First of all I cant even begin to apologise, as you all know there has been rain allover the country South B area. That is one excuse number two, I have other jobs, see I have to sit down and do work, as it is obvious that I cannot make money with this blogging stuff:-)

Now you know the drill, meaning you know where to get everything. Between I did not go to Toi, because  my liquidity was very very low, mpaka even I shangaad at that bank account, it looked very foreign to me. (This is how shit happens)
But I will go, soon! Talking of that soon I think we need to go in a mob, so the bargaining power rises.

I want to encourage all the rich ladies who have cars to at least once in a while take a bus/matatu ride anywhere wherever you are, it is the most interesting thing this side of Karen!! Yesterday I sat between a man and a woman, the woman was lying through her teeth the way the matatu has just left town, huko we are already around Mater Hospital in South B. Then she is trying to put this person off, but she does not want me to get the conversation so she is just shifty with the whole thing "no! the answer is no, si I told you I would think about it,"

The man is in his late 40s knocking on 50, dressed in a suit like you would expect the people around my area to dress in a suit, very decent, and respectable looking, then his phone rings... Kelly Rowland screeching I loooove you, baby I neeedd yoooouuu, no matter what they say all I think about is you... am thinking he is not serious, then he answers it very calmly "good evening Mwalimu, how are you"
The man gets off at shoppi and this boy in his 20s gets in besides me, now he is trying the whole time to read the sms am texting, and everytime I try to catch him, he looks away very fast!!, aaahhh too deadly!!

Ok sorry not the purpose of the blog, I added some beads from Maasai market, to make the look my own.

And please please, dont worry about my tired face, I have been having a rough day, arguing with people on facebook.
Do have a lovely friday? FRIDAY!! Forecast for tonight, Alcohol: low standards and poor decisions. 

Anyway should I go out tonight I will attempt this look.

Okay, day one, first let me say I did not sleep at my house jana, but that is not important, it is late but I had to look and find, I like Sai's look better offcourse because of the flats, I love flats but my feet are way too large for flats I always have to stare at my feet and wonder why am unproportional, It is day one, so the 2 belt thing going on there should be ignored and anyway I like untidy..

Top- Mango
jeans- Diesel
Sandles- Bata

You know where to find everything, I have noticed that the sun shines differently everywhere or maybe its my camera:-))) I am accepting
Tonight is Karaoke so I will throw a black jacket over this and am good to go!!!
Have I added weight??

I have gone over the pictures again and it looks tough!!! I am going baby visiting kesho so am going to go maxi.
I am going to be inspired by one of Sai's friend coz frankly I cant see me getting any of the outfits soon. I think friday is Toi day!!

On several occasion I have tried and tried "oh lawwwd how I have tried" to give tips to the poorly dressed Nairobi woman on how to dress and how to look good, and it looks like it is just all so difficult, so am going to try this month to show you how easy its.

But first let me introduce the person going to help me. Miss Sai Sankoh!!!, The most fashion forward person I have met since I don't know when, Sai is from from Sierra Leone but lives in Washington DC. She is blogger, style guru, and CEO of A blog you should visit at least every day. Or on facebook Because I am Fabulous. Another added advantage is Sai has even more fabulous friends, she posts them on her blog, so more inspiration for me!!

So this is what I have been preaching, surf the net, there are a million fashion bloggers you will find you favourite, my favourite is Sai. This blogger is your inspiration, INSPIRATION, not copy everything even when it is obvious you will look like shit in that dress. Please note most of these fashion forward people are very bold, bold in their style, and they know it, so they most probably will look hot in whatever they have chosen because they are wearing it with confidence, they are sure of themselves, something you have to learn as you probably don't have it, if you are a beginner in these matters. You have to be confident in the outfit you choose, you should wear that dress, it should not wear you. So go easy on the inspirations. Baby steps.

Once you have decided on the blogger, go through the pictures (check for look of the day link) and one more time I strongly suggest you start with the simple outfits going up (for beginners) Beginners in this case are people who dont know the difference between a shoe lace and a scarf. Keep in mind this blogger is inspiring you.

MAKEUP: a very important thing, something you should make your friend! the only thing I want to say now is MAKE UP SHOULD ENHANCE YOUR LOOK. Enhance madam, ENHANCE not make you look like stale yoghurt!
I may post some stuff on that but I am hoping my good friend Julliet Opondo will at some point in this month long experiment have come up with the tutorial on eyebrows. Eyebrows is a disaster with most Nairobi women, a disaster, but with God's grace we might just help.

Now on the question of where do I get outfits that resembles the look. For the rich there are shops at the junction, galleria etc where you can get original stuff or talk to your sister in Europe or America to send you somethings once in a while. And then there are websites like bidorbuy (for everyone, though the last time I was there I saw a watch for 108,000KSH!!!, anyway you could get lucky if your are below the rich scala). For the medium rich, stalls and exhibitions all over CBD, you will get fake designer stuff (something I highly disapprove of) and non fake good pieces, for the poor (me in this case) TOI AND GIKOMBA, and since we are the majority make these 2 markets your friend, it is a task to look for clothes and shoes in these places and you might even chomoka with a mad flu, but am sure that is a sacrifice you are willing to make! Over there you will get real designer stuff and some very good pieces at very affordable prices. Determination and patience are the virtues you want to impress upon yourself when faced with Toi/Gikosh. Go early, wear some comfortable shoes and get ready to fight!

please note I have even made this blogger girly so we are all pretty:-) okay it is ugly but I cant find something better for now!

So kesho I will start with this outfit, simple and easy as I will be walking the streets of Nairobi alot. I may need some luck:-)

Cheers and have a great day!