Converse, The ALL STARS, Super Smart Casuals and Some Great Food.

You know I have been talking talking here about dresses and girly all the time and am really a casual
smart person, is in the DNA. Anyway jana as I was going through my newsfeed I saw my man Gitahi 
had posted that picture of Rihana. He was actually talking to somebody else so I went and jipoxed in
that conversation, though my opinion was not required. But its facebook, if it was real life it would be
like you are walking in your hood, you see a door open, people are in there talking, you, you just walk 
in and ingilia the convo, like you had been in that house and dashed out for a beer.

I have not deleted the names as I am required to, now do not ati go to facebook and start sending
friends' requests all over the place, find your own friends.

Jon is a smart human, and I agree completely on the fashion is only opinions. This blog contains my opinions on fashion; (just a small reminder to that person who said I was not professional eehh sija

That aside, I have decided to put the dresses and skirts on hold. I am going to start posting my casual 
looks. Full throttle ahead!! (I really do tend to abuse phrases) Anyway, the moment I get a smart phone 
and the chip to my camera thats it! am turning into a real fashion blogger. 
Mtaona sura yangu hapa everyday, front - left - back,  feet, neck, just me me, you are going to miss these damaris free days.

I have picked my favourite looks. Be inspired.

Converse Classic Look: 

When it comes to chucks, I am all jeans and pants and leather and some more jeans. The classic look, 
how it was intended. Sometimes I can be so rigid. This is exactly how I wear my chucks, but not white, 
I have red ones, which I lost one side at a shoot and the tired black ones.

I bought some a while back in Kisumu, I was with small bro, and I was telling him there is no way these things are real, first they were brand new but we were buying from ana guy selling mtumba.
Bro insisted. So I bought. My friend! 2 weeks later the shoe and complete sole parted ways. As in I made
a step and the sole bakid nyuma. Aki these chinese.

I was at Bata the other day, shopping for the show am working on/at. I saw these black Tomys and fell in love. By the way you know North Star?. It is the kenyan reply to All Stars. Aki we are so clever.

You will not find them in the women's section as they are for Men. I tried them on and I completely love them. While at Bata check out the cow shoes in the ladies section. They are not called Cow shoes,- I just baptised them, but you will see what I am talking about. I really liked them, but they are a bit uncomfy, hard on the inside, I am still thinking of ways to go about that. Bata has some great casual shoes this 
season and they have a free delivery option!!! Go visit BATA KENYA.
And look properly, it helps to OPEN your mind, you know most people have a very bad attitude towards Bata. Shame on you. By the way this is a new arrival so hurry, better get this than fake chinese converse.

Converse and Shorts: 

For some strange reasons the women on the net blogging and wearing all stars love them in white,
I do not know why. Am okay with shorts and chucks, I especially love the first look, of girl in a hat.
She is me. But still I would not have gone with the high tops.

Chucks and A Dress: 

Aki am not feeling this look kabisa kabisa. BLEH!! But this week am going to be professional and
give all looks, if your friends give you a funny look, do not point at me.

Chucks and a Maxi: 

Am struggling with this look, it is here because of my acceptance mode today. trust me, am trying. 
The woman in the middle, I love the jacket and dress. Dress is H&M and jacket is ZARA!! aki I love 
that jacket to death. If you meet me wearing chucks and a dress know that my open shoes lost their 
sole or the sandles katikad somewhere on the way.

Chucks and the Office: 

Since I am in creative this look works for me all the time. I pull it off to meetings, and am self
employed too, that helps.  Do not try this if you work for a Bank, unless you want the day off permanently.

Chucks and a WEDDING:

Cute, especially for those of us who were not blessed with walking in heels skills, and excellento 
for garden weddings.
Everybody is comfy, everybody is happy, way better than walking like a drunk grasshopper on your wedding day because you had to go wear towering hooker heels.

You can let your men wear them too. If you are a rock star this is what you want to go for. When done 
well and the wearers look the part, everything goes.

So be you the dress and comfort kinda girl or classic jeans and chucks girl, go for it. As long as you are wearing the outfit and its not wearing you. Be a rock star!
And remember what Jon said "That's the beauty of fashion, it's an opinion never a fact!"

Talking of Rock stars I bought some bling, that I believe has put me up there with akina Florence 
and The Machine.

Aaand thats a wrap on fashion now lets move on to other fashionable things that are not wearable. 
But edible.


So, there is this place at the Junction Mall that I totally love. WWW SHOP and BAR.
Their wine is excellent, they have wine library really, the collection is impressive; the Whiskys- superb
and the food ga ga gai!! Sinful! Did I mention their champagne list?

The service is very good, and when I say very good, it is the good of not kenyan kind of good.
I am so used to bad service that the first time I went there I thought Arnold was confusing me with somebody else (Arnold left but not with the service) they are very nice to black folks, not like some of their neighbours!!
I want to highly recommend it, I was there with the girls for my last birthday, and they let us stay till late.
They usually close at 11pm. When I can I go, it is not often, but if the wallet allows I will go twice a week.

I know the prices are not exactly Toi, but treat yourself yawa, si ati everyday local local loco loco, once in a while dress up and go out. The nice clothes I keep talking about here need to be taken for a walk. And for the quality of what they offer it is quite within the price range.

Thursdays they have a live Jazz Evening, the last time I was there with Angelina, the band that played brought tears to the eyes, aki this City of ours has telent, ile mbaya mbovu!

Yeah I have bad habits too, do not remind me, I know. Look at that Mojito!!! Sheesh! And my friend that wine. The other reason I go there is real wine glasses!! Most restaurants in Nairobi dont know about that shit; They give you wine in this tiny depressing glass.

I call WWW The Wine/Whisky bar, its not easy telling someone on the phone "WE ARE AT WWW! Anyway they have all these kinds of interactive stuff going too, not ati just eating and drinking ndeeeee!! Wine tasting, Whisky Tasting, Cheese Tasting, na ukienda uko, aki usini embarrass, kama ni tasting, onja!

Christine swears by this steak, and I tell you she has sampled steaks in this city. So that should tell you something.

No need for me to add anything go find out.

You can find them HERE on Facebook.

Have a good one Folks!


  1. Lovely......well articulated...marvelosity...the shoes mentioned here I need second hand from Toi or Gikosh...who specializes

  2. wachana na haters I love your articles.. they are interesting and funny and drives point home. The other day I saw Angela Angwenyi of Classic in converse and a little black dress with black stockings and she was looking fabulous!!! I really loved the look it hadn't occurred to me that it can actually work. Keep up

    1. THank you!! I see bloggers snapping celebs and posting, maybe I should start that too.

    2. This Damaris lady, I love you're design work ;) and this blog I love it too..I am stalking you shauri yako...iwuoro kabisa

  3. Celebrity style dresses for formal or casual occasions can be good for us to model.

    1. Hey,
      Do you mean our kenyan celebs ama the American ones?

  4. :) :) :) Great post! Thanks for the love.

    1. Hi guys!! Thanks for the props!! Started off the year with some of your stuff:-) You will see women in these on the streets of Nairobi very soon!!

  5. Converse shoes look great with almost any out fit. Specially the combination of black and white converse shoes.