New Look & Style Icons.

As you can imagine I did not think up my new look all by myself. Fashion is hard I tell you. I am digging Emmanuel Alt's Look. She is the Editor of Vogue - Paris. The look works for me. Casual chic. She carries this look so well you would think she was born in it. 

I am skipping the heels for now because I am feeling my Bata shoes. But on going out nights or dinners I just add heels. I am going to make a point of carrying some in my tote. As you can also see the hooker heels are over. Pumps are in and you too should try them.
I have several I got for cheap from Busstation and over there near Nyayo stadium all under 300bob will post ASAP.

Obviously I have not mastered the look well, but Mwanamke ni Effort! I love love this shirt. I got it from Mr. Price courtesy of gift voucher from my girl Eds. By the way I tafutad for so long. And this was the best thing I could find. What I have noticed from Mr. Price is: Ukiangalia kwa umbali, very nice, but when you come closer, Eh!! their finishings are so bad, loose threads, stitching too tight.

The t-shirts are okay though, well how wrong can one go with making a t-shirt?

Frankly with their prices you would expect more effort. Also I hear down in South Africa Mr. Price ni bottom shelf.  So you go figure.

The black pants same from hawkers on the streets jioni (100ksh.) Maybe I should stop saying from hawkers, because kanjo could come for my ass claiming am encouraging them. The Jacket is Miriam's just took it for the shoot.

What I have been up to Bodywise.

YOGA!!!! My friend, we should all try it. Then thing is after some particular age huko past 35 the body refuses to do certain things, like it needs a compliance certificate or something. So even when you are small bodied like me, things loosen up. So best to fix those loose ends mapema mapema before you find your ass is touching the back of your knees.

I have started with Hatha Yoga and some Meditation (Metta). I have done it for about 8 days now/ Meditation is not so easy. But its good. I feel good. Work on your body and soul. Your skin will thank you later.

Also my sisto got hitched!!! It was such a BLAST!!! but I will tell you about that kesho. Ni vile tu nilisema I will be keeping my posts short this year!!

Cheers to you and yours


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