Turbans, Dresses and WINE!...... free WINE!!!!!!

I have been meaning to blog Nadia for the longest time! Do not even bother asking me where the hell I have been since January. Okay strike that, not nice, seriously I have run out of excuses. I lost the writing juice and inspiration for fashion has been under the grass in the forest.

I love love Nadia's style it is edgy, its on point, it is her age and her ideologies and well you can see for yourself. The best thing about this girl, she has a good head on her shoulders. And ya'll know how I love smart women. We had done kind of a mini interview, but that was such a long time ago she has since written many things on her blog that I feel it is not necessary to put up our interview over here. So please head over to her blog Turban Dreamer, read something and be inspired.

While admiring that. I have been posting on facebook.  Because I was not feeling fashion much of late, then I start writing and the post becomes so long then I feel I should have blogged it. (I was off the net  for 4 days!) Imagine that. But because it is always not possible to write both ways, ya'll can follow me on my personal page. Find Damaris Muga. That is yours truly!

There it is! Finally I have given you ME! Its not even like as if half of you don't know me already, but it was a long time coming!! we now know each other:-) My page is public am mean with the words, but clean as a nurse, ALL WHITE SWAG!! (I stole that line somewhere) Anyway go over there and follow me, and follow musitume friends request left right and center. One more thing if you are of the faint hearted or need pearls to clutch every now and then when words like vagina pop up don't go to my personal space sister.

On the knowing us issue, the other day I was at Galleria, not having my best foot forward because I am not one of those women who put on mascara to go to the supermarket. I finish my mini shopping at the exist the watchie asks me for my receipt, dude wants to check if I had paid, I was carrying 3 fucking jwalas! So I have to go over to the counter to have me checked, meanwhile people are just walking by. I am showing episcopal amounts of calmness and ya'll know that shit don't sit on me well, he is going through my receipt as though he were the owner of Galleria not Nakumatt that shit starts to itch, so I ask him very very calmly what criteria he is using to stop people and check, I am about to shred his ass to a million pieces, then this girl taps me on the shoulder and says with a really really nice sunny smile "Hi Damaris, you probably don't know me but we are friends on Facebook" So we hug and do small talk. She looked stunning in her casuals! She was so nice! So Nyaboke, here is to you girl, you saved that man's ass and me, I might have spent the night in Inda for nothing.! See why I always say my saviour is a woman!

Then when I was in Naivasha same week and same shit happens to me again, I am walking into Naivas with my girl Syowia Kyambi, she breezes right past the entrance, in fact I think they waved her through, and then me am stopped and frisked!!! That one was funny we just burst out laughing:-) But I swear imma pull a Nancy Baraza on this bitches real soon!


I do not think it is necessary to mention that I love clothes and I love wine! But my friend Ciiru by sheer coincidence came to this idea that will please all of us immensely! Ciiru has over the years amassed a rather impressive collection of wine, now she is is expecting a baby and is not drinking wine of course, so she and her friend who sells clothes have come together to put 2 of my favourite things under one roof! Please get in touch with her people on ruth@bicevents.com and reserve ASAP. You can thank me later.


I have been incredibly inspired by the the youtube series Ageless beauties, these women's style is off the chain, they are older, they know more, and they are very comfortable in their skin. And they not only talk about their style but have a wealth of life wisdom.Which has got me thinking, maybe we are going about this fashion thing all wrong, I don't really think I do it much but I still do, I should not tell you what to wear, bloggers should not tell you what to wear, we should just inspire Of course there are some basic rules and really it should be the one and only rule.  BUY CLOTHES YOUR SIZE.
So I have been talking to some women who just wear what they like but carry it so well it looks smashing, akina Patricia Kihoro, Muthoni - The drummer Queen, Mkamzee Mwatela and other people I like, we are still talking but I want to go through their wardrobes, so lets all cross our fingers over here and hope damaris will get her ass of the table and start a TOI TV!
That is also the reason I did not throw any shade at this collection of Kanye West's for Adidas.

That will be all for today folks, as usual I have not done any spell/grammar check considering I sit on the board of the Grammar Nazis Association of Kenya, this is rather sad, but I also want this to be a joint effort, si ati am just writing writing and you are just enjoying while while sitting down. I refuse, even you do something.



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