I went shopping....

First and foremost before you lynch me, I have not left the house, hence no outfit today. Having said that lets get on with this first. I will post outfit soonest! THESE NAIL POLISH! These are the the kinds of nail polish you usually get from those stalls along Tom Mboya street or even at Toi Market. They all go for 50bob, really nice colours! I know I am in the business of telling you where to get cheap stuff, but DO NOT BUY these nail polish, really just trash, in fact if you have 50bob to waste just throw it out of the window. And dont ask me why I have 3 of them, I keep trying to get a good one, but nothing. Once again I will recommend LURON for the nail polish, in the supermarket it is between 95-100 bob!

Nice very nice.
2 HOURS LATER, and mind you I have not done anything of maana with my fingers, not even eating, just typing and touch surfaces.....
BURE KABISA! USELESS!!! so annoying!

That shopping I went on? I did not leave the house, I have been actively scouting facebook, for good stuff, just for you! Enyewe you will have to thank me later

Okay am breaking for lunch, will be back in a bit:-)


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