The New Year, Old Fashion and New Things!

Hey ya'll. The year has begun!!! So first off here are some flowers for you. You know how I love me some flowers!
I do hope you have started on a great note! I have. I hope this year brings you only the best of the best, and I hope you know there are the downs of life and should you fall, I hope you pick yourself up, dust your pretty ass off and hold your head up high, back straight and keep walking. Like the Queen you are!!!!!

Fashion wise I am still in my lesbian chic look. In fact I have fully embraced it:-) So the moment I got in front of a camera...

I also do hope this year I will take more photos and behave like a proper fashion blogger, in fact this year we must win blogger of something something.

Si I told you I would buy these shoes? here is the post. Well I did, and I love them to bits:-) But the way I looked for them. I got them from Bata, that one over there next to Nation Centre. Well I had seen them in several Bata shops but for some reason I could not get my size. But when I did, I did a winners dance, you should have seen the faces of the sales people. Priceless.

So the shoes like I said from Bata. The top I bought from Bus station. The pants, are from those hawkers on the streets, the ones who get chased around by kanjo. I cant really say the exact spot and even if I remembered, they are not there. So Whenever you are in town huko around Odeon, River Road, Ngara Area, be on the look out.

Shoes - Bata, 1600Ksh
Top - Rock & Repulic, 100Ksh
Pants - H&M (Divided), 100Ksh

That will be all for today. I am going to try and be keeping it short and to the point:-) Kesho I will let you in on what I have been up to fitness wise. This old body is getting loose and really at some point you realise you need to tighten things up. Even skinny people get beat by gravity and shit.

Be Brave
Be Shameless
Be Awesome
Stay Gifted.



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