Of Women and Why we Must Celebrate Us

I was at Sailor's karaoking jana with Angelina so I have been suffering in silence with a big head. Anyway THAT'S MY MOM!:-) ebu look at that stool and that kitambaa and if in your house there was no such kitambaa you are young, and thank the good lord for that. Because it was just the other day I was looking at this woman who was thirty something and thinking oh God she is soo old what is she doing here. Now I cant speak, I am that woman, the old one.
And mom is looking very stylish, I must add!

Can we take a moment and raise our glasses to the women who have raised us, the one you have called mama, even if you were raised by your grandmother, raise you glass. My mom was my Switzerland:-) I wrote a note once about her that I know some of you have read, it is a long one, so I will post it at the end.

Anyway the reason why I wanted to talk about mothers, is because some or most of us are now mothers and as it is, it is hard enough being a woman let alone raising babies. So salute yourself if you are a mama and another salute for the woman who raised you. If your mother is still with you call her and tell her how so very great you think she is, (if she is a crazy psycho don't call her). If she is no longer walking the surface of this planet raise your glass with me. If you were raised by papa that is for another day.

Yesterday some strange news was going on about how punishing your child could give them cancer. My mom quickly came to mind. And am thinking now if this were the case, I would not have lived to see age 12. If I did not get the cancer before STD 3 at the hands of my mom, then my teachers from class 4 would have finished me off, swift and clean; it would have been a lethal deadly cancer, fast and furious! that would have taken only 4 weeks to put me 6ft under. Surely this cancer has become too much, now everything can cause cancer. 
But I salute too, the women who have fought real cancers and won and the ones who have lost.

The other woman who is my very dear friend is Zohre Esmaili
I met Zohre on one of those model assignments back in Europe, we were an instant hit! worked together, holidayed together, just did about everything girls do together.
Zohre is from Afghanistan; she is the first ever afghan model and if she is not, then I have never heard of any.
It took her and her family six months of crossing many lands to get to Germany, 2 times they got caught an had to go back, children died on those trips, they went without food sometimes for days, because they are travelling without papers, and say if you bought bread, if the authorities caught you with a packet of anything it has details of where they can take you back.

But they did finally arrive in Germany. She went to school and started modeling, met a nice guy and they started dating. She moved out of the town they were living in Kassel to Stutgart. This is something that made the brother who was playing family patriach really really mad, not the moving out, the modelling and dating someone else, meanwhile one of her sisters has been married off to an ancient man in Canada.
The brother started looking for her, and it was not to to tell her sister come back home. She had ashamed the family and you know the fanatic muslims do. Yeah you have guessed right. Zohre could get so scared in hotels and would wake up and she has half of her face frozen.

But she has fought a good fight, she has risen above all that. Has modeled all over the globe, and she has been interviewed by several tv chanels has a charity program running for afghan women refugees and is an inspiration to many. I salute her today and I hope her story inspires you to be the best you you can be.
Yes! makeup makes people look good:-) Take a moment today and salute your best girls, I live with mine so don't ask me if I have.


The good people over at Sarakasi have invited me to go give their artists a small talk on good dressing, grooming and basically general stuff on self branding. I am too excited!!!!!!! See how far this blog has brought me, so expect pictures and maybe a video, ha ha ha! and definitely photos! 

Now the last time I was on stage telling people something was in class 7 and I was doing something called public speaking. I am sure you have heard of it, if you went to a public primary school that is:-)
I remember it was about the ozone layer and my teacher had drilled me on that thing, I even  had deo spray cans to support my speech (apparently back then whatever was in those cans was toboaring a shimo in the ozone layer) I was very good until provincials where the adjudicators (woi I have not used that word in ages, and am sure thats not right but it just came to my mind) anyway these people decided that they are going to give random topics and we have to talk about it and we had an hour to prep; FAIL!
So I am excited about tomorrow but a bit nervous; I am human just incase you had forgotten. But I promise I will not embarrass you:-)

Between, Caro has told me that there is great stuff in Muthurwa, bags, dresses sweaters etc and for CHEAP and you know cheap has become my middle name. So she is taking me there this or next week, and I will tell you all about it, for those who can, ebu head there ASAP!

On the 17th is the MINGO!! I hear this is a very good event where adults get to be children and no one gives you that nasty side glance! I have never been to any, so this I think is my opportunity.
I have not played kati for soooooo long and the way I used to be a professional, the way I could kunja my dress in the panties, I could get home nime parara and my mom had this look on her face of "I cant believe I gave birth to this"

So for those who dont know, now you know, those who dont know what to do with themselves on this day, take your 1500 kenyan money and go play bladaa.

Let's talk on Friday.


  1. I salute my mother and all the other mothers, including courageous women like Zohre who have overcome all odds to be where they are. Its interesting that you share her story when my mind is still fresh from a book i just read about the Afghanistan- A thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. The book invited me into the Afghan woman especially, her struggles, joy and most of all her fighting spirit.

    1. Thanks, and I must get that book, I do have a books column here, where we ought to be exchanging reads, I dont know if you can review it, so I put it up. and I salute your mom!