Gikomba reloaded

Am repeating the pink skirt outfit because it is my absolute favourite. Its like I landed in Topshop, Skirt: Topshop. The blouse is Miss something something that I can't read and I have never heard of, and frankly I dont care! Its nice. I like it, kwisa maneno!

I now truly love Gikomba, so now let me just talk on the personal shopping thing again.
  1. You will send me your exact measurements. If you are not sure get a tape measure.
  2. If I cant see you on your profile picture, send one, your skin tone is important.
  3. You will let me know how many pieces you want. And what exactly it is you want, ie pants, skirts, blouses, jacket or whatever.
  4. You will pay me for transport, lunch and labour:-) ok not lunch but the labour is where it is going to finya you and only because you dont want to go by yourself.
  5. You will pay me upfront, if I dont get what I like and that I know you will like, I shall make another trip.
  6. You shall cultivate patience, as you know I am not going to the junction and just moving from one shop to the other.
  7. For those who do not like second hand, I can buy for you from the high-end shops. You know which they are.
  8. Last but not least do not forget that we can always go together and here it will cost you nothing. I will come to help you select and give moral support (feel free to buy me lunch if this is the case)
Okay for other questions just mail me 
Other  pieces from my shopping spree 

The black shorts are not Gikomba, they are Zara which I bought in Zara in Brussels;  But I also got some Zara stuff from this gikomba trip

Both gray Skirt and Blouse: ZARA BASIC

Last outfit: blouse is TOPSHOP. Skirt is MaxMara. I am just excited to write the names:-)


Now since the Swahili Fashion Week happened KILA MUTU has decided they are also doing fashion week never mind the fact that I have repeatedly said that a fashionweek is not a one day event but obviously noone want to litsen to me. Sawa tu.
Ok It is friday am coming back....

Am back but now I have even forgotten what I wanted to talk about....


  1. I love the trend miss, how can someone reach u

    1. Agatha, sorry am coming in late, been neglecting the blog of late, I can be reached on