The Trench Coat - best thing to happen to a woman - and other short stories-)))

Hey ya'll, so I said I would do this on Sunday, but here I am better very late than never. I love loooove the trench coat. I think there is nothing to round off your cold weather look than the trench coat. It is feminine, and will make even a drab dress look great, that is of course if you are never going to take the coat off.

I really dont think that there is any need for me to go into great details about this piece, I own several. The other time I was in Gikomba I saw a really great white ZARA trench, then with all my cleverness I decided to leave it look for other stuff and come for it late. The thing was only 700bob and it looked like it had been worn once. Bad move, very bad move,  I could not find my way back, I went round and round and  could not find the place. And its not like I did not ask. Gikomba is huge!

So anyway, I know I had said that I was going to give you a loooong storo on this but now that I am here, I see I have no story. So let me throw in some ideas here for you to go copy.

So now since I am running out of stories, aki now this is a true promise true like a Girl Guides' promise. I have been on the net looking for things to attend. Nothing to write home about, but I have to attend something this weekend. It is really cold, so please feel free to feel bad about yourself. I am doing this for you. And it is going to cost me money!! There I hope that makes you feel worse.

Am going to try and head to Westi, and the way I hate westi, I always feel so old when in Westlands. The last time I was there, I was going full mother mode on those young girls. 
The ones of "You! pull down that thing you are calling a dress" that kid was wearing a tshirt and calling it a dress and no underwear, I was totally depressed. Just sad. I mean I was young once too, but what those kids do SHIIIISH! And there are so many ways to dress young and sexy, but they always go for the struggling hooker look, even the chicks of F2 dress better. Just sad. 

I am already not feeling good about this bow-tie event, judging from the flyer, but they might just surprise me.

Surely I will never make it to Blankets and Wines. I have talked about this thing since I came back, and that was 3 years ago. Yes even me I was in the diaspora! Where the hell do you think I got this german accent from?

Lakini 2000bob ni mob? That is 2 bottles of wine, cheap wine, those ones that are only fit for cooking but you buy them coz your ass is broke.

Maybe you guys should piga for a me an impromptu Harambee. Either way I will attend one. 

That aside, when I clear with my regular jobo, there is this project I have to finish, so I can pay my rent. Once that is out of the way, I will have loads of time. Meaning I will be able to go to the market. One of my lovely readers is pregnant and she wants to be in one of my shoots! I feel challenged as I have never dressed a pregnant woman before. And that is just the right amount of motivation this woman needed.

WEB FINDS! goodies!! I totally totally looove and is cheapest!

I really hate Soko Kuu, that used to be such a nice facebook market, now crazy people are in there. I know every market, virtual or real has its share of mad people, but Soko Kuu has become their headquarters, where they all congregate every 4 minutes. 
I had been meaning to quit which I did, but just before that, I met Ndinda Mumo of House of Style. Totally totally love her pieces.
If I use that word totally again feel free to slap me in the face, even I am beginning to irritate myself.

I love Ndinda's jewelry! I am the pearls girl, I don't like shiny bling bling, but I love pearls, fake and real. Now I will go with fake, because the finance Minster cut off that allowance from the financial budget. And her prices are so good. The good of super cheap. I have not seen them yet, but I love them already and she has agreed to come to the next shoot. So I will be styling with these babies. 

Loove love these pieces, I think because they remind me of the 1920s and that is because in the other life I was a chic Parisian, wearing pearls and feathers on my head to chic parties. Anyway so that is something you need to look forward too.

Talking of styling and shoots, the girl who left with my ring, the huge brown one, from our last shoot, si you were to return it to me yawa.


  1. Jules from Kilimani!1 July 2013 at 09:30

    Yawa I need that house of style hook-up! Love those baubles. And that yellow trench is calling me! But first I need the classic camel one. So that market day I'm just going to crash it. Crash it!!!!

  2. Yawa Jules house of style is here thanks to Dama. Kindly call/text 0720223687 we arrange on how I can bring you the stuff you have a look. Thanks.

  3. The next shoot I am carrying a model for you Dama as we had agreed...Meaning me and Julz will be there as I polish on my photography skills but again We need to go shopping...I need the trench coats URGENTLY how is this sato for you?
    Liz B :)