Its December alright!!!!!!

Woi it has been along time coming! I had disappeared, under the Radar, ask you leafy suburb friends where that is:-) 
3. There is no number 2 reason,
Anyway bombs have been going on in Eastleigh, now I dont know why people want to trash my beloved country, but it is getting to much yawa!

On the outfit! So on friday we went to Rhumba at deamvillage, that is where all old mamas like meself gather on Friday! I decided to try this Sai's outfit. You know the bag, the only thing you have not seen there is the scarf which I got for 2sok from Tom Mboya Street and the Ring for 150sok. The jacket, skirt and vest are from my stuff which, well did not come from Toi/Gikosh but can be found there.
The skirt, belt and Jacket I bought at Mango a whiiiiiile back, insert 4 years, and the vest I bought from those 5Euro shops owned by Indians in Antwerp.

My Hair Do which I totally love, is a weave, (idol) it cost 760KSH. It is synthetic but can be tonged and blow dried etc. Now I forget the name of the shop, but is on Tom Mboya Street, just a few shops after Galitos.

Vio, who has a salon at Kenya Cinema did the hair and she is really good, she even filled out for me the bangs after mine ran out. I highly recommend. So holla if you want her number! She did it for 8sok.

We need a Christmas carol 

I have even included lyrics, sing away.
Now I love this Jennifer girl, really and the way she has lost so much weight, good stuff lakini sasa hii ni kitu gani?

Very Bad, dont try this even if you are 16

Due to my other rather tight schedule, I have not attended any event, and by the look of things I might not even attend the Eryka Badu concert. Read as I have calculated the budget, BRRRRR!!! enough to go to the coast for 5 days!
Now you know that is a tough decision for someone like me, I have not taken it to prayer, but I am still struggling with it.

I know I have two storos to bring to the table, I have been busy; so I am on it

It has been so long since I said something on MakeUp, but now I have realised preaching does not help, so I will just be using pictures, here is a start

Coffee and Crumbs

So I have been asked to dress some beauty peagants out of town, the event is on Sato, I have already met a few of them, should my camera not fail me I will update accordingly.

Of movies and things nice.........
Now I did not know that Whitney Houston had done a movie just before she died. It is brilliant, am not big on musicals, but this is the kind of musical I like. Whitney was brilliant, and am not saying that because she is dead;
The storyline is a bit weak because its what we know, I mean we have all heard that in other movies, but I still loved it!! 
AND my favourite was the STYLE!!! aki now I am full swing on the 50's!!! 
I have a wedding and a wedding and a wedding to attend before this month ends,  yeah those are way too many weddings but the world is ending on the 21st if you have not heard, well now you know.
I am going 50s full swing before rapture!!

Stylish Reader

I have been telling you peeps the way you need to send me pictures so I feature you here, and some of you are still joking! As in really how difficult can that be? 
So meet out first stylish reader, Angela rocking the african print!
We love that dress!

Meanwhile,  you know these days, the way I dont watch news, with everything being political and just bleh! aki our politicians are just shady!
Haya there is my MP, Gideon Mbuvi Mike Sonko (am from Makadara) who now wants to be Senator of NAIROBI!!!!!!. Aki nitahama! Look at the way he is ooozing Pimp juice like a nonsense!! My ushago MP now is another one, aki I cant even start! This is a fashion blog so I will not get into politics, lakini Hon. Mak Ajwang' sasa ile room ya mabati imechoka in Mbita, which  is now brown ndio unaita immigration office; Una embarass ja luo for nothing.

Anyway You just GO OUT AND  REGISTER!!! The registry points are everywhere, here in South B, they are even outside Naivas!
Kuna vile somebody thought all registration centers are in one direction!  I dont know why somebody would come to that conclusion, but this is Kenya! 

Another thing, now I have to give the blog another subtittle and we move from In the footsteps of Sai Sankoh, so I need suggestions, and please dont say Kenyan Girls Killing It, because you know and I know we are not killing it as yet, either that or we over killed it in the 50s ime kufa kabisa!

Cheers People and sorry for the long delay!
Its 11pm and a plot of Sailors has just shown up, how do I looooove december!!! there is that song of oh the weather outside is dreadful and there is baileys inside, what is it called?

Oh and I have some some great treats coming up; lots of music and fashion!! so keep it close, and ile story ya Drum and the billboard, I have not forgotten!!

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