7 Reasons why you should be wary of some of these Internet Ads.

Do you see what is happening there? I am a member of several facebook markets, you know the akina Soko Kuu, Kilimani Mums Market, Soko Nyeusi etc etc etcetera. What I have noticed is that for the strangest reason they never have real people (models are real people too, but you get what I mean) wearing these beautiful clothes they are advertising, and am over here asking myself why? Kwani since you started importing you have not found one person to wear that dress. A kenyan in a kenyan place so we see the real deal.

Now I aint even saying ati this always is the case but I was going through the net and now I am sufficiently scared. You should be too, kaa rada. And its about time I did one of this list of reason things all bloggers do.

2. The Devil is a liar

This one even the original is fugly! Lets just go home.

3. Just Cancel the damn Wedding

Seriously if this dress arrived 2 days before the wedding, would you walk down the aisle with this kabich? I am glad my Maid of Honour duties are done for life! Coz I swear I would be under the table dying of laughter.

4. Almost doesn't Count

This is not even almost, this is off the track, in fact it is another route. You know what I find sad, so now this person the seller when they were packing this thing in the box and writing your name on the box for shipping, they were just happy?

5. Excuse me while I go jump off the window

I can easily kill someone if this happens to me.

6. Let's just go to the bar

7. Reel it In

Because this one was not ordered, this one is you going to a fundi that was recommended to you by your cousin twice removed with a picture and saying with too much confidence "Tengeneza kama hii" God is punishing you.

I am not a friend of open surgery kind of thievery. But lets say you love the work of a designer and just does not have the right amount of mulla to buy it from them, the least you can do is get a good tailor. Understandably, the designer will feel very bad but at least they will be flattered.

This lady is the same size and colour as the model, so this should have been easy, very easy, angalia now what the fundi gone done and did. Bure Kabisa!
And before you go jumping up and down saying dama is haribuing biashara za watu, I just want you to be careful.

Lets talk soon:-)
Be Bold
Be Shameless
Stay Gifted.


  1. I have laughed I am over!!! The blog Post and pictures have finished me with laughter!!!!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha
    Umeniweza with this one waaaaaaarrr

  3. I laughed until the baby woke up. Now I have to rock her again to sleep ;(