The Holidays and Amazing fashion!!!

Hi ya'll!! its been a while? Anyhuu the holidays are here!!! Since I know most of you have gone to the village,
I have decided to leave a likkle something for the city folks here. Ya'll know how I love Bonang Matheba so that is why her glorious self is staring at you. So as usual be inspired. I have been
feeling less inspired of late as the Nairobi tings have been getting to me, but am not dwelling on
bad things!

So lets get on with it.
Bonang is here to wave to you happy holidays!!! and also because she gets dressed by somebody
I know!!! Kat van Duinen! We are friends on facebook and I think we met in Antwerp or I just dreamed that, if we did then drinks must have been flowing. She is an extraordinary woman and an extremely talented designer her attention to detail is well, you can see for yourself
I was going through her page and writing block disappeared. Please do not ask me why I have never shared her work with you. These things do happen.

Kat van Duinen (AW15 Collection) 

Kat's pieces are unique, effortlessly chic, feminine, edgy, flattering, vibrant and did I mention FEMININE and sexy.  I loved this collection because I really do love black.

Because I cannot say it better.... here is something from her website....

"Kat’s passion for stylish simplicity, effortless elegance and attention to detail drove her to follow her dream and start Kat van Duinen Design in Cape Town, in 2010. Through her eponymous label, Kat’s European heritage and love for the vibrancy and richness of South Africa have been fused into a unique blend of European minimalist style with accents of striking African prints and electric hues. A labour of love, every handmade piece is produced with painstaking care, showcasing the skill of South African workmanship as Kat keeps her promise that every single item is proudly made in Cape Town." 


Like I said edgy!!


It is in the details.
So if you are down in SA please pass by her shop and treat yourself! For the rest of you follow her on Facebook Page or get more info and order from her web page Having said that. My new years resolution which starts now, is I will be keeping my posts short and I will not make any promises, because obviously I never keep them.


You know we are still doing books. It is a mission!
I got this book Ancient Ancient from the special one. It is an amazing amazing book. That I want to ask you to get. You know I love books and we have been working on the reading project so those coming into class late, start reading. Kiini Ibura Salaam left me breathless and head spinning.


Because I know there are some of you who will not touch a book unless somebody important has
read it. Please go to Sofia Samatar's Blog and read the conversation she had with Kiini, that should give you more insight and I hope prompts you to go find this book pronto! And while there go through the blog and learn something:-) Merry Christmas!!! 



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