Armageddon is here!!!!

I am blogging from our terrace, I do no want to miss the flames as they come down. As we did not get the MEMO with appropriate time advance, we did not have enough money time to build a bunker. But we are ready with the appropriate drinks and food, we dont want to go down in silence so here is to Armageddon!!! We are ready as hell! (I realise that hell is not an appropriate word right now but who cares) 

The picture above is of me and Jules, at the Eryka Badu Concert!! I want to if possible go with good memories down, that I had a fabulous time here on earth with some incredibly great brilliant people. That concert was off the chain!! I have not been to anything like that, but the other Jules tells me the Jazz festival that went on at Bomas was better than this, so must have been something.

Here  is where I want to tell my friends in the diaspora that we are not the way you left us, because the other day at Sailor's this mama with a fake on transit accent (that is the accent you get while waiting for your  flight) was giving us attitude and she is at our local, look you dont come to my drinking hole dressed like a ghetto fabulous black american woman and give me shit! "oh Kenya is so dusty" "you guys are like really dressed nice?" pris madam enda mbali na mimi. Please make a point of coming home often, especially if you are those who came straight from shagz to JKIA!!! Then you will not be so shocked and just act normal yawa, you know even us we have been there where you have come from?!
Jules and Jules ( dont they look lovely)
We had a fantastic time, met some fabulous people and ofcourse Eryka Badu rocked like madness, and she was kulaing shots, which then promted Jules (I dont know how discribe this 2 girls, they all have last names that end with "O" and all have dreadlocks). Anyway the other Jules, her table people saw the queen taking shots and how did Tequilas go down. 

Should the world end we shall say we lived our lives exceptionally well. Except for the part where while we were waiting on our tickets with the other Jules, this incredibly handsome man, and my friend when I say handsome I mean handsome like Idris Elba, just a bit lighter, so this guy comes says hi to me by name then because I have absolutely no clue who he is,  a man tries to remind me who he is/where we met, so we go way back all the way back to Ngumo, then he says we went on a date,  alama ya mshangao!!!!! I was there like "if I went out with you on a date even for 2 minutes I would have remembered that face!" I was mesmerised by his face and body and height and forgot to ask him his name and number of which Jules rubbed it in practically the whole night.

We met this other handsome boy who I am made to understand is a member of the Sauti Soul Band. Cougarness came out like a nonsense!

All in all it was a fab fab night of course we took that party to another level and ended home at 5am!

The day after was my girl  Wageci's wedding, we put on extra large sunglasses and headed there with massive hangovers (Tusker light at the concert was a hundred bob!!) the only thing I can tell you that it was mad, a wedding like no other I have attended!! I skipped day 2 of the celebrations but was there on day 3 and 4 representing!! Mad fun this week has been. I am not sad should it end!

Please note I am posting this today A week after the world ended, I had to make sure I am in the correct corner of hell:-)


  1. I'm FAMOUS!!! But lakini you my friend, how do you forget a man who looks like that!!!! Eish kuwa serious!!

    1. No need to rub it in, as it is I am traumatized already!