Day #.... Ahem! Day #Nini:-)

Enyewe am not serious, I should be banned to Siberia. But I am still using that being mugged as an excuse for everything, I shall milk it till end of November! So just excuse the photo, and it is the attempt remember?!! I know I should have taken this picture early when fresh, but the martini was ingiaing kweli kweli. I am an easy one to derail!

As you can see I am also by the drinking hole just like Rosemary, I was going to wear a neck piece with this but I dont know how I forgot. I dont think I need to describe the outfits and where I got them, you know the drill!
Christine invited me to the Loft in yaya jana to sip expensive martini. And no there is no cheap martini incase you want to go looking:-) but then again this is kenya, some mama could be somewhere deep in kibera cooking martini and here I am saying there is no cheap martini.

I dont know if anyone is still interested in my getting mugged story, but let me just say so I stop repeating the story, I have war wounds, my mac bears some scratches, because we fought a good fight!! Even white people say dont try to steal from an apple person, because we shall fight! okay in my case it was really stupid, but reflex!!

So now onto that  story, in the matatu, si now my stop is next, so I stand up heading to the exit, this smart mama who was sitting next to me, grabs my back and starts pigaing nduru like I am the one stealing from her, commotion commotion, then the men come in just snatching things from my bag, pockets, but I dont care, Le bitch is trying to get away with my MAC!!!!!!! she takes the mac throws it under the seat, so me I just blocked her way out, you are not taking my laptop, at one point I think I was crying am just thinking this cant be happening to me again. Anyway at some point the driver stopped the matatu and came to the passengers side an helped but ofcourse that is the time half of the thugs got off.
I forgot to take the number plate of that mat, stupid.

Now lets move on to good things!

Buru Beer Festival!!!

BAAASSSSSS!!! Roundi hii hatuchezi na watu!!! Our Friend Paula Njeri who brought you this fantastic festival last year is at it again!! Habari ndio hiyo!! And Mbusi and Bonoko shall be there!! Surely what more do you want! For more info CLICK here to go to their facebok page.

Angelina will be there in full swing at Tummy Yummy Rasta Corner selling some serious alcohol stuff like this Bob Marley shooter!!

She might even throw in somethings from the grill. Even me I will be there, eating, drinking and selling! I am usually my best customer in such matters! And when am not eating, drinking or selling, I shall be signing autographs. 
So watu wa Buru and surrounding and even people from the leafy suburbs kujeni!! Because us and responsible shall be drinking together!

Buru Beer Festival TWASIJA!!

Coffee and Crumbs

So I think everybody who watches the wedding show on CITIZEN TV saw that last bride with her feathery net outfits, on last weekends show:-) She changed 3 times, 3 times!! the first gown was baby pink, the second baby blue and I have forgotten the colour of third, but surely kumbe people from Minnesota are shady like that? and even though she did that wedding in Kisum citi, I am nya Kisumo, hii maneno mbaya alitoa huko Minnesota, wame sota kweli in matters of fashion hao watu, embarrassing jaluo for nothing. Lifestyle assassination!

So I went to youtube to look for that video so I can post it here for our enjoyment. I did not find it, shouldn't the wedding show be having a youtube channel?! if they have and its just me who has not seen it, ebu buzz a woman! I dont know why the Ashleys Salon can never get Nonny's hair right, such a beautiful woman being burdened with such bad hair!

But look at what I found! Our special TV gem Ms. Lilian Muli. The face of all things tight and bright, the skinniest person on slimpossible.  Way back when she was on KTN.

Look at the way she is oozing glitter and shininess!! just gliding down the isle in clouds of all things fine and rich!!! Madam? step aside glamour has arrived!
And now her bridesmaids. That is for another post, too much! siwes mek.

Till next time:-)


  1. So sorry to hear you were mugged...again..This time, they didn't get away with it...Good!!! I'm glad you fought till you got your MAC back. I agree with you, I am an APPLE FREAK but not a fighter. However, any one dare try to steal my APPLE GADGETS.......THIS MEANS WAR!!!

  2. Blistering Barnacles! As for that wedding now???? Jeez. What hideous outfits!