Patricia Mbela for POISA

As PROMISED!! I have been up all day and night putting the pictures together but here they are! not all but most. I had to choose and arrange!!! 
I think it is safe to say that POISA SPRING/SUMMER 2013 Collection speaks for itself, frankly I have no words to add, Her workmanship is fantastic!! the colour outburst, as you can see am struggling with the words, just work with me.

Patricia says during the creation of this collection she was listening to lots of Afrobeat, Rumba and highlife, while listening to more of Fela and Femi Kuti to inspire herself to design her Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

She recalls the parties her parents hosted, the music, the dancing, the happiness. She remembers the high waist bell bottomed trousers, mini and maxi dresses made out of kitenge, her aunties and uncles wore, stylish and colourful outfits. 
She chose the name MUSIC OF MANY COLOURS from Fela Kuti's Discography. It spoke of the collection she had designed.. Fun, bright and truly Afrocentric.

This collection is a mind journey and interpretation of those memories through design. 

Ed's note
You might have noticed that was me trying to summarize Patricia's notes on this collection, May I just say here that my high school english teacher (may her  head be infested by lice) hated me and was always throwing me out of the classroom, in fact I took all my lessons from the window, that is why I cant summarize reports or notes, but I hope that you get the gist of what Patricia is trying to tell you about this collection
I have pulled out some details, that am sure you are interested in, the jewelry as you can see is amazing but am just zeroing in on it for the short sighted:-)

It is all in the details my friend, 

I know Patricia has told us about the music and back then the good times, how that era and time inspired her, but PEOPLE!! these shorts here, this one was designed with me in mind, I inspired this one!!! hizo zingine nimekubali ni Fela and Femi, but this one, mimi kabisa! and while she was having me in mind, she envisioned me wearing this for a coffee date at the village market,which let me tell you will happen very soon!! I need colour in my life, and money and these shorts!

And last but not least here comes the bride.......... In the near future bibi harusi, tafadhali take notes, LESS IS MORE, that cant be preached enough in this country!

Now you understand what I meant when I said Patrica nailed it, eeh ni hiyo

I must thank MICHAEL KHATELI who allowed me to use his images. ALL OF THE ABOVE, Please click HERE and head to his blog where you will see how we Nairobi people love to live. 

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  1. Liking the collection. Like the jumpsuits, especially the white one- if only the low crotch was adjusted....