Of other bloggers you should know and my never ending Laziness

Due to serious laziness and running up and down, I have nothing of maana to present. So I have decided I am going to list here a few black mamas that are very fashionable and very fashion forward. Go visit their blogs and learn something;

Now on the clothes I have things are getting thick, sijui I just open a mtumba shop, because you guys have just gone haywire! so I am inclined to revise my previous points on how to shop. I am going through the list of what you people want and well, its is opening a shop worthy, so I want your opinions. If this is really a worthy cause, concidering it was not the master plan! And I do not know if I can do Gikomba/Toi every other day! Those who have been there know the drill.

Anyway while I think about it, I do have in mind those who want me to go get them something but am on hold coz am thinking (SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!) I really loved that movie, and I have never used that phrase so there it is.

Ok let me not get off topic
  • So picture above is of designer and style blogger Folake is the editor of Style Pantry, a street style blog with her vintage finds, lookbooks, campaigns and more
  • Christina Brown is a writer and blogger of Love Brown Sugar which represents style for the curvy women.
  • Karen is a London transplant from New York who blogs about her stylish outfits, street style and some DIY projects at Where Did You Get That.
  • Jessica of Vintage Virgin, is a stay-at-home mom who  lives in Texas and blogs about her gorgeous vintage finds.
  • Patrice, above is known for her big hair and moniker/blog AfroBella, blogs about fashion, beauty and of course natural hair.
  • And I found something too for the boys and young men, so dont complain, they are very good and very fresh, young fashion. Go learn something. Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi.  Just see some of their raves!
    "We fell in love with the dapper look of these NYC guys long before their blog Street Etiquette was picked up by The New York Times. If you appreciate well-dressed, tailored men, then these are your guys." 
  • Talking of men and boys, I have met Collo, a vey stylish man, he has a shop in town, he does Gikomba too. So this is on that other looooooong list of to do things. I will go to Collo's shop we pictures. You have a look at the and we move from there.
  • Meet Collo.
So lets continue...

  • Claire is a fashion journalist and editor of Fashion Bomb Daily which covers style, fashion show reviews and daily fashion news.
  • Shala started getting heavy coverage in the fashion scene in the past year-or-so and blogs at Shala’s Rabbit Hole.
  • Kathryn (above) I think is another me, Kathryn will tell you how to look fly and save money on her blog, The Budget Fashionista.
  • Snow White might be the fairest of them all, but Natasha might have the fashion and beauty competent down pat on her blog Snow Black Blog.
  • Jessica Andrew and Andrea Arterbery blog at Glamazons pursues life, liberty and the fabulous.
  • Ludget is a dapper male blogger for Dapper Lou. My male peeps here we go again, and really it is about time a male kenyan started blogging fashion, ama there is one you know about, I blog him. 
  • Mattie is the fashion and beauty blogger behind her brainchild Mattieologie.

  • Patrice (above) definitely knows how to be frugal. She’s the blogger of Looking Fly On A Dime. Just like Toi!!!
  • Uzo is a stylist and blogger of J’adore-Fashion. And finally..............

Okay that is that for today, I will continue kesho or whenever and then I will list the kenyan fashion bloggers!


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