Coffee and Crumbs

I greet you that it is  good morniiiiiing!!!! - or better still " it has opened!" (if you dont understand that english ebu ask a luo).

Now, since I have been leaving something here every morning, I thought I post something for you to sukuma the morning with:-) Now many of you know the realtionship between me and Her Excellency, the majestic first lady of Cameroon the one and only Ms. Chantal Biya.

Chantal is the delicate petals of roses falling gently in the magnificent garden of beauty and everything shiny. Chantal's hair is done by a thousand unicorns and cherubs every morning, that is why we must all bow down at her delicate feet which we are not even fit to kiss in AWE (dont even bother read that as (o) just read as AAWWEEH! A halo of perfection and sequins is over her head at all times.
Chantal is also the permanent honorary ambassador  and official face of hooker heels, acrylic nails, the birkins bag and red hair (in fact all things flaming). I think she has more that 10 of those birkins bags.

Ms. Chantal's magnificent coiffure is so legendary that you can walk into any salon in Cameroon and say I want a chantal! Her eyebrows should be a subject taught in every art school across the continent. So special are those eyebrows, I have baptised them Maria De Semparadas.
Show some respect: go over to Ms. Biya's Facebook page and pay homage to her majesty!

Throw back and Things to come

I took your advise and opened a Toi Facebook Page I hope this will make the alerts easier! and I think we are already at 145 LIKES!! yeeeh.

I have been going over my facebook page and I will be bringing over some stuff here for those who did not see them. Here is the cover of some magazine, that several people sat down and came up with the schuupid clever name the nsyder, or is that insyder? anyway I posted it on facebook a while back, if you look at this cover you will understand why I am on a crusade to end this foolishness!
These are celebrities, even writing that is painful! there is no where to begin on the wrongness of this cover. so just weep with me. I Have been told the name of the girl in the middle and I forget it seconds later. But you got to love Size 8 in Mashtaka, she really is a brilliant actor, lakini hii, hapana, but on a positive note, she is wearing panties, even though they are big panties. Even you have them! BUT they are just never good with a dress this tight!

Now there is some kenyan girl running the streets of Westlands heading to black diamonds dressed like this, just sad.

Did I hear someone saying they are looking for a husband?!! you know good men have become so rare in this city that they are an endangered species, and all single ladies I know you need all the help you can get. After searching high and low, I found something that might help, in fact this is your last stop.
And only one thousand!!!, one thoussaandss!!! (insert luo accent), if you don't find a husband after this then just lie down and wait for Jesus to come and take you because you cannot be helped - I  have spoken with the authority of a single 34 year old!
Have a good one, I already posted todays look on our brand new facebook page!! Mkiendelea hivi, in another 3 months I will be standing in some podium waving royally like the queen and saying how I love my fans!!



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