It was a long weekend

First before you say anything, lets just go over the photo, the top is a repeat you have seen it, the skirt is not actually a skirt, it was a dress (off shoulder or one shoulder) my sis sent me for my birthday, but it was sooo short I turned into a skirt; am too old for that kind of short unless they are short short shorts:-)

I also realise that my top would have looked better if the knot was a little bit higher, which is something I will work on next time, my wedges maybe zime parara but these shoes have pounded many streets, and I never think to clean them. That is my analysis on that matter, now you can ingia with your comments!
There is another shady pose for your enjoyment. Taking pictures is something you should try, it makes you see what you need to fix, the mirror lies sometimes! Like now I see my whole leg needs professional help. And now you can see clearly the top part of that dress clearly, I still have to take it to the fundi for tweeking!

Coffee and Crumbs

Since the last time I was here which I think was last friday, not much has happened, I missed the wedding of the century, one of Angelinas many cousins was getting married and I hear it was a state wedding and really I should have gone, coz Angelina tells me the whole of Nairobi was there!!

But the reason why I did not go: on Friday I went to see some friends of mine huko Kili, then I found out they wanted to go visit some naija brodas in Imara Daima, si I jumped on that wagon, by the way that friend of a friend in kili had a closet to die for, its long since I saw a birkins bag upclose, let me just say here that you can sell a birkins bag and buy 2 Vitz!

When I arrived at imara, I think I drank the whiskey a bit too fast and you know the way Naiga can cook with alot of pepper,  plus other things were in the air, because me I think at one point I started hallucinating.

So Sato I was down feeling the aftermath and suffering in silence! I can do all bad by myself thank you very much!

From the Discovery Chanel

Angelina just discovered this great great Mama with us here in Nairobi and I must tell you about here! First sit down and admire her pieces! Frankly with people like this you have absolutely no reason to go to a wedding looking like you just left Black Diamonds 3 hours ago!
Ebu just look at those wedges!!
Because I cannot say much, here is the note she sent me on facebook after a mailed her!! Please meet Lavinia of African Couture
hey damaris
All my collections are based on a bibilical verse, Isaiah 55 is the label, part of the money I make I send to New Life Children's Home, and my ex home, Homeless Children's Home. Fashion is a passion for me and a love having worked with very good designers out of the country mostly in West Africa and middle east and also have those on here. 
My collections are inspired mostly by the fabrics, kenyans we dont belive in having great designs can come out of this vitengez etc, I want ladies and guys to embrace the kitenge to fullfill their different need, say events weddings, red carpets etc, there is so much. For the christmas occasion, am already designing clothes for kids too ...What can I say, I love fashion and more so art, I decore houses am also apart time chef so....what can i say ....

I am the fundi who will never mess, you never lie to you, never delay you!
PRAISE JESUS!! There now you know! Please follow African Couture on Facebook 
You can reach Lavinia on +254 706 551 305, if you dont reach tuma text, I dont have to tell you these things yawa! and please when you do just mention my name, (file under your feed the children project) the way it looks I might get an outfit from her as she already hinted it!!
African Couture
Kileleshwa NHC, Mandera road
T.: +254 706 551 305,

ED's Note
Angelina will have to take some of this blame, so I have just learnt from Jules that those pictures I have posted up there are not really her work but from VLISCO.
I am not putting the post down yet, I am still going to call on her to send me her real work.
So now you can call her check her work out, meanwhile me I will just look at the pictures.
And that is Damaris from the Institute of Incomplete Research apoligising temporarily of course untll I 
clear this maneno!
And that "ujinga ndio hiyo" that is about to come off your mouth, ikwame tu hapo!


First of all me I have been thinking, all our local TV stations should form a coalition government, they should just merge into one channel so it be KBCKTNK24CITIZENKISSNTV national TV because frankly the show the same things, if the start with Naija ,kila mtu Naija! music, kila mutu!! then the mexican soaps that are never ending.
I watch some of those, and of course I love Naija flicks,(Patricia who I know as mama G is my favourite actress) but sometimes the mexican soaps just shinda me, this is a soap with an episode everyday, you start watching it say on Wednesday and there is this beautiful black haired woman who is crying over her boyfriend who has married another woman he does not love but pulled the pregnancy trick on him, but the child is not really his (that is usually the general plot)
Now this woman you found her crying on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, the whole damn weekend and till the following week on Sunday she is just still crying!!! Even if you are a professional cryer surely!!
So you can imagine my utter shock, near heart attack moment when I turned on one of our Zuku channel and started hearing Alejandro, hacienda storos! Sasa nime wacha huko KBCKTNK24CITIZENKISSNTV and they are fuataing me even here in zuku!! 

Anyway the girl to watch out for
She is the delicate beauty now hosting that acrobat show on Citizen TV they call Sakata, Sakata is a dance show but am telling you those kids dont dance. Me I know dancing and I also know that iyo kitu wanafanyanga on the stage is not dancing! But maybe it is our TV because, everytime I think now these ones decerve a 2 the judges give them 7, 8 or 9 points!!
Size 8 is a musician too and I love her as an actress, but really the way her hair was sticking out of that hat on the last show just shangazad me to the maximum!

Ebu look at this video of last year and it has not changed, this might as well have been from this years show! and that judge there with a kitamba on his head pia amekataa kutoa hiyo kitu since I dont know season 1!

So now am wonderiiiiing? if these ones got 10-10-11 from the judges?????? how many would have they given this kids, the Sarakasi dancers, here they are at the Fally Ipupa Concert that was at Carni last year, and I was there and these children can dance. This this is dancing hiyo ya juu sijui nini?

On that note, naomba sirkal..... atawacha niwachane nahiyo maneno, it is late and government is sleeping.

Talk kesho!


  1. Since I wanted to comment on the Sai outfit, I was clicking at the top so that I can only get that entry, didn't realize this was all one ! Anyways I have to agree with you on the picture taking vs. mirror thing. The vision you have, the way you look, and the final picture is very different things :-) I can attest to that. But of course there are also ways of taking pics that change that (there are photographers that make everyone look good).

    Another thing is I saw the blush comments (late) on FB and I was going to make the same comments as Helen (bronzer). Cause honestly that's what I use...regardless of what it's supposed to do (define?) which I think it does, but I also use it for 'color'...

    The girl with the blue eyebrows from your previous post (makes me queasy, honestly)

    Ha ha, put all my comments on this one post. Has to be the longest comment.

    BTW, I will volunteer myself but I want you to have something to pick give me some time, ninajipanga...

    OK, now, off to check out this African Couture...

    1. :-) thanks for feedback and how am I replying this late, meaning umejipanga? am waiting:-) and please leave a name at the end of post thanks!

    2. And did you check out the African Couture?