Day #3, I am using the Ethiopian Calendar

Hallo lovies (am using lovies because that is the politically correct term to use on your followers) Now as you may have noticed, I am not keeping time with this. Please forgive.

I went to a meeting yesterday with my brother and I made him take this picture and the bugger did not bother to tell me to suck in my stomach, and how would he know?:-) This look is not close but it is the idea that counts, it is a skirt and a shirt! I paired this with some lovely heels that I got from Bata, will showcase them on the next post.

I used Luron compact powder on my face, which now that the picture is taken looks a tiny tiny bit lighter than my complexion, so I will have to get another shade, try it, its good and very cheap, 100 kenyan money. I used to use Bobbi Brown, but times are hard for those who can afford it, I highly recommend.

I should improve on my pose, this is an embarrassment considering I used to be a fashion model.
Meanwhile my good friend Jules is behind schedule with the makeup/eyebrow tutorial, but she has been busy with work, real work that pays rent! I will upload as soon as she has it.

The top is from my sister and the skirt is from Toi, costed me 700KSH a bit too much but on that day I was too tired to go inside, so I just got from those guys on the outside that have done the selection, they are usually there from the afternoon not mornings.

Ps. On the make up front for those who can afford it, at the Junction on ngong road, there is this make up shop that sells lots of goodies, including  Estée Lauder and Mac!! go splurge yourself.

A kenyan fashion blogger that I want to recommend is Nancie Mwai, If I mentioned her on another post here never mind am doing it again, she is good and she is better with testing stuff on the kenyan market, make up, lotions, nail polish, lip balms etc,  find her at FashionNoteBook!

For the lovers of every thing kenyan Fashion this is a must attend event, its on the 6th October at the  Michael Joseph Center In Nairobi!!! and my good friend Pat Lulu Mbela will be showcasing. Her label is POISA, that mama makes deadly pieces, am going to try and sweet talk her to let me wear anything from her collection, under the pretex of free advertising, more info on the event is here on Facebook,  you can follow Lulu on her Tumbrl.

Am throwing in here Lulus outfit and jewelry that STL wore for the cover of True Love magazine for your enjoyment!!! 

So this is going to be my next attempt, ohh and before I forget, while we were having a beer with my little brother at Merly place, along ngong road, over there where Fab Guru is, (will let you know about Fabguru in great details about her fabulous shoes and bags in another post) anyway this mama walks 
past us with a really nice short do like the one Sai has on this my next look.

Yaani I had to call her and ask her to toboa secret, she runs a salon/barber shop in the same court- Merly place (am not even sure this is the correct name) she said it would cost me 1500Ksh to have that do and it was a weave, I couldn't tell, and synthetic weave at that, just fantastic!! The weave is called Flat Iron and can be found at Ibrahims for 500bob, if you like, go find her!


  1. Suck in your tummy! Yeah right

  2. Hey Dama, I love your stuff!!! :)) I will definitely visit this Merly place and see if they can make me look as good as what I'm seeing in the pic. I'm happy to report that I did indeed go for the fashion fair on Sunday - yay! :)
    Meanwhile, which stomach were you pulling in? Gal, you're as flat as a wash board! Now, I would have to not only pull in, but strap down Mine! Maybe you could give us pointers on where to get good support undergarments, how, when to wear them or not, etc

    1. YEEY!! Thanks for props!! Yaani I missed that market!! and that stomach my friend it is there, I am the one who can see it!!!
      Noted, I will look around for the support system and post:-) cheers

  3. Dama. This is great! loving the posts! sometimes we have these items in our wardrobe but dunno how to combine clothes - shirt+skirt=fabulous!

    1. yeeehh!!! but for me it is tough, coz am a basically a jeans person:-)

  4. wah, Dama,where have i been all my li.....fe (Rihanna's beats in there). been admiring your blogs all day (hope my boss isnt a fan of yours)....wah, can we be friends? like really? this wardrobe do over is critically needed. someone thinks i put little effort in showing my curves and maybe he has a point. thank God you, Dama, can save my life!!!! we going shopping!!!!

    1. Sara
      Sorry ma for late reply yaani I have to check my mail often:-) holla at me via inbox, send your number will give you a shout when going shopping next which is soon!