Day #5 in the Calender of a Mad Woman.

The reason am giving Sai that "WHAT IS" look is you. Colour, Colour I am bringing in colour and as you can see am taking it slow, no need to over do it. Quick Outfit Budget, I have to give budget because of my blouse, it is HM divided, I got it at Toi for 30bob, HAHA HA:-) The skirt 700ksh Toi, you remember I told you about the guys outside.
The clutch I got along time ago, it is Mango or was it Zara, I forget and the watch which you see me with kila siku is Emporio Armani, I am allowed one Luxury!!!

I took Christine to the JKIA today, she gave me a reason to get out of the house and do outfit 5. 
The airport is such a depressing and happy place all wrapped up in one, we were at that bar on Terminal one, the toilets are somewhere there at the back you cant even find them; and right there on the toilet's direction sign "Fly High Avent Salon and Barbers" kwani whats with us kenyans, who goes at the back of the airport next to the toilet to have their hair cut?!!
I also did notice that we are poor huggers, I mean we are just shifty and awkward with the whole hugging business.

My friend from Sweden has not arrived with that weave, so am still waiting.

Ok kwisa stories za outfit, I talked to Suzie Wokabi of Suzie Beauty products!! A very nice lady. First of all, I have heard only good stuff about her beauty line and the fact that she is one of our own is enough! I will meet with some of her people who will walk me through her products, then I will do a test drive then you will know everything from me, but meanwhile if you are looking for make up try her, now that I have already told you I heard good things! Will update as soon as I test.

My Eyes Decieve Me

So have you picked this copy of
I came home the other day and found Angelina had bought a copy, I perused quick and put it back on the table, already am saying how this is fantastic, they have improved, the only thing I had noticed, cover is very colourful and ANND wait for it...... The pictures of parties they attended have gone to the back!!!!!! like all normal magazines and Carol Mandi looked fantastic in that LBD! 
Those are good enough reasons to give it a thumbs up, plus Nancie Mwai the blogger I was telling you about (seated left) and Suzie Wokabi (standing right) are on the cover, what more can a woman ask for. Between hao wengine siwajui, I dont watch the news in kiswahili, am jaluo kiswahili si mdomo yangu.

So, Angelina is huko just very quite as I number these great improvements, a disastrous sign on these matters, then she asks me, "have you really read it or at least looked at the pictures PROPERLY, start with the editorial spread" (for those who dont know that is the fashion page)
My friend..
Mpaka I started speaking in a french accent, ze hell iz zhis?!! as in seriously,!! somebody please shoot me!!! and apparently it is a dress. I fainted at the price. Is there any one of you ladies who would buy this batman thing for 62,000KSH, even for halloween?
You have to see this for yourself, my camera is not doing it justice! And that photographer what did they do to this woman?!! (the female saints are weeping)

I went quickly to the recipes page, food has a way of putting me in a good mood, now there they confused me kabisa sijui how have they arranged those recipes, I decide to go back to the front page, the photo story on the the cover's photoshoot....

Would you call this endless?!! options??!! nguo tatu?! na naona the end of the rail?!!! I always thought if you are selling me something, you should atleast try and impress me. Maybe like this, this is not even endless nabado imeshinda hiyo endless ya true love

Even one of the ladies in the photo spread agrees with us, she looked at that endless rail of clothing options and went


  1. 2nd blouse tooooo busy and colourful. Psychadelic mushrooms come to mind (thats how colourful the world would be if i was on magic mushrooms)

    1. HAHA! its just because you have not tried it! where is your boldness!!

  2. Tres tres belle! The color looks great on you...glad you took the risk!

  3. You're looking lovely ... I doubt I'm bold enough to wear a red skirt socially, but you're totally rocking it! :)

    Now on to TL - Funny I should read this when I have just put my copy of this month's edition down barely an hour ago! And I totally agree with you on the editorial! Lol! You've cracked me up!! Batman outfit -hehehe... Even Batman wouldn't buy it for 64k :) Carol's LBD is lovely but a tad bit overpriced, don't you think? 16k? How now??

    Does SuzieBeauty stock matt foundation like the maybelline one? I can't deal with liquid, and the powder (loose or compact) I find simply taxing. I use maybelline but wouldn't mind promoting our very own Kenyan brand. :))

    Wait, 30 bob for that blouse?!! Call me next time you go shopping!! - Carol. :)

    1. Carol, Sema, Suzie told me already to call her people and go check her products, now the moment I do that, you will be the first to know! 16K for Carol's Dress! how did I miss that?!! We are planning to go to Toi next sato, will buzz you if we are going, which all depends on the weather.

  4. You look lovely.. lol at the batman thingie.. I also wana tag along on your next toi expedition :)

    1. Thanks!!
      You know we are going on Kenyatta day right?

  5. Jesus Had not noticed all these in True Love. I wish Carol Mandi would read this and make some improvement... looks like you read using a toothpick hehe.

  6. 30 bob for a top...I thought I was the only one. I've even bought one for as cheap as 15bob!! #shame???