The Wedding Show Continues. Bridesmaids, The Groom, Your Decor, Photography et al.

Before I get into todays topic. So now for the ladies, who just love those 1984 gloves, here is an elegant  alternative, really those gloves must stop, or lets give them a brake kidogo, I am talking about these gloves
Tacky just tacky and mind you  here I chose the best I could find.

So lets the games continue.


We have discussed this matter rather extensively with the girls what is good and what is bad, what is acceptable and what is not. but you know it always boils down to looking good, as much as your bridesmaids and maid of honor should not out shine you, they should look good, they should compliment the whole picture, and they should be happy standing next to you.
Look at that.
Okay lets discuss the above picture. First and foremost, you can see that those dresses are a classic, meaning even if you pay for it, which is the norm these days in Kenya, you have to pay for your outfit as a maid. Now I always say if you are going to make me pay for a dress, this dress should at least serve me on other occasions after your wedding! The blue and brown is a class act, the cut is flowing smoothly and the fitting for all the girls look perfect, they are complimenting the bride.

Now what is also important to note in the above picture is, ALL the girls are almost identical body size and height! That is why they can get away with a similar cut and fit. If you have not auditioned for you maids and is picking your friends and sisters who are random shapes and sizes, I have always advocated for different cuts and fitting for the girls and you can stick to the colour theme. 

Maybe something like this. Though let me add that I am a friend of long flowing, and long flowing is good for almost any size, and that is my personal opinion.
am not feeling the dress of the lady in glasses. but this is okay.

On the matter of your maids spotting different colours, that is up to you, it is not what I would do but go for it if you are feeling it but keep it classy! PLEASE!
You see now here the idea is good, but I dont know why with all those colours they decided to add those tu funny funny things on their heads, that is not good at all, ata kama ni hawaii wedding, and I dont know what thse are hanging at the back of the girls far left and far right.

What you should NOT DO and is this, and really this is what you see repeatedly on our wedding shows.

Si now this is ODM wedding? and whatever happened to pressing clothes before you wear them? The fabric is wrong, and well wrong just wrong.
Another ODM wedding right there. good thing they hid their faces. Another thing to note in this look at the way the heels of that one has completely sunk into the ground. Si I was telling you to avoid hooker heels at garden weddings? how are you supposed to walk elegantly like that?
And the balloon dress that one was going for is bad.

Keep it simple keep it classy. Avoid shiny fabrics!

They brought their A game to the table. Follow suit.

Here is where I want people to take some time off and watch one of my favourite movies, Jumping the Broom and concentrate on the wedding. That is CLASS! I know they have money but you can find ways around that.
And before I forget, is it necessary to have 38 bridesmaids, you see that is where the problem comes, less is more!

I have to go. This is not over yet.

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  1. Dama, I had this posted under the wrong entry. I thought it was one long entry :-)Anyways....

    OK, so I have been married almost 8 yrs and not really following current trends. Plus, I don't live in Kenya where there is a wedding to attend every weekend. But, I have to say there is something I have noticed. Some people are bridesmaids in a lot of weddings (I guess many of their friends get married around the same time) so they start feeling like 'another wedding, another dress'. The problem is, they end up LOOKing like that's what they were thinking - not good for pictures ! If your girl is getting married do right ! (especially if she picked something cute or reusable)

    - Judith

    (or is it the 'always a bridesmaids' syndrome?)