Ngurario, DreamVillage and the many Fashion Weeks!

As you can see Angelina showed out in a kitenge! Me I just went kawaida, but are we looking good or are we looking good! Now let me tell you that Angelina has lost so much weight, you need to get in touch with her if you are struggling in the weight department. Trust me you want to call her, she went on this diet that is miraculous, and you know the way there are a million diets that just don't work, well this one does and it is healthy too!! I have seen the way she has shed off that weight. Call her she will advice.

OK so for those who want to a fab kitenge like this call Esther on 070 386 7699. She is good, she is fast, and you can either bring your own fabric or you choose from her vast collection. She can come to you, of course if you live in Timbuktu she cant, but she has set up shop in town you can go there, give her a call and mention my good name, so I get some brownie point and I get something for free!

So since the Swahili Fashion Week came into town, everybody seems to be doing it, just that they are not a fashion week or weekend just a day. I dont know why they insist on calling them weeks and weekends and they are not!
I missed this one because of the location, yaani there is no way I can go that far for an event, from where I am standing Enashipai is in another country. And are you seeing that price! But I hear it was great, am scouting the net for pictures will update as they come it.

Then there is the Nairobi fashion week which apparently is coming soon but I have not seen anything of maana as yet from their facebook page, I have been there several times and I see thar they are praising the Lord over the coming of this but I have already tired of waiting. The status updates are reading like this... 
The Nairobi Fashion Week is a Registered trademark Registered in the Republic of Kenya under the Trade Marks Act CAP 506 of the laws of Kenya by DYNAMIC RACE MODELING AGENCY. It is theirfore illegal for any individual/persons to claim, use or purport to own The Nairobi Fashion Week as it contravenes The Trade Marks Act and the laws of Kenya. Welcome all to The Nairobi Fashion Week, We {Kenya} finally have our very own.
AHUH, sawa basi we are waiting, I don't know if we should hold our breath on this one or just wait. But the big question is: who denied us? fashion events are literally coming off Nairobi's ears

Then there is the SAFARI FASHION WEEK
Raw Energy Runway (that is a runway and a half , that should be seen by all and right after that they carry it to the national museum and lock it in a bulllet proof glass: A national treasure)
The Dress Code: Unzip your raw energy (Ngai! fafa) I have not decided wether I am going because that price can buy alot of things, why do they all have to be 3000 plus KSH! (I am accepting sponsors)

Anyway I have been over-using my brain thinking of how I can impress these posh people with some ghetto fabulousness, should I come up with that money that is. Now I cant wear a dress, jacket or any outfit  with a zip, that is just obvious. But HAIR!!! that will completely knock those buggers off their seats,  the only thing is I can't quite decide between this......

Or to just go full blown Naija!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! abeg ma sistah! Please dont try this at home. 
We must continue with my friends prayer and do it without ceasing "God take zips out of your childrens hands, for they do not know what they do"
This is sad really sad.

Okay Somebody asked me about the bow I have on my head in this outfit; The scarf I got for very cheap I think it was like 20 KSH in TOI and I got some ideas from the lovely Shirley Beniang! She has amazing Tuts. Watch out for her blog and other videos.


Because it is always good to eat healthy and because cooking is sooo much fun, really I love food, I love cooking and am actually really good ask Angelina, I will be sharing some of my favourite blogs on food. And another thing that should motivate you into the kitchen is that old "the way to a mans heart is through the stomach" you keep hearing from your mother, she is your mother she is right!! Yes dont let your housi cook all the time, it could end you in a bad place. Unaweza rudi nyumbani upate bwana ametoroka na watoto na house girl; ama you come find her in your clothes, wearing your perfume cuddling with the husband, alafu utaua mutu and end up in jail for nothing!

So please visit Wageci who is blogging about everything delicious and mouthwatering like the above dish, follow her, learn to cook, be healthy. You wont believe where she is blogging from! find her on her Facebook and her blog FOODIE IN THE DESERT!  with all the recipes. You will love her and then you will love me for that:-)

Oh I forgot there is the FAFA that is going on this weekend too, I dont know how I forgot, I am sure you all know about Fashion For Peace?

FAFA - Festival for Fashion and Arts, organises 'Fashion for Peace' which is focused on bringing together established and emerging African fashion designers from across the continent.
Company Overview
FAFA was created in 2008 by individuals from different nationalities and walks of life who came together with the belief that peace is fundamental to development and prosperity and that positive change comes when we stop focusing on the negative and encourage the inspiring and positive.

And here I was thinking Safari fashion week was expensive!!  So much fashion and somebody is saying we have been denied sijui what!! Lakini now I need a sponsor for sure! ama I just organise a mini Harambee!! And look at the number of sponsors FAFA have, sponsors za nguvu! si they sambaza me one!

Do have a lovely Week! 

DreamVillage story ni ya kesho!!!


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