The Things I missed -Fashion High Tea and Polo

Pictures © Nick Klaus 2013.
I was among the underprivileged persons who did not attend this momentous life changing magnificent event. The Fashion High Tea, that took place in the equally magnificent and willowy gardens of ZEN (you can also just read that as at Zen gardens).

I remember last year Ms. Martha Karua graced the occasion with her gracious self.
I think this is an appropriate moment to take a few minutes to let your situation on the map of Nairobi sink in. That aside, Kenyans really do have good teeth. Love the sunniness of the ladies above and the outfits of course. 

Anyway even though I did not attend, my people were on the ground!! My eyes are allover the place! Let as thank 
my good friend Nick Klaus for the fantastic pictures. Now the reason I have chosen that particular picture above is because Bidanya Barasa is in it; Now we come alooooooong way. Evidence below. If you don't know who Bidanya is, well I can only suggest that you move at least 300KM inside of Kenya East Africa.
Who remembers the first ever Face Of Africa Model search? There is Bidanya and yours truly Ms. Damaris the only Thirdborn on the planet. (Everybody else is referred to as child number 3). Let me add here that this was 1998! We were the pioneers of Face Of Africa. Sema ancient!!! And look at our outfits!! I think that was one of the best dresses I had worn so far in my life till that point.

Anyway, from the photos I gather it was a great event, some food, 

Yes! hivo ndio wanafungaga in high society, hapa si kenchic. The lady in Orange is Chebet Mutai. I met her at the Kitenge Festival. Her label is WAZIWAZI. Which brings me to the idea, judging from the stands, this event was more or less a high end version of Kitenge Festival. Something I must attend next year or the next one.

some VODKA, I don't know how I feel about the Sky Girls Uniform. The girls in black are Famous Grouse girls, didn't really make much effort there, did they? But jeans is always good. not that its high fashion, but its never wrong.

Whisky, (Famous Grouse), beer (Heineken), some eye candy and loads of well dressed people. 
With the Chinese everywhere even in my village, the highway etc you would think they would be well represented. Very few Chinese. They need to up their game, know people, stuff like that. Because I was not there in person I have decided to give you the pictures in a slide show format. Just look admire and start working your way pole pole to the leafy suburbs.

 All Pictures. © Nick Klaus 2013.

Lesson to carry home: It is okay to drink Vodka and Whisky before the afternoon, as a long drink of course and as long as you look this elegant doing it.
Please feel free to give your review on the event fashion wise, you can start with the boy in orange shorts and a kaunda jacket. I cant call it boyfriend Jacket and his friend in light yellow leggings.
Meanwhile I am waiting on the pictures of the haute couture fashion that was showcased.

I missed a Polo event by a whisker (aki blogging is the best) now I can use all those useless phrases I have been storing in my brain since class 3. Anyway it was not this weekend but last, will see if I can round up some style. I have seen some pictures, but they are private. And I noticed that in that particular event
Veuve Cliqout flowed freely. I have to up my game. (just like the Chinese).
By the way, that polo is the one that involves horses, not the shirt - just to be clear.

Kesho is the day we do our mini shoot. So expect some good, things, I have some new pieces, and the Toi usual, will definitely be a fun day of styling and shooting.
May the day break:-)


  1. Jaber si am loving your blog chick you are too funny been going through your back posts and I have laughed my head out!!!

  2. Yaani Dama that was you with Bidanya. You Kenyan women look hat, the skin, the composure...So how is the modelling community coming together to ensure new models look hat like dis oo

    1. Milly, thanks for the props, I left the modeling work like eons ago:-) but the kenyan scene is doing quite well on that front