The new Boss

How hard is it to introduce one self?!! Very hard. Hahaha. Because unlike most people,I sometimes pull a "push" door and struggle with it. Just the other day,let me not lie, few times, I've walked to the driver's door wanting to sit on the passenger's seat on my "boyfriend's" car,intending to use the gadammmnnn left door. So,hey, I got so many faults and I'm definitely a very human human. But do all these really matter? I don't know. Maybe. But there are things that make me a perfect imperfect being. Like my love for DIYs that I got from my father who recycled anything and everything which includes old sheets to handkerchiefs!!!! Hahahaha.

Sheila is just a girl who thinks better at midnight and will be writing all your blogs at 3am so that you can wake up to them and read as you sip on some coffee to work. I've been granted good eyes for fashion (literally) since way back when I was slender and would buy my mtumba high heels but since they were too high,my dad would cut it for me to my preferred height!!!Those are days I miss. So, expect so much fun as we go on a learning spree on how to DIY (Do It Yourself) everything in your gadaamnnn closet and enjoy wardrobe hacks that are so much fun.

I was handed this blog after convincing the founder that I'm the best person to carry her baby through. You can't imagine the joy I had after she loved my 2 articles that I had written that night at my usual 3ams. I believe in women doing great things. Trust me, we have so many untold stories that need a platform to be heard. In Entrepreneurship, innovation, music and all those serious stuff!!! Hahahah.

Just like the amazing founder of TOI market, Damaris Muga is passionate about a working woman, I am too. Especially in Entrepreneurship. It is so close to my heart. At 16, I was making banana fibre picture frames as a business after pitching it to my father and convincing him to invest his 15,000 ksh which never went back! hahaha. Entrepreneurship is fun. Just like fashion,music and TV. That's why TOI Market is gonna be a vlog!!!!! Yeeeyyyy!!! We are gonna have some amazing series lined up on educating ourselves in all the above mentioned sectors. It doesn't matter if you don't have resources to build up a brand and a product.

We are going to kick ass and motivate each other to start doing things we keep on pushing to the bottom of our to-do list because we don't see ourselves achieving them. Lemme just say we are going to look good and enjoy new things this season so hey!!!!!! I'm super excited that you're gonna walk with me and carry on Damaris Muga's baby to superstardom!! Let's win awards and floss yoh! Who knows, the baby might be reborn one day in pages.

Lastly, I wanna say you're the most amazing 16k people ever!!! And thank you Damaris Muga for gifting me such an amazing package of amazing people topped up with the amazing times we gonna have here!!!!