at the junction:-) you can miss with any of these pieces!

And if you are bold thats a wedding gown for you right there!

Nick Ondu

For Bespoke suits in this city or Country for that matter, Nick Ondu is your man. 

Carole Kinoti


Ya'll know how I love me so Lulu! I have reviewed her work several times so just click on the header there and go straight to my review on her the collection she presented at Fashion Week.

Wambui Mukenyi

I don't need to tell you much about Wambui Mukenyi and her fabulous clothes, surely the pictures speak for themselves. She is becoming a household name in this country. 

Thumbs up, I do not need to add or subtract! She can be reachd on her website or facebook.

Wangeci Muriithi

Annesophie Achera


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