The year in summary

First of all, you know I have not blogged forever, because I was busy doing what everybody or lets say what all normal people do on holidays, eating, drinking and sleeping, not necessarily in that order but yes that is what I have been doing.

I did not have a christmas wish, you know me and christmas dont really get along, so above is my new years list, and it is not a list for the first it is the whole year running, I will get me a man, (preferably Idris) some hot block heels, a birkins bag, my favourite scent Armani Code, and Diesel watch, I love big watches. And while I work on it, feel free to send me a gift of one of the above, and no I do not want bootleg anything, thank you very much.

This year has been ok, but it is ending very well, this blogwise. I was on NTV with Pinky Ghelani talking about TOI!! I know you all know but let me just repeat it for the sake of blogging. I did not record the clip but I am sure I will get it once everybody gets back to the office.
Pinky's Show airs every Sunday on NTV at 6pm- 

We have grown so much since I started this blog and am still overwhelmed by it. At the moment we are at 3009 likes on facebook! and the blog so far is about to hit 20K views, am sure it could have been more, but the laziness I have been displaying is epic. I am sure I will not do any better next year. Usually I dont follow my new years resolutions so I do not want to make promises.

There is the dress I was working on, I know you are waiting, just remember I had advised you earlier to cultivate patience, it is a virtue every woman must have in plenty.

I have learnt a lot, this year, a lot a lot a lot, I have met new people who have turned out to be great friends, and I have met new people who have turned out to be mega assholes, but that is the way life is, just shake your head and move on.

I have made some new friends and I have lost some old ones, it is the way of the world. It has been a year full of laughter, happiness, depression, booze, friends, family, work, and.... well you can add in the other thing you have been doing, I have been doing more or less the same, we have all been living!

I have grown a little bit fashion wise, I havent really learnt much, but my shopping skills have improved, now that I have been shopping for you, there are lots of things you learn at Toi and Gikomba, lets just call them life lesson:-) I was there this week and it was so muddy and I had those plastic condom shoes on; and on my way out I am thinking, how am I getting to town like this, but at the exit there are these boy (bless them) they clean your feet and shoes, such lovely kids, its like a mini pedi, they did such a great job!!!  and they even have glycerin for your feet, all for 10 bob,  the way my feet ng'arad, had to give him extra because they were just so sweet and laughing and just being happy despite the fact that they are kids and should be playing.

These have been some of the buys from Toi and Gikomba

I shall continue blogging and shopping and I hope bigger better things are in store for all of us. I know there are several things that I have promised you. And NO I have not forgotten, in good time. There is a whole new year ahead of us. I will try my best to blog something before the year ends, but if I dont (probably won't) Champagne for everyone!
Here is to good life, to friends, to family, to hopes, and dreams and MONEY!!! yeah money is always good, it is not everything, but it is always good to have lots of it. Really it does not hurt at all to have more money.
and to good food, I had to finish it off with food. Be healthy, be safe



  1. Love the blog my dear.

    Your gal Sai was featured on Apartment Therapy.

  2. Thanks! I checked the apartment out, really really loved it and can you imagine some people were commenting ati she is vain. Haters.