You have the Idea, now where to shop

Hey Ladies, now I am making this post and I am making it for the last time, and I dont want to keep repeating the fact that I am doing this for free.

Can we try and help each other in this. There is the facebook page and then there is the blog. In the blog I give more details and I do accept questions. On facebook it teasers and other stuff; So you can imagine when I give you my number just so you can ask me where can I get a pencil skirt. I already give you loads of info. Use it.

So I am going to run through this again and really then we can just move on.
I want something where do I get it?. Before you ask me or anyone else this question, you have to know your budget. Somebody texted me the other day that they want a tight pants, where can they get them and how much. I was just buff! tight? tight for what size, how much, Should I list all shops in nairobi for you again? Then she asked me how often should she go shopping in a month? Very very frustrating. How should I know? As often as you want! you can go shopping 5 times a day every single day of the week, you can spend you waking hours just online shopping when shops close. But can you afford that?

Please CLICK HERE, to refer to the original post. Of how I thought it best to go about it. For the sake of repeating and WASTING TIME!!! let me do this again (let me just remind you here - feel free to feel bad about yourself- that I am doing this for free so I can't write here, write on facebook and then give phone support. We need to be moving forward with fun things! like new outfits, new shoes, new shows, new bloggers, new inspirations!! and the not so inspirational ones like the Kisumu Fashion week, just so we can laugh. Surely!!!!! Ok it was not exactly a laughing matter. Indeed a sad moment for Kisumu on the fashion front.
    Top Earner
    This means you can buy a dress for 20,000KSH without flinching. If you are this kind of girl, you dont need to sweat much, your main problem is time to go shopping. I have given you a list of designers here, KENYAN designers who make very good fashionable clothes, CLICK to go to my high end suggestions.
    You know also of Kikoromeo etc etc. At the junction on Ngong Road there are amazing shops with great clothes and shoes, check them out, at Galleria too. And because you are the woman who travels, take my advice of picking up a fashion blogger and get tips from there, because that is all you need. TIPS. Then shop everywhere you go, Paris, Newyork, Milan etc. We envy you!

Above is Anna Adero's Spring/Summer 2013 . View other Kenyan Designers on my watch list HERE.
  • Middle Class Earner
    You can comfortably buy a pair of shoes at 6000KSH. This is a good range, it means you can do both high end (occasionally and at the same time buy cheap). In town and at most malls there are clothes shops, I suggest you keep it to the stalls in town. They are very many, just walk around CBD, prices of stuff range from 1500 up, Tom Mboya street, Kimathi, going huko nyuma of Odeon and so forth, inside Kenya Cinema Building as well, just walk around town. You will get what you need. You should also be knowing or having a regular guy who goes to Gikomba or Toi, ask you friends if you dont know, or at the salon where you do your hair.
  • Low End Earner
    You are the reason I started this blog. You dont have much money, but you want to look good. So it means you cant afford to buy a tshirt at Mr. Price for 1200KSH; what to do? GIKOMBA AND TOI market are the places to go. Since I have been to Gikomba I think it is the best place to go as they have a much wider selection than TOI, I think Gikomba is 10 times bigger than Toi. Both Toi and Gikomba have sections. So it is a bit easier to navigate. Meaning Tops and Blouses one area, skirts one area, jeans one are, bags one area; dresses one area like that, like that!, and you can also just ask, any of those people selling where are the skirts or trenches etc, they will direct you. There is even a section of just white things only.

    They have everything on this earth that is wearable. So dont ask me where to get what, whatever is in your head, it is there, you just have to look; prices at Gikomba will range from 50KSH-2000KSH depending on what you are looking for. Shoes are expensive at Gikomba so don't even bother looking there. Unless you are those people who spend money they dont have and then start crying later when now you need to pay for serious things like school fees! Shoes are sold at bus station for 300-500KSH. So you might want to check there.

    Around Nyayo, Tuskys langata road, in the jioni, there are stuff sold just at the busstop, Nyayo bus stop is right opposite Nyayo stadium, there are some stalls there (a bit expensive)but in the evening hawkers bring clothes and just lay them there on the sidewalk, you will get sweaters tops, trousers, jackets etc for between 150-450KSH
    Then there is Ngara, I have just passed there, so I am not sure what the prices are, but I have been told that they are also in that range of 150-700, from town it is easy to find, they too have a wide selection it is a market.
Toi's Online shop which I am yet to update, but you can keep checking here. CLICK

Why Toi is good for the top earner too. Most shops that have new things, have what is in season; so treat Gikomba, Toi, Ngara etc as your vintage stop. Most things at the second hand markets are last season, so if at the beginning of Winter you probably will get lots of Spring/Summer stuff. And at the end of Summer, Autumn/Winter stuff. And then they have some really old old stuff that some grandmothers somewhere finally gave up. True Vintage!

Finally if you can't do that by yourself, I will either take you shopping or I will just do the shopping for you, at a fee of course.

And it can't be said enough that shopping can become a disease, so please keep it to your budget, buy clothes, shoes and bags because you have the money, it is extra money that is why you are buying another pair of shoes even though you have 20. Even for the top earners, shopping can make you a sad person if you dont do it wisely.
There is no point of looking good and you are going hungry. Take care of basics first!



  1. Jules Namba Igiri!19 January 2013 at 05:03

    LOL aki Dama you should just do stand up. And yawa why don't these people get it!!! They want you to do everything for them! Stylists cost MULLAH!!!

  2. Hi Dama.Love this post but I would like to disagree with you on one or two things:

    1.Shoes are not expensive. They are actually very cheap.You can get from as low as 100shs but it all depends which side you go to and am pretty sure I know which side you went coz I also went there before discovering this other one.

    2. Depending on whom you buy from you can get stuff that is IN season.I have always found that I get stuff and then see on the blogs as being in season.

    Overall I can only give this advice to all the shoppers;it's mainly about luck and your eye for fashion when shopping at Gikomba or Toi.

    Thanx again and I love your blog. You can also check mine

    1. yeah more or less, but I think you mean in style, you know a style runs the whole season, I just go from Gikomba and you could hardly get any trenches, jackets, good ones they are there but very bad ones, and very expensive, because europe and the americas, most areas anyway, they are wearing those right now its winter, but beginning of summer there were loads and loads of those. the reason I dont recommend shoes in gikomba is either the good ones are too expensive, and the cheap ones, are not wearable very old, na zime parara.
      but we are learning

    2. well i guess we should shop together i show you where i get myn.n the shoes you can get good ones and at a cheap price.

    3. Diana, we should!!! ebu buzz a woman we arrange on a date!!! cheers!

    4. Did you gals ever go shopping? Any new discoveries?

    5. Jadiw aki things have been crazy.. But I will go soon. hope you good?

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