Introducing Rosemary Kokuhilwa

Rosemary Kokuhilwa is a Freelance Fashion Stylist (, a Fashion Blogger (, a certified make up-artistry, Co-founder & Chairman & CEO of Global Fashion New York Inc ( and an ex-model from Tanzania.

Now that you have the basic stats. Let me say my piece on Rosemary, I have been following her since she was on blogger:-) they all started somewhere I tell you! She has been off my radar for a while, but my eyes are open again!!

Meaning I am changing the game plan, Since Rosemary has more smart casuals, I want to incorporate her in the mix. She wears lots of Tanzanian labels too, which means that is very good for us, since they are just across the boarder, easy access ... So right now am going through her numerous looks and I will pick as I go. Just to breath down Sai's outfits, that some are impossible to find or mean heading to fundi like this one!

I have been thinking I should go to CBD with that bogus camera I have and get some street looks,but I am not optimistic on that front, but hope dies last!
I would also like to feature some of you here!!! so please send me your favourite shots, penye una kaa smart! We have to show that we have this bull by the balls! Ok that was a bit too theatrical. Just send me the shots, otherwise I will be forced to pull them down from your pages bila permission! 

Please note, this month is Sai's Month "in the footsteps of Sai". So its just that  once in a while, I will be throwing in Rosemary's outfits.

On Kenyan TV and the CRAZYNESS they are throwing at us.

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of the ever lovely Lilian Muli. I was immediately distracted by that weird belt she had going on there, and really who does her weaves, she bored me I went to sleep. So I missed, Slimpossible, but Angelina tells me she was in her element. It must have been very bad. So let me just quote Angelina "Maze. This chick never ceases to amaze my with her world cup dumbness. Must they keep bringing her on tv? Can't they give her a job ushering in guests or just posing for photos? Maze. Naomba serekali iingilie ndani itusaidie. Please."

I must make a point of watching her close and reporting that foolery she has going on. Naomba serikali iangalie maneno ya wardrobe pia. And while we are at that, the hell is with Ms. Mbugua, she looked sickly and tired on Thursday and she has taken over Lilian Muli's stylist!!! WHUAY?!!

Meanwhile somewhere in America this §!à'çéè'!"$`was !"çéà'!"è'§é up the African print. I think in special moments like I should be allowed to use explicit language! Whats this fuckery?

Foolishness, pure foolishness!!

I hope your weekend is rolling great, the weather here is stupid!


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