Yaani Tomorrow Is Valentine's Day!

Things have been crazy my people, I did the shoot on Monday and you have seen some of it on our facebook page. I have decided from now I am going to refer to me as "us"! I knew valentine's Day was coming, but I dont know why I have been thinking it is next week. Anyway I have been having mad deadlines with my other job. I din't even get to go to Karaoke jana, and of course when I miss is when good things happen. There was cash money to be won 5K!!! 5 which you just count 1, 2, 3 4 5, 5000 kenyan money!!!!!!!!!! Angelina tried to get me there, but I was busy figting darkforces (read as crazy clients) and Redds were in the house with goodies, yaani am sad for 4 people.

So just now in the evening one of my girls, Jess who is coming for the pink ruffled skirt called me and we were arranging a meet up kesho and I am telling her oh tomorrow 5pm is fine by me. She asks me, you will not be busy, am thinking eeehhhh no? why? "its Valentine's Day!" am like ohh that? no worries, I will be available at 5pm:-)

So I decide, to go quick quick to google to look for an outfit, I did not find anything nice, am not so big on red, and you know they way I love dark colours. So above is how I would have rocked that boat!! Can you imagine somebody stole my favourite leather jacket like the one above in a Tuk Tuk!! how is that even remotely possible? Anyway that look is an easy one and you have about 12 hours from 8am to your date! Good luck and have fun!

If you cant find that outfit, Wambui Mukenyi has been running a holiday's collection since you knew that Valentine's Day was coming. I love Wambui's work, that chick is going places. These are from a past collection.
If you have nothing ebu dash to her at once! You want to look good for the husband or boyfriend/partner. And dont joke madam, take this advice seriously, you know there is a mama who is going to be dressed to the nines and will to come that same place you are going to, looking all confident and hot. Ehh that one, you have to outdo her, its a jungle out here. Dont forget my microwave wedding mission! Consider yourself warned  advised.

So now thats just about it today, I will compile the rest of the pictures from the shoot and post them. Meanwhile ebu wacha I bore myself with the "news" that was the presidential debate. 

Oh and while I was surfing the net for you I came across this song by Tiwa Savage, that is the "I know you kele kele ohhh" mama. I dint know she had a name. But I have been litsening to this song in a loop. Haya kula ngoma.

Ok I know thats not the last thing I wanted to say, but hiyo ingine imepotea. Not relevant to this, but my people, si you jua how this blog rolls, I try to direct you to as many places as possible. It should help you get somewhere, not ati sasa umekaa tu hapo ndeeeeeeee if you want something, you dont even look, you call Damaris first. We have to help each other, you have to call me when you are completely lost.

Okay I have to get back to work, somebody has to put beer on the table! cheers.

My deepest sympathies to those who loove Valentine's day but do not have a date of kesho. (and please let no woman lie ati they dont care about Valentine's Day) which woman on this planet does not love being showered with gifts and attention by the person they love?! Every single woman does, straight and gay combined. If any woman tells you other wise, just throw her one of my "bitch please" looks.

That aside (have you noticed the way I have been using that -that aside- of late?) Anyway that aside, I want to leave you with words of comfort and wisdom in these trying times my dear dateless sister. (by the way why have you not been looking?) I have not been looking because all the extra time I would have used to look, I have been here blogging.
Get dressed and go out and meet real people, usually my words of wisdom would have been, "get dressed and go have a drink, with your other unmarried, dateless girlfriend" but well now I am a public figure and a role model, children are looking up to me. If I have to drink which I do very frequently but rarely, I use a mug.


  1. I love those designs and would wish to see my sweetheart on one of them!

  2. hahaa,oh well i went out on a date with my dateless girlfriends and had one hell of a time.not to mention a rose to boot,this was an awsome Ngoma you gave us to kula,please put more of them to brighten our rather boring days.

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