The Hijab, Heena and The Coming up Shoot

Maureen came to my house to pick up a dress with a friend. This friend was wearing the cutest hijab ever, (I forget her name, forgiveness) then I met her a few days later in the mat wearing another really good one, and I thought well there is something to blog. So today I went in search for hijab wearing fashionistas, and what do you know, brilliant, look how the lady up there has accessorized hers in a fashion forward manner.

So those who are feeling clueless on how to wear the hijab, I have a few ladies here you should watch out for.
ok I have forgotten where I found this uberstylish lady, but google is your friend.

Hijab Fashionista and vlogger, Dina Torkia (below) or better known as Dina Tokio hails from UK. Founder and owner of clothing line, Lazy Doll, her popularity increased when she participated in the TV show ‘Style the Nation’ in 2011 that was telecasted in the UK. Her YouTube videos had gone viral since, with over 17,000 subscriptions to her channel currently. And who can blame her? Her style is fresh, hip, elegant, glamorous, and they definitely won’t burn a hole in your pocket. (how nice is that) go get inspired!!

Below is Dian Pelangi as featured in the blogy Aiu Minoz. CLICK and go. Love the jacket! Inspiring. I need a leather jacket too!

While at that, the other day someone asked me about a Heena artiste (artiste is the new name for artist) My girl Samira came to mind. I had seen some she had done on her wedding, she promptly sent me pictures (below) and the person to contact. Thank you!! So if you need this kind of artwork done on you, buzz a woman.


It looks like I am not going make it to the HIGH FASHION TEA. I have not heard from the organizers and I do know this event is for a good course, but brokeness shall and cannot allow that kind of indulgence. Anyway should I hear from there, you will be the first to know! But I highly doubt it:-) best be prepared for a "Dear Dama we regret to inform you that you cannot attend, high society ladies only!"

The photoshoot

I had talked about the shoot I was to be doing today. Ok we have moved it to Monday simply because my friend Nduati has jitolead to to take the photos, which is easier on me as I shall just style. So expect good things on Monday or Tuesday.
What you should know about the shoot, it is not a mega photoshoot for the cover of Vogue magazine. Please check out previous shoot HERE. I style and do the photos at my place in South B. Only this time round Nduati will be doing the pictures.

The other day one of the readers came on TOI facebook page and lectureeeeeeeeeeed me on how she joined the page because she wanted to see dresses and she had even suggested what I should feature and it has been months since I posted anything on dresses; For a second there I was thinking she cant be meaning me, kwani si I just posted on dresses the other day? if anything I have featured pants twice! So for the purpose of sounding like a broken cassette, please dont stop at facebook. And I cant say it enough, patience is a virtue every woman must cultivate. I am sounding like a headmistress now, but some of you leave me with very limited choices;


While I was surfing the net on Hijabs and etc found some of my favoutite things.
Ankara clutches, I love the sizes and print, I have to get used to calling them ankara prints and etc etcetera, I usually just call them african print. These are by the design house KUA.
They are a bit expensive for the typical Toi girl and some of them are sold out, but for those who can check them out at Kuadesigns. Otherwise peleka picha to your regular fundi (this is a very bad thing that I should not advocate) Because it is stealing. God hates thieves. So use this as inspiration.
Last but not least. HOW DO I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!!!!! Its from Duaba Serwa's spring/summer 2013 Collection. There I have given you a valentines's day outfit idea, meanwhile on this end there shall be no valentine because we are still yet to meet the date, but casting is underway.
And am serious about that date thing, raundi hii sio mchezo, I was having a drink with some of the girls at the local and they told me about microwave weddings. I dont know why I never come up with such brilliant names and ideas. Anyway in this kind of wedding, meet the dude and you have a ring on it under 3 weeks flat, Everything sans engagement, dowry and wedding!!!  if you go over 3 weeks, well, thats just not worth writing home about. That is not a microwave wedding anymore that is jiko wedding, kendo wedding! (kendo is the word for marriage in luo and it is the same word for the 3 stones fireplace, the one where you use firewood) come to think of it getting married in luo is "dhi tedo" word for word translation is "going to cook" Luo can be such a sad language:-( anyway new years resolution I have come up with just now, this year am going to cook in a microwave!

And while you are still wondering wether you would look good in african print or not, white folks are doing it.

Sawa basi, cheers and have a great weekend!

Just noticed google has begun sending me some rather good suggestions, its not like facebook where they suggest things you might like that you totally hate
So here is a good fine I SUWANEE, she has some tips there for bloggers, and is a good read.  I love her clutter!

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  1. the fist girl is Yazthespanz89 :) i´m mulim, y love this hijab.