All good things must come to an End.

Fam, this has been quite a journey. (reason for old photo)
I have had so so much fun doing this, writing this blog.
I have grown and so have you, at least I would so very hope so.

The blog has you guys, such a great following, you have been super supportive, we won an Award!!
Because I cannot do it anymore, I would like to leave it to somebody who is going to keep it going.
They will introduce themselves.
So consider this my last post.

We started here. SAI SANKOH  in 2012, we had loads of fun with the Wedding series, then we grew to not just talking about fashion but to also taking and featuring women we love to love, phenomenal women who then gave birth to the "Working Girl series"


Let stop for a sec and pay homage to the forever stylish Sai, to be honest if it were not for her, this blog would have never gotten past day 4. She inspired all of it. Mind you this blog was supposed to be a 30 day affair, But here we are. 
She was the fire behind the first 30days. If you are uttely bored you can go back to those tu first posts. I just went through some of them, Laawd. Time is a comedian. But we had so much fun doing all the photos and shoots.

Go to google and find her!! It is not that I am too lazy, it is just I do not find the right words. Sai if you ever see this, please know that you have been an inspiration and overall great for us.


Of course coming in even before Sai is my Sisto Kui Koinange. We literally brewed the idea of this blog in her living room on some random sunday afternoon after copius amounts of red wine in South B.

Sisto here is to you. Cheers
This has been a trip!!

Toi, this blog, has been about learning and discovery, discovering the self and so many many things.
We did almost everything fashion, going to fashion shows, fashion fairs, events and Markets and we shopped a lot at Gikomba and of course Toi. We sold clothes, we dressed people.

I want to thank you all for being here with me. There are so many of you who cheered me on, who volunteered to come to the shoots, standing in as models, photographers - professional and amateurs.
Those who took their time to make suggestions to keep this going. Yooooh thank you all.


This award is for you who has been with me.

To the new owner of Toi Market. Take good care of this overgrown baby of mine but most importantly, do have fun with it. Just have fun.
Here is to new beginnings.


I am still here, will be up and about these internets, but doing other things.

Peace, Love & Light

damaris Muga.

If you are interested where some of the love went you can follow me on Instagram at damarismuga
or find me on this facebook page damaris.muga that am still thinking what to do with

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