For My Curvy Girls!

Good morning dolls:-) As you know for the longest time, well since I started this blog, I have  been searching for a hot fabulous fantastic curvy fashion blogger, and Angelina has also been pushing me on that front like a crazy sister, she is my sister, I am allowed to call the crazies on her.

The last ones we looked at were just horrendous, couldn't even  be looked at for 3 seconds, we dismissed them immediately, so jana Sharon showed us the light... Good things are coming I tell you.
Ladies and Ladies Meet the FABULOUS Miss Tanesha Awasthi!!!!

Since I dont want to bore you with ongezaing unnecessary stuff, but let me just say: This mama is stylish like a nonsense! That is enough reason to make you jump out of those drab frumpy Heidi and Gretel clothes you have been wearing with the bogus excuse ati ohh am a big girl, mara I cant find nice things, nothing fits me, oh my hips are too big, my breast are too big.... do you know if I started complaining about what I don't like about my body you would fall asleep wake up fall asleep and like that till Thursday. Now really you dont have an excuse. Aki if you come up with another excuse, I will come to your office and slap you myself! Here is a quote from Tanesha's page that should motivate you further.
Although I started GWC as a way to express my love for fashion and getting dressed, it has turned into much more than that- it has become a mission for change.
I want to change lives through fashion, by promoting positive body-image, self-esteem and body-acceptance in the curvy community. Far too long has the plus size fashionista been left out of fashion, and made to think she can’t be fashionable. It’s time to create change, by making a statement that curves deserve style too!
I couldnt have said that better, heck am not that nice I would never have said that.
Find her here on her blog GIRLWITHCURVES and here on her FACEBOOK page.

FOLLOW religiously, find time to visit her page at least twice everyday, yes I know you are a busy body and just dont have much time, being corporate and stuff, I hear you, but just find the time, your husband can thank me later!

I know you may be looking at her and thinking but she has such a small waist.. Even I have noticed that, some people just have small waists, but if you have a katumbo, allow me to introduce to you  CORSET, BODY SHAPER and WAIST CINCHER, from now on you are best friends, you may not like them and they are sometimes very uncomfortable to be with and ugly, but they are your best friend in these matters. Add Wonder Bra to that list of friends, these girls will hold you down and lift you up! How many friends do you have like that?
why do they always put the skinniest women in these things?!

I should expect pictures from you so I can put them up here for the rest of us lagging behind so they can pull up theirs socks (yaani this blogging this is just great I get to use phrases that I last used in class 7!!!) and in memory of that time I repeat: MADAM!! PULL UP YOUR SOCKS!!!

Having said that, please let me add something, and this is only if you know you have the unhealthy junk/fast food habit, I know somebody has been trying to sell to you Kentucky Fried Chicken like this posh eatery, so you have decided to leave Kenchic and go KFC, ati now you want to be posh! by the way I think kenchic is better coz its just plain chicken, but its the same shit more or less, I say go but not every other day. Say sundays and not the whole bucket:-) And I know how chipo can be nice after a hard night out, but in moderation, If you over do it at one point even these friends I have introduced you to will stop liking you. Am just telling you this but I know you KNOW! but you need a sister to sing to you that.

And stop jumping up and down, wanting to say "is de bitch implying am big because of junk!, I eat healthy!" Sit down! I know not everybody is big because of junk! But you can never get enough health tips and I wanted to drop that KFC thing it has been bugging me like hell!

So anyway If you love fast food, you might want to try your hands on some simple recipes at home. I always say home food is best, but then again, isiweke mafuta nyiiiiingi half a galon because you are cooking at home.

Get into your kitchen some more, especially for those of us who are 30 and above just start watching what you eat kidogo. If you are green green like young maembe dodo in the kitchen, maybe you want to talk to Angelina, she will give you a crash course.
And the skinny bitch should not be reading this and thinking am over 30 but small let me go, you are clogging your arteries!
I want you to be healthy! Not that I am healthy (I have some of the unhealthiest habits on the planet) but if I cant, then someone else has to be.

One day KFC might want to come and advertise on this page and that is the day I will take back everything I said about them!!!!:-)))) am only human. so take that tip and keep it safe.
Do have great sunday with hangies and all:-)))))


  1. The Post Script has killed me, dead!!! And yes, this mama is stylish a serious one. I love her body too.

  2. She is gorgeous and i love her style! Thanks for serving all body types!

  3. God her body is GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Hahaha giirl you are the best!Thank you :-)