Thanking Sai Sankoh and acknowledging Crazy Tuesday

As you all know, this project that was inspired by the lovely Sai Sankoh, one of my all time favourite stylist, fashion blogger and head of all things fashion forward. It was to be a one month project which has now turned into an almost full time job, I am forever grateful. 
Here is my very first post if you have forgotten where all this started

Having said that, this does not mean I will abandon ship. I am on her page BECAUSEAMFABULOUS practically everyday, we can never get enough inspiration, so I want to advice you to keep visiting her blog and page and be inspired just as I have been.
I will still be picking some of her looks and of course posting them, but keep in mind it will not be a regular thing.

There is a wedding of my good friend and high school deskmate coming up in december. Which I surely as hell will attend, I have been invited, mi si wedding crusher like some people I know.

I have decided for this occasion I am going to go overboard!!!! I have been watching several DIY videos on youtube and I feel like I have just finished my diploma in DIY. So as homage to Sai am going to make my own outfit! Don't laugh because my outfit will wipe that "bitch please" grin off your face:-)

My Toyota sewing machine is in the house!!! I have been to Nairobi Textile (a place you should visit).
My next stop is Biashara street, and then Gikomba again, I have been told that I can get faux leather there, seriously Gikomba has everything!

So keep it close.

My other favourite Rosemary (refresh your memory, click to go to story) is also still in the mix I have done only two outfits from her so far but I am still on her trail. I am going to do this till you are ready to stand steady on your heeled feet:-)

Do you know the other day, I was at this salon at Kenya Cinema, there are all sorts of hawkers that want to sell you stuff, while you get your hair done. This mama came with a kienyeji chicken the size of a full grown turkey!!!!!!!  She says she gets them from Machakos. I have never seen chicken that size, I worry that they are feeding those chickens manure!

Thats not even what I wanted to say, so as I wait on Winnie, she is the one whose hair was being done, and I want to recomend that salon, I have to find out which one it is as there a re a zillion salons now at Kenya cinema. They are very very good. Every time a woman was done I was going like, "oh that one, utanitengeneza hiyo nikicome", I said that to at least 7 hairstyles, mpaka I chokad;

Anyway I was perusing through DRUM the magazine, depression slapped me across the face when I saw their editorial spread, aki just wait I scan those pages, you will feel me; what they have done is unforgivable.

I will come back with that story when I have done complete research (read as gone through the magazine at least 9 times.


Since my other job (of which too am not getting paid!) is to spread some good news I am it again. Cici the brains behind Foodie in the Desert, I had told you about her somewhere here, has this project that I find really brilliant its called Foodie Penpals. Now since I dont want to go into much detail about it go to her website and find out for yourself  -am assuming you already clicked on the link I provided.

I hope we are cooking like chefs and making our homes and stomachs feel good:-)

Oh and another thing, Esther the lady who did Angelina's Ngurario outfit, you remember it? click, well she wants me to do a shoot in her outfits, so I am going for fitting kesho, aaaand I am going to get an outfit for free when we are done!! aki nice things are happening to me since I started this blog, so anyway thats the other thing I am over excited about. I will update accordingly.

I know there is something am forgetting, but that is pr... ITS KARAOKE TUESDAY!!!!!! And you know how we do every Tuesdays.
My head is not working well, a kenyan film is being shot at our RESIDENCE, and I have overdone it with the cools that Angelina made, not for the film crew, but there is an excellent mood here for these cools; Yaani those baraafu they are not a joke and not for beginners! 
We see us at Sailors.

Anyway we talk kesho!

My niece has just cleared fourth, so I will ask her to assist in matters of proof reading and spell checking, I need an intern, you see the way I am serious about this blog. So I shall not do any proof reading today, like I have not been doing in the past. God bless your dear heart.


  1. Juliet the Terrible!28 November 2012 at 00:48

    Aki my friend, you're hilarious!!! Anyway, me i want to come to that your house for a day or two. And what kind of movie is being shot o_O

    1. LOL, am not sure, but our neighbours kids, asked me what we were doing, I told them shooting a movie and they went like "oh yeah si that is Mr. ( I have forgotten the name) from Tahidi High? so must be a good movie, I dont know what its called and they shot here just for a day

  2. So in love with ur right now. Thank you so much for the shout out :-) but now ebu join. hehe