Good Things!! Events, Me, and Some more me and Zara and some Good stuff.

My word!! ZARA is coming to town. When I heard the news I was too excited. Now back when I was in the diaspora, Zara was my best friend that is a shop, for one their pants and jeans are long. A good long. Usually its like this over there, the smaller the size gets, the shorter the pants or jeans get and the longer they get the wider in the waist they get. So loved loved Zara for giving me some of the best days of my life!

And as you know ZARA is MANGO's sister.

Deacons is bringing ZARA home. And they have decided to do something special on the launch. They have picked 6 stylists who are to come up with different looks for the the fashion show at the Launch.

The Fashion Show will be held at the The Thika Mall on the 28th of July. It will feature 21 Models. The stylists are: Wambui Kibue of Sunday Nation, Wambui Thimba of Standard, Annabel Onyango of Mnet, Connie Aluoch of Nairobian/True Love/KTN Anchors, Anyiko Owoko of KBC/UP Magazine and  Sunny Dolat,.

The winners will take home 100,000, 50,000 and 25,000 bob respectively. Now why nobody calls me for these kinds of shit?!! Anyway my time will come!

The entrance is FREEE!!! (A free good event and I am not there) can you all go and represent your girl Dama!! I am thinking on calling on my main shopping partner Miss. Liz Osodo to officially represent me as I will not be around.

I am styling the judges for the Orange Beat Ya Street. I will be in Mombasa for the next episode's shoot. Wednesday was a great start, the first show is being aired this Saturday, yaani kesho on NTV at 8pm. Eehh go watch, so that you can grill me on my styling skills:-) Follow the coverage here. My work will feature soon! Orange Beat Ya Street. Oi and those kids can dance!! 

That aside, as I was so excited about this ZARA thing I went on facebook and chomoad some of my diaspora looks. Facebook is good at keeping things.

This Jacket was stolen, I still have the Jeans, though one day I woke up and put it in JIK. Its not cotton so haikushika that bleach the way I wanted, now it has just pararad. My intelligence fails me at times. The shirt is C&A, I dont forget my clothes.

Do not concentrate on the sweet nectar around me. There was this time ZARA hat these long shirt, love them with tights, I bought 4 in different colours. I do not know where they went, but what I do know is that when under the influence i get very philanthropic. 

The Jeans is ZARA, I still have it (I have all my pairs of jeans, the 37 of them) and I have not bought any in 5 years, they still fit. (You can hate me now:-) That's me and Pops, and my older sis who was so pissed at something something, we are at Frankfurt Airport seeing them off. The clutch is MANGO cost me 32EUROS!!! Now I cant imagine buying a clutch for 3200 Kenyan MONEY!!!, how times change. The top is Tally Wear, that's a shop in Germany that can be classified under the 1EURO shops.

This Bikini is ZARA, I do not know where I got the beads, but I still have them. Tthe bikini on the other hand was stolen at some cottages in Diani. Who the hell steals a bikini on the lines hanged to dry?!!!

This is me and Eli my main squeeze, not Eli my brother, Eli the French/New Yorker. The harem pants and singlet? ZARA! I have seen 2 ladies in town with this top.

There, I have done the official fashion blogging shit, pasted my face allover the place. Now lets get to the other serious matters. You know the way I have preached about makeup? And you also know how I have mentioned my girl Wacuka Thimba the makeup artist on this blog like a zillion times? and the way I have asked one Julliet Opondo to give us a makeup video tutorial? Well Jules has not come through, but she did tell me about this.

Wacuka is holding a MakeUp Seminar. This is money you want to INVEST! You are doing YOU and yourself a great service. We need all the help we can get! Ladies please register, you, I am sure will leave that venue with a wealth of information. Treat yourself to knowledge! I will be there watching and learning a new.


This space is serious. So I was on the DIY HOME, facebook page again and I came across this, my friend this is something you want to try!!! 

Haya Basi!!! Tengeneza Lamp!! And do not complain ever again how good shades and lamps are expensive. I believe the pictorial tutorial is self explanatory. Should any of you make this, please send me a picture, we need to floss our achievements, however tiny!

In other very relevant news, I have joined a cook eat group on facebook. In this group they share recipies and food stories. I love it already. The group is  COOK EAT. You know the way me and food are best friends. I have uploaded my first picture that I am absolutely proud of, though compared to what these people are creating in their kitchens, I am an absolute beginner, but a woman has to start somewhere.

I am going to give the comprehensive and complicated recipe to this my fabulous breakfast I made in the near future. My Girl Pat Mbela had this recipe on her facebook page and we all (we is me and her other many friends) followed suit. Shiko where you at?

I made this! Am a ninja people!!! please do not judge me on the basis of what the group members are doing.

Isorait! I will be blogging from Pwani si Kenya County in the next days! But how do I need an assistant? Who is going to do all these spell check maneno?


  1. Awesome info. I have those lampshades. Now I should learn how to make them.

  2. Winnie, am still thinking where am going to get that thing, and its not a balloon am almost sure.

  3. Dama keep it up and I am glad you are following your passion! Can't wait to see the styling. Missed the show on ntv.

  4. I believe the balloon shaped thing, we an improvise by using the balls used for games in swimming pools. lovely job Dama keep it up.