Swahili Fashion Week!

Hey dolls:-) I hope you had the loveliest weekend, now that I have greeted you in such an excellent manner, am not going post any outfit today, I only took one picture from the event and it is not worth posting, but if you all go on strike I will post it:-)

There is a lot to tell about the event and you are about to hear it in great details! I went with Julliet my main partner in things criminal! we were dressed for the occasion, Jules looked epecially lovely in her LBD and heels to boot!! The other reason I dont have more pictures as I promised is because the camera died on me mid show.

I dont think that that this event should have been  called fashion week, for those of us who know fashion week, you know it is a week long affair with designers showcasing their stuff in different locations in the same town, but okay I dont want to compare much. WHOEVER did the event planning bogus ya mwisho. Does not have a clue about fashion events. The location, fantastic, but someone had to go and drape the walls and pillars with Safaricom curtains! WHY?!!
For Kenya we started pretty much on time.

We bought our tickets at the door, but they did not give us tickets Jules can confirm that.
There was no printed program, anything where the Designers names are written to remember them with. I dont know how they missed that important detail.
I dont have anything to say about the MC as in SERIOUSLY?!!!!!!

The front row seats were also draped in some fugly fabric, but our seats my oh my, I hope there is a picture here you can get to see them, covered in african print, brilliant, something I must recommend to those who are doing weddings in the near future!!
There was this airline I keep forgetting the name, one of the sponsors, they had one of their crew members, that uniform was... let me just say not fashionable.

Then there was a ruffle ticket something something where somebody on the front row seat won, which my kenyan mind immediately thought RIGGING!! because my card was not picked (you had to drop your business card in this basket) so anyone who did not have a business card did not stand a chance; But at one point, I did not feel so bad about it, because that mama said "you win a ticket to any of our destinations!" and am thinking this winner is just cheka chekaing over here and maybe she has won a one way ticket na ataenda akwame huko Abuja;
Before this ruffle ticket thing the representative of the Airline gave some looooooong speech about the airline, Precision Airline! but I keep forgeting that name and what sticks to my head is prestige!

Have I mentioned there that Her Excellency the Tanzanian Ambassador to Kenya Ms. Batilda Burian graced us with her presence, a lovely lady and she looked very regal in her African attire!
Which reminds me, Tanzanians are very respectful, the lady representatives, did a slight curtsy while greeting her excellency! I liked that.

On the guests: the Ladies showed up and showed out, I must say most of the ladies looked stunning not all but most! (such a pity my camera died)
Am giving this report in a random order, as I remember them:-)

Have I also mentioned that one model also won an air ticket to the coming Swahili fashion week in Tanzania?! But that one I heard very clearly "return ticket"!

I have just gone to the SFW facebook page and pulled this picture, there are no pictures of the collections as yet, but go like them, they will definitely have better pictures than mine, and soon I hope.
Ebu angalia hiyo uniform ya nini Airline! yawa surely!!

Another thing that made me almost jump out of the window, the sponsors were awarded certificates!, now this is how it went, (mind you this is all happening between the shows, we are sitting tight waiting on Lulu, she was the last to present her collection) the MC and a guy calling out the names and the Ambassador, the guy calls out the name, a representative of the sponsoring company comes on stage does air kissy kissy with ambassador and gets their certificate, now you maybe wondering why they were awarding certificates in the middle of a fashion show, yeah I did too. Here below found a picture!
Picture is from SFW FB page. And does the Ambassador look lovely or does she look lovely!?!

But all in all it was a lovely show, my camera did me in and so I dont have pictures of some designers and Lulus.

YOU GUY!!!!! Patricial NAILED IT! and am not just saying this because she is my friend, I will take the time, go and take pictures for you so you know what I am talking about, seriously I dont have words to describe that collection, she made the whole going there thing even the more worthwhile!

In short which is actually in long, concidering the length of this post, with all the ups and downs, keeping in mind this is the first time ever SFW is being done here in Kenya, it was a lovely evening, a great event with great designers!!!
The after party was at SkyLux, but we chose to skip and headed to SOHO for a quick drink before heading home. I was home at 1am! Because I wanted to be fresh to write this thing, I swear that is truth right there!

Here is a list of some of the designer, not be all of them, but the ones I took their details and or remembered!
  • Patricia Lulu Mbela for POISA
  • Mow Cow
  • Annesophie Achera
  • Gabriele Mollel
  • Shenu Hooda
  • Sarah Masenga
  • Jamil Walji
  • Mohamed Bana for DALIYA DESIGNS
  • Hameed A. Hameed
  • Vaishali Morjaria
Please look out for them, they are brilliant, this is not all, but I am waiting on someone to toboa list of all designers who showcased, and I will report to you hiyo maneno immediately!

Since I am not so sure who is who I have put the pictures in order of what I photographed, I will find out what belongs to who and update accordingly, and if you are very interested in something I will make it a personal mission to find out  ENJOY!
SASA?!!! hio "enjoy" nimetoa wapi, high school shairi, really am bogus:-)

(dont forget there was more after my camera committed suicide) In no particular order...... I am numbering them incase you want to refer to an outfit.


I really really loved this collection, great finish, great fabric, my colours, whoever wants to give me a present HINT HINT HINT!! Hintmentation!


Do not ask me about the models or the make up, if you dont like makeup, just think like this, Picasso's work is great expensive art, this is not everyday street makeup, and I have no opinion whatsoever on it!


I especially loved the pants and orange top, buuut? how did the designer not watch out for this sin! A mistake that most women make, really how could they miss this!!!


Kuna vile outfit chosen for the middle model is not fitting her, having said that, I love love short shorts, but can someone tell me to where I should wear these, you know Nairobi men are really primitive, primitive energy like those korean people said in that airline ad; you cant go like this to Bus Station or Ambassador, in fact anywhere in CBD, no way!!!

But I hear that at Village Market all the mamas walk around like this, now I dont know if I will ever get a house in that area code so, I can walk around like this yawa!!!

This is another one I love, which brings something to mind, today Angelina and I were talking about what most women here wear to weddings, you know the daytime, garden or kiwanja wedding, and then you find this mama has worn a shimmering cocktail dress, during the day in this nairobi heat!! why? why are you doing that, and we said, you can never go wrong with an african print in any cut, just make it a nice cut. 
Here is a hint, take the hint my friend, take the hint, though if its out in the field or garden for that matter, I highly suggest wedges, you always see these women in the wedding show, dressed really well and their heels can't be seen because they are buried in the ground, si uliambiwa it's a garden wedding? why are you wearing sharp heels?

There now dont say you did not get the MEMO!
I dont think I will ever make another post longer than this, am not done yet!! ukiboeka just go and come back..

The leso is nolonger just a piece of fabric  with a saying, that women use as aprons in the market, or to tie a baby on your back, (that english is mbovu, but you are understanding) it can look really really hot! 

Ed's Note:
Just got some pictures of Pat Mbela's collection for POISA!!! Consider this a sneak preview, and congratulate me for my grand efforts!!!
Due to Public DEMAND!! yawa there tho! kwisa! and priz priz I know even I need eyebrow lessons! Don't' tell me, and that my bogus posture is because I was trying to accommodate Jules!


  1. I will be back!!!!

  2. Lol Dama nice piece as always was fun reading. That uniform for nini airways are u sure??? Major fail

  3. Juliet the rabble rouser!7 October 2012 at 23:00

    We want a photo of you and Julliet. Wacha excuses!!!! So anyway, I get the makeup but don't you think they should have had different looks for the different collections! I think the make-up goes best with Collection 1 and 2.. lakini the rest, not so much. That said, I love collection 1, 6, 7. Those African print dresses in Collection 7 are killer! Very nice. The last skirt-top combo in Collection 6 is fabulous! Love the bright colours in Pat's collection. Get more phorros!!! In fact that can be your next post. Plus your photo. Thank me later!

  4. Juliet the Terrible!7 October 2012 at 23:03

    Plus I now see why you had no comments for Collection 4. Hata mimi zip.......

  5. puhahahaha Dama you make me cry in the office waaaaa kicheko nayo!!!