Seriously? Where are our Celebrities and their Fabulous Selfs?

Our Headmistress' birthday was 3 days ago, so she has been travelling the globe looking fabulous 
and celebrating! Which makes me think how I want to have her life for like 4 weeks! Happy 
Birthday darling. 
Now, having said that, are you seeing that kaftan and how it is work of art in its own right? She is getting this from Dubai Kaftans. Ebu go there and admire and order some.

Then you know I have been looking for our kenyan female celebs left and right and frankly I do 
not know where to find them. Where are they? and who are they? Anyway I spotted a celeb, 
Jacky (Wilbroda from Papa Shirandula for those who do not know) a good friend of mine by the way, spotting something similar to Sai's

I love the african turn Jacky's has taken. So now I am going to just stay here and not go to Dubai! I have yards of chiffon in my house that are probably being eaten by moths. I feel inspired all over again. And no, I do not know who the other lady is.

Anyway if you know where those celebs are let a woman know.


I am friends with Nick on Facebook. I have never met him, or maybe I have who knows. I think 
Nick is the only kenyan designer I know who does men's wear, and he is very good. So if you are looking for something for the husband, call him. I always advise against being too extravagant 
with the boyfriend. I mean you can buy colognes, aftershaves and ties, but really no need to invest 
too much there if it is not on paper that he is yours permanently. (You can tell why I am still single 
by that alone)

Look at the way he is smart. I am digging that look kabisa kabisa!!! It does help if your designer has his shit together, it inspires confidence.
Anyway no need to get carried away. Nick has been dressing Sauti Sol forever and you do remember the first shot on that video you where gooing over?

Eeeee, that one. If you could get your eyes off the abs for 5 seconds, (thank you). But good Lord!! that is pure sex right there standing on two feet!! Anyway, I am talking about the pants, that is Nick's work.
I have picked up some of my favourites pieces from his facebook page. Enjoy, get inspired and call the man. And stop copying copying stuff.

I think this guy is famous, or maybe not, but he looks like he is famous. It is good to note that, 
Nick has single handedly revolutionised the kenyan man into wearing the bold african prints, and 
to love color. And by that I do not mean the kenyan man was never wearing african, its just that 
Nick has taken this print to Italy. If you do not believe me just go to Blankets and Wines. 

I thought its best to start with the mens' stuff because well, that is rare in my books, I am sure KikoRomeo does menswear, I know this just because she did some outfits for the Kenyan Rugby Team a while back and I you know KiKoRomeo is not main stream, she is up market and stuff.

Nick can make a woman look good too, he knows women. He has dressed celebrities, but I was also at his page and me I did not recognise those women. I really need to update myself on this front. So do not forget that you should be helping me help myself. Maybe I should look up Sarah Hasan. She dresses very well.

I really do love what Nick has done with these dresses. This is the kind of look I like for the bridesmaids, every cut is done to suit the maid's individual taste. It has that look of togetherness but still unique! plus, and this is very important, these pieces can be worn again.

This was from the last FAFA show I think. We might never know what inspired the folks over at FAFA to place a metallic mutant duck smack in the middle of the runway. But for now we shall assume it is some high artistry.
Anyway, please swing by Nick's Facebook Page for more. And when you get there, remind him that I sent you, so that when I go to get my order, I get a massive discount.

Did I mention somewhere that I love shirts? Well this direction Nick is going made me think of what I should be doing to pimp up my shirts. I have an idea, that I am sure has been thought of by other people worldwide by 2 million people. I am thinking of having shirts done like this.

But with any kind of african print, even leso.
I am going to sleep; I will think about the rest tomorrow.
You have a good one!


  1. ha ha ha the ''other woman" is senator Joy Gwendo, and the pun is very much intended.

    1. Linda thanks! I should probably go hide myself in a hole somewhere in SIberia, I am a Luo and should know important people and I DON'T!!

  2. Damaris....if you dont know people like "other woman"....please ask Norah.