Of Art, Fashion and Women

Hello good people. So just quick the picture of Ellen Degeneres and Portia is up there because of late that is my new look. Lesbian chic is what they are calling that look these days. And of course I am a big fan of Ellen. I have been crazy busy with new things and Fashion has kind of taken a
back seat. I am just not feeling it.

I have gone ahead and bought shoes similar to these (below); I also took several pairs of jeans from my brothers:-)

Love love both shoes, so these days I can be seen shopping for shoes at Bata's men section. I have been meaning to write on so many things, but nothing is exciting fashion-wise, because women
have been doing some crazy things in this town that I do not understand.

What I was not getting

Let's start with Verah Sidika's current situation. Ya'll know her right. Let me just put it out there
that Verah Knows her shit. She knows what she is good at and she is using it to stay alive.

So the way I see it Verah made a conscious decision as an adult to change her skin colour. Obviously I do not agree with that. Verah has also enhanced her breasts. She made that choice as an adult. I may not like it.
I am basically anti drastically changing anything in your body, but if I turn 70 and my breast is past
my navel, trust me I am going under the knife.

So what's with the hate??? Verah is doing her thing why would you go on her space and hate her? How is that changing your lifestyle?

The very worst is some people are going around saying she is a bad example to our girls. Lemmi
ax you something, that time your child is taking on Verah as a role model, what's your ass doing
as a parent? I remember when we were growing up, even back then bad stuff was going on in the world. But mama made sure we knew what shit is in her house and what she expects of her babies. We knew the line. You where not coming to my mom and saying you want to wear a micro miniskirt because everybody is wearing it.
That is how I see it. And that bad picture of hers that was going around, she was obviously in a club or some stuffy place and  I have also been preaching here about women making bad makeup decisions.

And have you been to Verah's facebook page, that woman don't give a fuck about your hate, she
just going around doing her thing, being nice to everyone.  Traveling on private jets.
The hate on her page is MASSIVE. But she is cool as Ice! I really love that in a woman. If she is using her body to make money, it is her body and ultimately her vagina. Get over it.

Even Kate Moss looks bad after clubbing, look how she walked in looking chic and on leaving?
So I wasn't getting that hate AT ALL!!

So while I was thinking about how best to mention that. That man came up with that group called
I was pissed off because here are these women, embarrassing themselves in public and really all single mothers. Men sometimes do not stand up to take responsibility. YES. But to post the pictures
of this man and YOUR CHILDREN on facebook?!!! Come ONNNN!
I do not know why most of this women did not realise they are actually not doing themselves and their offspring any good. Your child is going to go to school one day and every other kid is going
to go 'ooohhh your dad is deadbeat' Allyu know the internet don't forget shit!
We are the women, we take responsibility or fight it in court. I have single parents on my list that
are absolutely brilliant and resilient, and still teaching their kids to be good to their fathers.
Back to my mom again, my parents divorced and we stay with my dad. And you know there are sometimes as a teenager you just dont feel dad. So there was this one time I was at her place and going on and on about dad, she shuuush me up and said he is STILL your father! You speak of
 him with respect at all times and especially around me. See where I am going with that.

So I have been an angry black woman with a bottle of gin.

Njoki Chege

Then there was Njoki the blogger, who was telling long storos of why men are leaving us.
This is the opinion of one woman. Chicks were vexed! So you know when I read that and then
read the subsequent backlash, I was not getting that either, because I am thinking if you know you
are none of those things she said. Why are you soooo upset?!
If you have a man that loves you just as you are, nagging, fat, bonny, black, chafu, but you are
happy why get upset about what some random woman has said on the net. That is not you, so why you so angry?, unless of course she is right. Then the only retort in my opinion must be, "that's
right bitch! That motherfucker left me because nimejiacha so what?!!! I am happy being me"!
Or she is right and you are all those things she said and you are upset and bitter.<<<< that is a sad case.

I have been feeling some negative energy from the women folks that is not inspiring at all. Fashion seemed so trivial in the face of current things. But I still love love fashion to bits!.
By the way, do you know I have not got that good camera I was talking about last year?!!! I think
I should fungua an MCHANGA account so ya'll can contribute!!! I have given you too much for free!!!!!! But I will post my new looks and we are going to talk about fashion!!

Kwanza I have been meaning to talk about "pregnancy photos and how to dress for it" because
some of your bellies that you are putting out there in public......*shaking head and wisoling*

Let me just remind us all once again that this are my opinions, but you are as always free to share with us what you think. Comment section is open.

Contemporary African Art & Books

Ya'll know how I love books!!!! I have been doing a mini personal "Reading Is Sexy" Campaign. I love books, books are good for the soul, books comfort, books are fun, books jog the brain. I would wish for people to read more!! So that is one area I have been sending my energy.

I have completely thrown myself into the Art scene. I love art. I love contemporary Art. Do you know kenya has a myriad of artists that have amazing work? Si zile za jumping masaais and the sprawling african sunsets and the obligatory lion and leopards, we have much more!! and rediscovering that has been an absolute delight!!

I have been honoured to work with Syowia Kyambi who is an Installation & Performance artist. Yeah art is not just about singing, dancing, painting and acting.

It has been AMAZEBALLZ!!. So I have been doing the Kenyan Art Circle, meeting artists, and these interesting people who are almost like me.

There are several art spaces, and galleries that are really worth visiting, you will be blown over. And there are Book spaces and reading gatherings that you will want to know. I will put them up in another post.

And serious and shit! That is how I have been spending my time. So of course yesterday I was at
the first ever  Kenya Art Fair. Some amazing stuff and some not so good. At this rate, I am going
to be an art critic one day.

I have also decided, I am going to keep my posts a bit short - hahaha!  But yeah in here is going to have more books and art and of course Fashion.

The Kenya Art Fair is going on till Sunday, roof top of Sarit Centre.

I do hope you are going to stick around with the other Damaris who loves books and Art too and
feels the need to write about that!! Have you noticed out new blog look?:-)


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  1. Noticed the changes in the blog set up. Like the intro next to the two girls on the far right. Continue being real .. .that's you and you don't need to apologize to anyone. After all, hawakulipie rent!

    The book section ... yes! Can't wait for it .... It always a pleasure reading your work