What you should know about the Blog TOI.

Ladies, so let me say it again. For those who dont remember, I started this blog because I wanted to show my Nairobi women, how so easy it is to dress well and at an affordable rates. That is the reason I called it TOI. Please go through the links and get the concept. I am here to inspire, that is why I also send you links to other better more experienced bloggers so that you get the idea. That I ended up selling just sort of came with it.
I dont really sell clothes. I don't have a stall or shop where you can come and pick clothes. But I do shop for people. And this too came about as people wanted to have what I was getting at Gikomba.
What you see here in the Toi shop, is what is left after I go shop for people.
I can also come to your house and we go over your wardrobe and just spice it up, see what goes with what, and see what to add.

So this is how shopping for you should work; You give me the money I go shop or you pay me and I come with you. As you know I have another regular job. Blogging as it is dont pay:-)

If something is not clear please feel free to mail me and I will clarify that. I can go out on a mission to look for you stuff. While on that mission if I get something nice that is not your size I will pick that too at my cost (this something nice is usually my size) then if someone really likes it, you can buy it because I will put it up anyway. I try to photograph the pieces I get from the market.

So on to good things. We have been lagging behind in Make Up. 
Jules is still working on the eyebrow video tutorial, yes it is taking long, but you know somebody has to put beer on the table. So meanwhile this pictorial smokey eyes tutorial that Christine sent me will just hav to do: I love it, I am going to try it, though I dont think us dark women do smokey very well, but that is something  we can debate. 
Let me know what you think.

Before I say something about the block heel, look at the heel and toes of these two women, that is how an open heel or peep toe should fit you, your toes should not be sticking out of the shoe, and your heel should not hang out. 
A shoe looks good if it fits perfect. That you choose to buy a small size and you know very well you will get cones is your thing, that is okay if the heels are closed. Suffer in silence, happens to me all the time:-) I have bought a shoe size 40 and yet I know it really is tight, I am a size 41, but they were so damn cute and they were the only ones left, my eternal excuse of buying shoes a size smaller!

I know block heels are not usually that cute, but they are comfortable, and if you can get lucky and get a really good one it can be sexy. I saw a lady jana evening in town, with a black one that look almost like this; Sexy and you are walking upright, not struggling in your own shoes. Has happened to me too, but only in drunk moments. So here is to the block heel!
Please make a point of coming to the blog! I can't ask you enough, so I dont have to post twice, here and on facebook:-) 
On the 17th I have a request to take one of the girls to Gikosh, so those who want to get on that bandwagon, buzz a woman!


I missed Blankets and Wine. AGAIN.. Really I shall never go to that event at this rate, and my favourite electro band Liquid Deep was there! if that, a blanket and a good bottle of wine cant motivate me then I dont know what else shall:-)
But I see one blogger that I follow went. So there is a picture! Miss Vavavum


  1. i just want to know how to do the eyebrows like in the photo...that is just awesome

  2. Me I am just filling in the register. To prove that I really come here. That is all.

  3. Am ticking the register of coming to this blog ....

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