Cardigans, Sweaters, Skirts, Oprah and a First Lady!!!

So si you jua the way jana I was talking about how we are going to become a first class, sophisticated high end magazine etc etc. That thing completely went to my head. Mpaka I started thinking the way I will become Oprah and have only my face smile upon you common folks on all Toi Magazine Covers? 

My head can think up things. I already have the Toi Market Show in my head and how I will laugh and have celebrities jump up and down on my expensive couch in my expensive studio. I completely forgot about my blog and started working on a Toi Market magazine Cover!!!!

I am serious, this is going to be me, I will be smiling smiling on all covers like I own Standard Media Group. Yaani mpaka I have already wekad a barcode, I think I need to start recruiting writers, contributors and photographers and a Dr. Phil

So now I spent the better half of the time I should have spent researching and writing on the blog staring at Oprah's Covers. Oprah will have 3 of herself on one cover! We should all learn to love ourselves the way that woman does. But I found that she occasionally shares a cover with a few significant important people. Yes I do a lot of research, I hope you can tell.

I have already tweeted our First lady on this matter so don't you worry. As in the matter of me and her on the cover of my magazine.

The good news is this cover inspired me. You already know that I am a big fan of the first lady of the land of big dreams. That cover staring thing has not been a complete waste of time.

Michelle loves skirts and sheaths and dresses paired with cardigans and sweaters! Something I absolutely love!!

Have you noticed that she rewinded the cardigan and belt? I feel so much better now wearing the same sweater 5 times in a row. Or maybe she has several and here I am talking nonsense.

The weather is not at summer yet, but it is getting way too warm for heavy clothing. So That got me thinking I should showcase sweaters and cardigans and light spring outfits.

I do not know if it is necessary for me to add anything to this.

I love A-Line skirts, they are girly, feminine and playful. I am not sure I could pull this off, but I love the pastel soft tones, paired off with a sweater like that and you are ready for anything, even a wedding, the good thing about cardigans is they will not ruin your hair when it gets a little hotter and you need to take them off.

The sweater and cardigan goes so well with sheaths and pencil skirts. The thin belt is a great bonus, but you can still go ahead and use a bigger one like the First lady of first ladies.

Usually Victoria Beckham's look is what I would go for, Victoria does not need colour she is cool perfections that freezes everything about her as she glides along.
I love the dash of color the other ladies have added to their outfits. And as you can see lace is still very much in. Look and learn. 
For some very strange reason, I do not own a single cardigan. I have sweaters and sweaters and sweaters. Its not that I looove them that much but they are everywhere in Gikosh. I have a grey cashmere Massimo Dutti that I got for a staggering 50bob! I really do love that market.

This is for the bold and beautiful. If you are going to make a statement, you do it in red and animal print. It is understated boldness. Completely sexy but still showing shades of conservative. Particularly good to wear to that Sunday lunch with your overbearing bitchy mother-in-law.

If your mother in law is nice, the nice that is only nice to her son and neighbours but not you, go full throttle Chanel. If she is just a nice nice person, wear the first outfit I chose up there. 

And yes truly you can find this outfits at Gikomba and Toi Market. Just take a day off and go searching, I still feel sick when I remember Liz's YSL pencil skirt, and I saw it first!! but it couldn't fit me. Liz is a size 00.

So now you have the ideas. I will go in search of the sweater paired of with pants and jeans. That should be the ultimate spring weekend look.

I have been meaning to put something up on our First Lady, but I just cant seem to get good pictures. By our First lady I mean Margaret Kenyatta. She has it together. The other day she was in the papers giving the polio vaccines and there was this mama behind her with terrifying eyebrows and am there thinking, we finally have a first lady you can learn from and you show up like this?!!!

Anyway I will feature her here very soon, don't you worry about that too.

The lady in Red and animal print, I am digging her style kabisa, she had this little black number on her blog that swept me off my feet.

Good things must be shared even if it is not part of the main story. Simple but screams class.
She is blogging over at Curves and Confidence, her name speaks for her, the confidence she has is well, we can all see it.


I was going through the DIY HOME page and I found this
This is an old door that has been turned into a table. Now do you know how much Dining tables cost; Imagine that, and you have old doors just lying around left and right in your shags. If I had a big big house this would be my next project. I wish they made more open plan kitchens in this country; Most of the houses we live in; The kitchen which should be the airiest, and most delightful place in the whole house is a small depressing room with tiny windows and washing sinks sunk into concrete. Sijui us we get ideas from where.

That aside, I strongly oppose curtains in the kitchen. But the way some of these flats are built even if you are on the 7th floor, the other apartment is so close someone can actually stretch their hands and take soap from your sink. First floor is worse, if you take into consideration that flats are coming up faster than weeds in places like Langata. There are neighbours who just want to peep into your house. Sometimes curtains in the kitchen is inevitable, I will accept that.

I love loooove fresh herbs. But the only fresh herbs easy to come by in this town are: Dhania, dhania dhania, dhania and Rosemary. And it is easier to get that Rosemary at kangemi market than at Uchumi supermarket. I have once had to go all the way from South B, to galleria to look for peppermint! Aki sometimes this country can be so depressing. I have not seen fresh Thyme, sage or Basil in 3 years! its like I live in a cave, even a caveman would be having these spices. Am sure it is easier to buy weed than fresh parsley!

Anyway this is not about the spices, but the herbs' BOXES; I love it, look at he way the basil is looking so pretty and is waiting for your pasta.

As much as I love this idea, it can only work for those with terraces and a decent back/front yard, meaning you live in a maisonette or bungalow. Now those who live in flats I don't know where else you can put this because at the balcony is also where you hang your clothes. 

If I did not give the tiny balcony people an alternative then I would not be doing my job, and then there are those of us who don't even have the luxury of a balcony. Fresh herbs for everyone!! Now please dont ask me where to get the seeds, somethings you have to find out by yourself yawa!

Have a good one.


  1. Jules yule yule9 July 2013 at 01:55

    Wewe, you just need to move to our side of the city. Zucchini almost always has fresh thyme, tarragon, mint etc... and Nakumatt is also not so bad. Those guys at the side of Ngong road can usually hook you up with herbs that you go and pot - I even once found a guy who had mint herbs that tasted like chocolate mint! Ta-imagine!! Anyway, you've shamed me - been planning to set up an herb garden and I haven't. Let me hassle!

    1. You mean the guys that sell, seedlings? are they called seedlings the small trees? I will have to ask the ones on my side, I am trying to think of Nakumatt's fresh vegies shelves and I just cant see, but I will check; And there is a zucchini in junction and where else? I m trying to imagine the chocolatey mint in a mojito:-)

  2. Dama as always you make me happy!I love the magazine idea and what you did with that you need to land a job with the magazines in this country that are an eyesore!Sijui who designs for them!
    I love the herb garden,I told you to try get a place around Thika Road hope you know we have Garden city coming up along Thika Road...The bottled herb garden just did it for me a real challenge I need to try that soon!
    And oh I think Julz my bff is size 000 we need to go shop for skinny women skirts in Gikomba I think they are marginalized with the rise of curved,confident women :)
    Liz Baraka

    1. Yes I see the discrimination too:-) I am to go shopping with Jules this week I hope it happens will let you know, but I think for you weekends is best no?

  3. I love your blog for always cracking me up. I am with you on so many things, so I will just number them...

    1. I would buy your magazine, so stop stalling and start publishing one already. I have the same dream of running a successful magazine and I have already started one using my limited budget and resources. Check it out at and support us.

    2. You need to become a regular at Parklands City Market. The vendors there love showing off their fresh produce and love the challenge of finding the freshest, hard to pronounce herbs, fruits and vegetables. Go challenge them on a weekly basis and you will be a healthy, well-fed camper.

    3. I am so with you on Kenya's idea of architecture. It sucks, does not work yet people keep building the same expensive and claustrophobic buildings without thinking about ways to build, cheaper, more spacious and utterly divine spaces.

    Have a divine week.


    1. D'Eva, and what a start! I love the fashion of this issue, love what they have done with the African print.
      Parklands I have been told has also the best variety of dried spices. I will make a visit. Thanks for the tip!!

      And Octavia Butler is now on my must read list.


  4. Ah I had such a smile on my face and laughing aloud reading this, a mixture of serious fashion and home improvement suggestions and comments interspersed with a "just a little bit" of sarcasm and a "pinch" of cynicism and a healthy dose of honesty...yes the way to success is to follow Oprah and promote promote promote yourself.

  5. Hey,

    Am a new reader and I must say you are one funny lady!

  6. OMG Dama, u funny... and claps claps for how long you can go with writing and all those paragraphs... O boy!!!

    The blog name is Aaaamazing.
    Follow me if u can at

  7. hehehe Dama u seriously are funny.sundays are usually very boring but mine today is just the best. keep writing

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