Of Clothes and Damn good food!

So as I said I went shopping, so here is a quick run of the clothes, I will not talk much, Louis Otieno is back on air! who wants to talk under such circumstances? I love sheaths, and I did not get to shoot them all, so whoever wants official wear, buzz a woman!

Looove love this sheath, sexy at the back, serious at the front, you can pair it with a colored jacket and when you hit the after hours party, take off the jacket and bring sexy back!!

Tutu asked me to get her a dress for a garden wedding, then she did a disappearing act on me last minute, imagine that:-) But it got right off my hands. I added the details at the neck and as you might have noticed I had not finished by the time of the shoot, I suggest a black belt to go with it, but tie it higher. The fabric is great!

You know this skirt from TOI, the sweater is from my sister, its a very deep blue, couldn't get it well on camera, but you get the idea right? (aki I need a new camera). Love my dancer shoes here, I got them from Bus Station for 300bob!!!!!!!
I realise I shouldnt have done the glasses, but you are here to see the outfit. We have discussed this outfit extensively on Facebook. Now let me categorically (there is a word I always wanted to use) anyway that is not a bra strap, and it is not those tu thingys of hanging a dress, it is the strap! it is a strap, it does look like a bra strap, but it is there for a reason, if you see the dress you will get it. I paired it with my jeans shorts, because you just cant walk around in this town bila.
The top Mary is wearing is from Gikosh, the ankle boots are her own and the rider leggings are mine, I like the look, the top is sheer, and can be done with shorts as well, feel free to wear this with flats, or just heels and in cold weather you could do it with boots.

I dont think I need to add anything to this look.


So, the other day Angelina, went food shopping, and you know the way I had been complaining that there is no variety of food in this country. As it is I did not know where to shop. She got seafood!!! Cray fish, and prawns. - you can get fresh, live seafood at China Center on Ngong Road. At Joyus on first floor.
So there I have told you and look what she created!! Delicious like a nonsense! In fact now we are going to make this thing a weekend affair. All through January. Next weekend is Crab and Calamaris (If we wake up early that is) It works like any other regular fish market you might have heard of, you go early you get good fish, you snooze you loose)
Ebu angalia hiyo maneno!!!!!!!!! bon appetite!
And if you think we are not real, come and TRY US!!!!!! We have food and we are not afraid to use it, oh and we love fashion most! and if you are thinking this is not us, I will post a step by step from buying to cleaning to cooking. God bless those crayfish, they died an honorable death!! Cheers my people, be good to your stomach as we are, and remember FASHION IS ALIVE in KENYA!!!  



  1. Good work Damaris! Love your humor.
    Regards from cold DL .
    Lg aus FFM

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