The Year Has BEGUN!!

Yeah the year has begun on a tragic note for fashion in Kisumu. It is therefore with great sadness and heaviness in my heart that I present to you Kisumu Fashion WeeK. So I think with all the fashion weeks that went on across the nation last year Swahili, Naivasha, Nairobi etc etcetera Fashion Week, Kisumu too decided they shall not be left behind.
I was not at the event, but my girl Helen brought it to my attention. DEPRESSING!!! you know the way I love my Kisumu City, now why have they gone and done this to me?

Ebu look at that banner. They sat down, they because this thing was not pulled off by one person, c'est pas possible! so they sat down and decided, we shall cut off the "H" join it with the "O" then we shall put the "i"  in the "O", how creative! lets clap for ourselves.
And lets not talk about that thing there that looks like a woman, how sad is this.

Anyway I went to their facebook page and got a mini heart attack.
The hell is this?!!!!!! and why? Even my 6 year old niece Muthoni agrees that this is a bad outfit. If a child can see it s bad? I rest my case. and I see that they decided to throw mats all over the floor, you cant call that a runway, have you noticed the girl barefeet there at the back, now please note she wore opato (bathroom slippers) to fashion week!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why is this one undressing? Even as I write this, I can feel the heaviness in my poor frail heart. I have not seen so much bad at once in one room. They should ask for the Lord's forgiveness and repent!! And as much as it hard to believe (because now I know your ass is judging as by this disaster) Kisumu is a metropolitan metrosexual city! There I said it.
Wolloooloooooo yawa I beg ma sista! Abomination! God Forbid! You can tell by the look on her face that she is thinking "whuat are these on my feet!!!!! my mouth is stuck

Anyway since my mama always said to try and find the good in everything and all things, I tried to find some good pieces in there but it was tough.
I think this has potential, its is not a killer but under the circumstances we can call this genius. Just work with me
The wedding dress (below) too has some kidogo potential, see that embroidery? obviously some woman in kisumu still loves those vitambaas my grandmother used to cover everything in the living room, including the radio, stools, newspapers, sofas, sofa arms, pot (yeah you know the pot the one of drinking water, dont pretend) And the iron box disappeared too? Yawa!
ANYWAY!!! I will not got to Kisumu soon. This has been an embarrassment. For those who want to see more of this disaster there you go.. KFW's facebook page.


Did I say happy new year already? well there it is. Bloging has been made easy because people are sending me fabulous material, Christine told me about Mimi G. and I had to blog the diva at once. You know the way I am a DIY freak, not that I have done something of maana of late. My sewing machine broke down and is being fixed, so am on hold; Let me just mention here that I did home science, as in a subject in school, we had those manual pedling sewing machine, (sad times)
Anyway Mimi Goodwin is like the reigning queen of DIY and since I do not want to bore you with details of how I am going to start following her, go to her page and admire or learn!
Here is a link to what she did the whole of last year. AMAZING!!  Now get out your needle and thread and get sewing.

Since I have been lagging behind in the men's department, I will be throwing in here some male blogs I like (I think I already said that sometimes back) anyway there is this guy that I really like, my male readers, I hope you like him too, and ladies, if your man is dressed poorly here is a start, PATOUSTYLE
please note some of his style is very eccentric, but you dont have to copy everything,. be inspired.

Before I forget, I went to Gikomba before the year ended, so I will be shooting those today and kesho, so will upload those when I can.


  1. I totally agree on the KFW. major disaster .that wedding dress should not have appeared etall ,it shud go back to wea it came from!! Asap

  2. Mimi G is awesome :-) We have to get our sewing machines and get inspired! Now KFW.... Mayie denda (on the floor)! I think students from Maseno uni could have done better? Gosh, posive side, dama you could still apply to organize future events in kisumu... For every crisis there is an opportunity... Tihihihihi
    Haya, we are waiting for the gikosh collection! And by the way... My 1st DIY project will be the kitambas for covering chairs... My car seat covers are worn out to january tek! LOL

  3. Hahaha! I cant help but laugh at the KFW awesomeness. Well I think they are at baby steps....

  4. KFW! I am totally embarrassed! Why? Who let this happen?

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