RESTORED: Gikomba, then Obama became President!

I went to Gikomba!!!! yes I did, actually I was on my way to Toi, then my Uncle IMU, who I should just call my brother as we are the same age, was like ala?! you, lets go to Gikosh, I know where you can get stuff, I used to work there, how did I detour like a nonesense! And I look at what I found, I am telling you woman you have no reason to look bad, everything in here is under 500 bob, (below below) even that dress you see up over there

And I am selling everything and just because I bought it for 100KSH does not mean I will give it to you for 150! so if you see anything you like holla at a woman, and I am still doing personal shopping so you send me your specifics and we talk, and I dont have to remind you again that you shall pay me for that LABOUR! Because going to Gikosh and TOI to look for stuff is WORK!

Have I already said Barrack Obama, my brother in law is the president of US of A again. Now since you already know we can all go home and eat Ugali and skuma ya nyayo! Talking of Nyayo I think the goverment should bring back school milk because the way kids are spelling on facebook has made me almost want to kill myself

Wacha nisiongee mingi

Loooved loved this dress, it is pretty, it s girly, its a size 12, and I dont know what that label is never heard of it, the dress cost me 150 and no I will not sell it to you for 200:-) 

The thing is you have to have an eye for a good thing,(the thing I am teaching you over here) sometimes the thing looks ugly on the heap of clothes huko you are ignoring it and its a nice thing! In fact when I was fitting Charlie, she said she would never have picked the pink skirt, but when she had it on she liked it. So when you go to Gikosh or Toi wear tights, so you can try somethings, well you may not be able to try everything but some.


I am tired of talking, the skirt grey Skirt and Top are both Zara. This  White dress, okay let me put it here up close
I really love the fabric, but I was sure it was a skirt, so I made Charlie try it on 3 times, but it looked so weird, then I said to myself well we shall wear it as a dress, and voila! a nice pretty dress!

I usually find that when reading my blog, we require the appropriate Soundtrack for full enjoyment, so before we go on, MOVE YOUR BOMPA! and no I do not know what that means but from this point just enjoy. JACKIWA, wacha STRESS, shake your bompa!
It has been long since I went to Rolf's place, thank you Jackiwa very much!

By the way I know many people have been having power problems the other day it was Langata Lower Karen and here in South B. I am sure in Kili and the other green leafy suburbs were having some problems too.
So anyway I am sure some of you watched that interview on NTV but let me just repeat it here.
A viewer calls in and says "Kenya Power is arrogant and gives poor service because of the monopoly they hold in the market"
NTV interviewer: whats your take on that
Kenya Power Boss: Well, there are several forms of energy, charcoal, paraffin, gas, firewood and darkness;
NTV interviewer:  and these are your competitors?
Kenya Power Boss: YES.
Damaris: Me thinks he just gave me cancer with that

And you know I heard that darkness and I just ignored it or rather my brains refused to register it, then I met Winnie and I was telling her about it, told her how he mentioned some form of energy at the end but I did not get it right because I heard something like darkness, then she tells YES! it was darkness!! I couldn't even talk. Speechless for 5 minutes straight;

So now every time your power goes off, just try one of Kenya Power's competitors!

I am tired, am taking a brake

The ruffled skirt is Zara Basic, the black jacket and Belt are from my clostet

The Silver skirt is from Toi, top is Zara, and those heels of mine had bored me, so I decided to bow them! They are not so nice but they are an ongoing project, which I will post here when complete

You know the red skirt, I have won it before it is the skirt I have on Toi facebook profile picture.

Ok thats it, I did not bother to proof read, you can spell check and correct the grammatical errors, thank you!

Ed's Note
This is the post I accidentally deleted, I found it on google reader and had to copy paste it again and that is why it is showing at the top do forgive.


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