A winner and the week that was

WOA!!! it's been long, so let me just get on with it. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! for the Giveaway. And the winner is.......................... (insert Lilian Muli's lame suspense of Slimpossible here.......drum rolls, confetti and real smoke) .......... EVARITA KAMAU!!!!!!.
Now before you go Jumping up and down, you know the way in Kenya everything is rigged, even the count of chicken to be slaughtered as at a funeral is rigged!! 

So here are the results in black and white (and the other colours). If you see down there you will see results powered by Random.org so don't think it was me and my relas counting the entries in the kitchen.

Congratulations Evarita!!!!, si you know where to find me!

And runners up, see the way you were close? anyway next time:-) 
And thanks everyone for participating.

So onto storos, I know I have not done an outfit for a while, but I have been busy with other paraphernalia of life, not that I know what those are but its been long since I used that word Paraphernalia just thought best I throw it in here.

Can we all agree on something, now most of you know me and the way am a stickler for correct spelling and grammar though I rarely get it right but am trying, can we stop or at least minimise the use of these g8t, luvly, xwit, xaxa (as in seriously XWIT?!!) why are you doing this to your english teacher? and wasting goverment money for those who went to public schools? PLEASE PLEASE am begging you, lets just try and spell, every time I see that, its like being poked in the eye with a rusted fork repeatedly.

Liz and I went to Gikomba,  I did some shopping!! so roundi hii, I bought stuff that is not my size, the models I had jana Yvonne (size 16) and Anne (size 8) so I think I need a size 12. Those who want to come by to check out the stuff, buzz a woman, am still working on the pictures will update. So keep it here.

My friend, styling a size 16 is no joke, if you are a fabulous size 16 ebu stand up and clap for yourself, frankly I dont know how you guys do it, this was my first time so am still shaky, but am learning as we all are.
My size 8 model, aki I need a Nikon!!!! a Harambee should be pigwad very soon. Am forming a committee and if you want me to be in your wedding committee you had better sign up to this one!

More pictures are coming.


So I have been having request to do something for men and kids, so I am thinking TOI MEN and TOI KIDS, but I need some experts on that front;  Meanwhile Gentlemen, before I come up with a male blogger to help me with this; Please also note that this thing called blogging vile munajua haileti pesa, (not yet) so I  need volunteers.

I have found this gentleman who is very good, so my male people visit the blog and learn something, ukishapata look, vutia mimi wire, I go shopping!
Go read something, he is at The Gentlemen's Standard. You can thank me later.

And in other totally irrelevant news....

Kijana huyu alie piga musicha yake ngumi, is coming to town, now we have been discussing him at length. Please note I like some of his music. Now the way I have heard it the tickets to his concert is ranging between 12K and 23K. Kenyans have money!!! (those are Angelina's words not mine), frankly I dont know any kenyan who will blow that kind of  money on Chris Brown. I am sure there are several, but I don't know them, but I do know those who will blow that kind of money on one sitting at their local drinking hole on beer alone:-)
Now tell me, how many people do you know in this country who have that kind of money? Talk has been going on about how kenyan Corporate world is stingy and dont want to sponsor artists (or artiste as now every other kenyan even those who have released only one song since 1997 are called). I dont know why they are saying this and I see Safaricom and Zuku are all over the place sposoring practically everything that needs sponsoring, heck safaricom would rather we go bila MPESA for hours on end but still sponsor an event like the opening of an envelope! So now whuaaat do these people mean.

Personaly, I do not have that kind of money but I am accepting tickets, preferably VIP, no need to be stingy with those tickets as I have even more broke friends who would like to attend. I hope Chris Brown farts only rainbows and expensive perfume that shall float our way as we gaze in wonderment, while thinking of where the next rent is coming from! 

Ed's Note
I will sometimes in the course of this week, take a walk to Uhuru highway/ Upperhill roundabout and take a picture of this billboard I saw, where a beautiful woman is kissing a mango head passionately. (she is not kissing a mango fruit, this particular mango has the face of a man with lips and a nose and... JESAS!! strange things are happening in this country. I want to keep that picture so I show it to my children in future. I will also give a copy to National Archives, for future reference, as I am sure there are people in this country who shall in future need to learn the art of kissing a mango head (when the aliens land that is).

Aya basi have a good one.


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